Led Zeppelin Links

I don't really need to maintain a list of links since there are many other sites out there that do a very good job of this. Two of the best are Buckeye's Led Zeppelin Page and The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Index. When I do find any Zepp related pages that are worthwhile I'll pass them on to these guys.

Of particular note on Buckeye's page is the information on For Badgeholders Only (The Led Zeppelin Mailing List)... which is why you don't see any of that information here.

Alternatively you can do a quick search for new Zeppelin sites on Altavista.

Led Zeppelin Bootlegs

Due to the overwhelming nature of the bootleg market - it is no longer possible (or nessecary) for me to even attempt to keep a comprehensive/updated list of bootlegs online.

There are a few sites now that are soley dedicated to keeping track of Led Zeppelin bootlegs - one of the best is Trampled Underground and I suggest you visit this site if boot info is what you're after.

However, for the best and most user friendly bootleg resource, Duncan Watson's Bootleg is an absolute must have for both the hard-core collector and casual fan. I highly recommend you check this out.

Other bootleg sites can be reached via Buckeye's Led Zeppelin Page.

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