Radio Perth - Perth, Western Australia, Australia
February 16, 1972

Interviewer: Jimmy, I believe when you and John Bonham and John Paul Jones and Robert Plant first got together, you did a Scandinavian tour and you were billed as the New Yardbirds.

Jimmy Page: Oh, that was in the very early days, yeah that's right, it's just that I was attached to the Yardbirds you see, and uh, at that particular time it was better for the promoters to get more people in. You know, if they used the name Yardbirds as opposed to Zeppelin, which meant nothing, at least Yardbirds meant something, and there would be one in every fifty; "Oh yeah, Yardbirds, I remember them, and they had a few hit records". They'd think it was something to do with that. And then after we did that, it was only sort of a weeks tour, we decided straight away to call it Led Zeppelin and kicked all the Yardbird things right out, all those sort of tie-ups with that. Because we just felt it merited more than that, you see, the music did, that was it, but you see promoters weren't willing to take that chance.

Interviewer: What can we look forward to, as far as your music goes, during your concert tour of Australia?

Jimmy Page: We're sort of into a lot of things, and trying to present as much as we can really, you know it's not always easy, but uh, we're trying to get a cross section of what we do and what we've done. That's basically, we do, we do a little short acoustic section where we try and uh, show people that we're not a bunch of . Well, a lot of places, you know, the dreadful things. When we started, all these other groups sort of going on like Black Sabbath and Grand Funk and everyone was sort of lumping us in with them, for a short while anyway, and then they suddenly realized there was a bit more to it than just that, you know. At least I hope so anyway. I mean I love what we do, and we all know what we're doing, we, we, the thing is we don't really care about anything else really, or anybody else.

Interviewer: Do you reckon that releasing "Whole Lotta Love" from Led Zeppelin II as a single became a problem for you, because it was a super hit all over the world, and were people like expecting another "Whole Lotta Love" when the band went in to record again?

Jimmy Page: Not really, 'cause it wasn't as though, uh, I mean there were some groups that put a single out and it kills them. A good example of that is Procul Harem, who have made some fantastic records, like "Sailor", I don't know if you've ever heard that one. I put that on at home just a little while ago after not hearing it for a long time and I just sat there riveted to the seat and just wondered why they weren't acclaimed as one of the best bands going, you know, 'cuz it just amazed me. But, I don't know what happened with them with their single, it was just the,everyone thought it was the hype, but you see, we, we, we, we didn't put that out for a long long while, and you know, pressure, pressure, pressure "No, we don't want it out, no we don't want it out", and in the end we still put it out. That's all there was to it, and I think people knew that.

Interviewer: Jimmy, I'll ask probably a pretty hard question, but what would be you personal favorite tracks from the albums you've recorded so far?

Jimmy Page: Obviously, you like more than others, you know, there are some that when, after the records come out, you hate them, but others in the group say "no, it's good", you know. Ummmm, I like, I think "Stairway to Heaven" is the uh, the uh the the epitome really of, uh, what we're up to, that's about the best one. Ummm, on the first LP, I like "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" for the atmosphere, there is a lot of space on that as well, it was a lucky one for the mixing generally, 'cuz that's what you're after anyway, just the atmosphere, sort of. Ummm, "Dazed and Confused". Then, then on to the second one, obviously, "Whole Lotta Love", that was, that was a nice one, and ummm. Third LP, "Friends", actually there's more on the second LP! (Laughing), but, really I want to tell you what I don't like, 'cuz there's only about two, "Living Loving Maid" is about the only one I don't like, and uh, apart from that, you know, every things all right, you know it's sort of in a pattern really the way we, we ,we......

Interviewer: Jimmy, could you tell just a little about what motivated you to write "The Immigrant Song"?

Jimmy Page: Oh, I'll let Robert tell you about that.

Robert Plant: Well you really have to ask John. No, I'm kidding, give the microphone back to me! No, what happened was we went to Iceland, and uh it was one of those times when you went to bed at night and you don't go to sleep because it's, the daylight is still there, you know, it was a twenty-four hour day, and uh, there was just an amazing hue in the sky, and it was one of those things that umm, made you thing of Vikings and big ships and John Bonham's stomach, and things like that. So, there you are, "Immigrant Song".

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