Stairway Backwards

There are already two known versions of these lyrics, however I was never satisfied with either of them and so set about righting this terrible wrong. Why would I do this? The IFMTL sets the tone:

'The debate over whether "Stairway To Heaven" contains any backmasked messages from the Devil is rather a heated one. In order to put this debate into perspective here are the full backwards lyrics to "Stairway To Heaven".'

DISCLAIMER: This is a joke, a bit of fun, it should make you smile. If it get's you all riled up don't load the page and don't complain to me - all abusive email on this topic will be gleefully ignored.

The Led Zeppelin Lexicon

There are so many books about Led Zeppelin, so many words have been written about this band - yet they still seem hard to reach, the meanings and stories behind their music still eludes us. Born out of The Anthology set, this series of essays looks to serve this need by providing in depth explanations of their songs. The essays are accessable through the Discography via the 'Story' link for each song.

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Led Zeppelin Flashed!

Why aren't more engaging visuals and interactivity used on enhanced CDs? Coupled with some exclusive content they could really be something. Sure, Early Days had the Communication Breakdown video, but that was it. Why weren't the photos from the booklet included in the enhanced section? This Flash experiment hypothesises on what could be. You will need the Flash 4 plugin to view this feature.

The Overture

"The Song Remains The Same" was originally conceived by Jimmy as an instrumental, ever wondered what it might have sounded like? Find out for yourself.

The Anthology

Much of Led Zeppelin's massive success was due to their well deserved reputation as the biggest live act in the world. There are countless books (and websites) which document their amazing live concerrts. This feature addresses the need to examine the creation of their studio albums and to discover the other side of Zeppelin.

Led Zeppelin Unheard!

In the December '94 issue of MOJO Magazine, there appeared an article by renowned Zepp authority Dave Lewis in which he discussed 16 rare Zeppelin recordings. (This article includes sound clips.)

Led Zeppelin's First Press Release, 1968

Led Zeppelin and the press didn't get on well... 'To hell with critics. To hell with interviews and singles, too. Here's the music.' Well, when they were first launching themselves in 1968, they did try to use the press, feeding them this press release.

Interviews & Articles

Jimmy Page - BBC Radio, 1989

"The idiosyncratic mix of power and subtlety, electric and acoustic instruments, and rock, blues and folk styles that the group had blueprinted on their debut in 1968 and evolved to near perfection on this, their untitled fourth album." Read it

Page and Plant - Rolling Stone, 1975

"The following conversations with Page and Plant took place over a period of two weeks. We began over tea in Plant's suite..." Read it

Page - Trouser Press, 1977

"Dave Schulps, senior editor of Trouser Press, spent more than six hours with Page, one of the longest interviews Page ever did." Read it

Page, Plant and Jones - Perth, 1972

A short radio interview with Page, Plant and Jones fielding questions about their early days, singles, the meaning of songs and more! Read it

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