Static Led Zeppelin Quiz

  1. What famous Rock 'n' Roll drummer gave Led Zeppelin it's name?

  2. Who did Led Zeppelin open for on its first American tour?

  3. All four members of Led Zeppelin played on what British singers' "Three Week Hero" album (1968)?

  4. Who were Page's and Jones' original choices to round out Led Zeppelin?

  5. How long did it take to record the bands first album?
    1. 9 hours
    2. 30 hours
    3. 4 days
    4. 4 months

  6. Who recommended Robert Plant to Page for the vocalist position?

  7. What was Led Zeppelin's only Top Ten hit?
    1. "Stairway To Heaven"
    2. "Whole Lotta Love"
    3. "Immigrant Song"
    4. "No Quarter"

  8. Why was the massive popularity of "Stairway To Heaven" so unusual?

  9. The 'definitive' Led Zeppelin concert movie was released in 1976 - what was its title?
    Who was first brought in to shoot the footage?

  10. How many different album covers did "In Through The Out Door" (1979) have?

  11. What was so unusual about the album sleeve for "Physical Graffiti" (1975)?

  12. What was the name of Jimmy Page's first solo LP?

  13. Name Robert Plant's first two solo albums, and the label they were recorded for.

  14. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page teamed up in the mid-eighties for an album of blues and early Rock 'n' Roll. Name the group and their debut album.

  15. What was the first song Led Zeppelin reputedly tried together?

  16. "Dazed And Confused" has a similarly structured solo to which Yardbirds tune? (HINT: Think about it :)

  17. Moby Grape receives a breif lyrical nod in which Zeppelin blues epic?

  18. Who was the only member of Led Zeppelin whose musical career was discouraged by his family?

  19. Midlands group "The Band Of Joy" brought which two future Zeppelin members together?

  20. On what was the inner wheel of Led Zeppelin III's cover originally based?

  21. "Led Zeppelin II" dislodged which album to claim the No. 1 spot on the Billboard chart?

  22. The release of which two albums saw the return to the charts of the entire Zeppelin catologue?

  23. Which two songs were performed at both the Live Aid and Atlantic reunions?

  24. Which was the only Zeppelin album to feature an entirely original playlist?

  25. Besides the band, four other men also received a starring credit in "The Song Remains The Same". Name them.

  26. What is the backstage row in "The Song Remains The Same" about?

  27. Name the first non Zeppelin album(s) (US and UK) to be released on the Swan Song label?

  28. Name the date and location of the group's first gig?
    Who were they billed as?

  29. Name the date and location of their first US gig.

  30. How many US tours did they start and complete in 1969?

  31. When did Eva Von Zeppelin threaten the band with legal action?

  32. What caused the band to abandon their July 3, 1971 show in Milan?

  33. The group were refused entry into Singapore in 1972 because of which offence?

  34. Zeppelin's last US gig was on July 24, 1977. Where?

  35. How many live concert appearances did Zepp make in 1979?

  36. Zepp's last tour was 'over' Europe, how many times had they previously toured there?

  37. What relationship do the three years Zepp never performed live in share (between 1968 and 1980)?

  38. Name the only two albums to have EVERY track performed live.

  39. Name the only three albums to have ALL but one track performed live.

  40. What set the Knebworth Silver Clef reunion apart from the previous reunions?

  41. Name the four songs in the Zeppelin catologue that are credited to 'Jimmy Page'.

  42. Only one song gives credit a single band member (that isn't Jimmy), name the song and the person it is credited to.

  43. What is the only song on Presence not credited to 'Jimmy Page / Robert Plant'?

  44. How many shows were not completed? Name the reasons.

  45. Exluding the double-albums, what is the longest Zeppelin album?

  46. Which Zepp (album) engineer also engineered the Knebworth '79 shows?

  47. What was the contact name left in the ad placed in Rolling Stone (July '73) pertaining to Jimmy's stolen guitar?

  48. Who did JPJ sell his Yamaha Organ (with infamous phone) to?

  49. What colour was the original sleeve lettering on "Led Zeppelin"?
    What was it changed to?

  50. What is the address of the building on the cover of "Physical Graffiti"?

  51. How long did it take to record "Presence"?

  52. How many songs are there in the official Led Zeppelin catologue (excluding "The Song Remains The Same" and "BBC Sessions")?

  53. How many songs are there on the CD and cassette versions of "Remasters"?

  54. What is the only track on "Remasters" not to appear on the corresponding 1990 boxed set?

  55. How many US tours did Led Zeppelin undertake, when was their last?

  56. Name the two songs that appear on the CD and cassette versions on "Remasters" that don't appear on the vinyl LP?

  57. Behind "Dazed And Confused" (26:53), what is the longest track on "The Song Remains The Same"?

  58. What was temporarily deleted from the 1975 US set due to Jimmy breaking a finger?
    What song was put in its place?

  59. What song was 'strangely absent' from Zepp's last ever performance?

  60. Who was the inspiration for "Royal Orleans"?

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