Stairway Backwards

There is an MP3 for each verse, particularly useful if you're having trouble singing along. To download, click the 'MP3' that appears next to the first line of each verse. If you have lots of bandwidth (or patience) you can download the entire track [3774 Kb] (backwards of course!). Remember, this is a joke!

Jimmy Page / Robert Plant

Play it backwards - hear why it's sung here, oppositioner!    (0:05-0:16)   MP3

Oh, here's the soundtrack, all arising!    (0:37-1:18)    MP3
They all sin and they are won
Shall I loathe you now, parishoner?
Oh hear Him christian within me?
Oh it stirs my skin: the river
Oh she snows without lovin' us
Oh liar, it will end before Him!
We're all outside an' I know I saw they shout:
"Hear the Lord! My God now will save me"

Ohh I will now sing world, 'cause I live with Satan    (2:29-2:55)    MP3
One wish today - world pray with three who will make it here late
Pray now an' you'll win - The 'Lord' turned me on but
Oh, I was the shaggy fool clothed in agony, lost at a height

Ohh!    (3:01-3:13)    MP3
There's no escapin' it!

All at war, here's t' my sweet Satan    (3:21-3:42)   MP3
No other made a path, for it makes me sad, whose power is Satan
He'll give those with him 666
And all the evil, it was there, they made our souls must have Satan

Whoah oh oh

With fire you all get loose, they're all for me!    (4:11-4:33)    MP3
All that soothes the water
Always will be as we know now
"I see runes" said he, "the world they offered me"
Who is the Lo-ord if we lose feather? Say you'll save me!

And no-one's gonna be the ruler    (4:39-4:54)    MP3
And no-one can do

Hunt next to th' sword, 'cause they see all from there    (5:02-5:24)   MP3
See here's the news, who walks with me?
Please! Perhaps no-one found me
Heavy, lift me out - make me leave someday
Say it with whose one line-up, they gotta leave for Satan

And no-one's gonna rule    (5:27-5:45)    MP3
And no-one can do

And he said lots, both have our laws: mass must    (6:05-6:30)    MP3
He is superb - master Satan
Over the ab he who should love me
Any man that serves my, my swan music
They worship with snow, I wish them over my master, Satan

Only hear word's sung, the oppositioner oooh    (6:31-6:56)    MP3
He who snow
They make his snow worthy
So look for us, now answer me!
There's one chance - take his snow

Hold thy head    (6:58-7:09)    MP3
Hear words sung! The oppositioner
Who owns this earth built below?
Oh sweet Israel

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