U.S. Singles

In the United States ten seven inch singles were released (along with the nine studio albums & one soundtrack album), all of which were more or less identical to their foreign pressed counterparts. Because the U.S. versions of the singles had plain sleeves (containing only a variety of text designs to identify them as being on the Atlantic label) I have included various other sleeves from around the world.

The band did not release any singles in the U.K., although in August 1997 a CD maxi-single was issued, coupling a new edit of "Whole Lotta Love" (4:50) (which is different from the 1969 edit) with "Baby Come On Home" & "Travelling Riverside Blues", to coincide with the budget CD re-issues of the nine original studio albums. A video was also released, featuring footage from various sources. It was available as a regular silver CD (Atlantic 84014-6/AT0013CD) and as a limited-edition gold CD (Atlantic 84014-2/A4014CD).

Discography Index

Communication Breakdown / Good Times Bad Times (1969) [Japan] COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN /
Released as a single on March 10, 1969.
Atlantic 45-2613
U.S. chart position: No. 80
Album: Led Zeppelin
Cover shown: Japan
Notes: The Billboard chart listed "Good Times Bad Times" instead of "Communication Breakdown."

Whole Lotta Love / Living, Loving Maid (She's Just A Woman) (1969) [Italy] WHOLE LOTTA LOVE /
LIVING, LOVING MAID (She's Just A Woman)
Released as a single on November 7, 1969.
Atlantic 45-2690
U.S. chart position: No. 4 - 13 weeks on chart.
Album: Led Zeppelin II
Cover shown: Italy
Notes: This single was withdrawn shortly after being released (it had been edited down to 3:10 (Atlantic AT.2690) without the band's permission) and was re-released. After "Whole Lotta Love" dropped out of the Top 40 in March 1970, the single was flipped and "Living, Loving Maid" had a 5-week chart run; peaking at No. 65 on April 4, 1970. Certified Gold on April 13, 1970.

Immigrant Song / Hey Hey What Can I Do (1970) [Sweden] IMMIGRANT SONG /
Released as a single on November 5, 1970.
Atlantic 45-2777
U.S. chart position: No. 16 - 10 weeks on chart.
Album: Led Zeppelin III
Cover shown: Sweden
Notes: "Hey Hey What Can I Do" is the only track which was officially released between 1968 and 1980 that doesn't appear on any of the original studio albums.

Black Dog / Misty Mountain Hop (1971) [France] BLACK DOG /
Released as a single on December 2, 1971.
Atlantic 45-2849
U.S. chart position: No. 15 - 8 weeks on chart.
Cover shown: France

Rock And Roll / Four Sticks (1972) [Holland] ROCK AND ROLL /
Released as a single on February 21, 1972.
Atlantic 45-2865
U.S. chart position: No. 47.
Cover shown: Holland

Over The Hills And Far Away / Dancing Days (1973) [Portugal] OVER THE HILLS AND FAR AWAY /
Released as a single on May 24, 1973.
Atlantic 45-2970
U.S. chart position: No. 51
Album: Houses Of The Holy
Cover shown: Portugal

D'yer Mak'er / The Crunge (1973) [Germany] D'YER MAK'ER /
Released as a single on September 17, 1973.
Atlantic 45-2986
U.S. chart position: No. 20 - 8 weeks on chart.
Album: Houses Of The Holy
Cover shown: Germany
Notes: "D'yer Mak'er" was almost released as a single in the U.K. (with "Over The Hills And Far Away" as the B-side), however, all but Plant vetoed the idea.

Trampled Under Foot / Black Country Woman (1975) [Japan] TRAMPLED UNDER FOOT /
Released as a single on April 2, 1975.
Swan Song SS 70102
U.S. chart position: No. 38 - 2 weeks on chart.
Album: Physical Graffiti
Cover shown: Japan
Notes: Copies were given away to various stores in England to promote Led Zeppelin's Earl's Court concerts.

Candy Store Rock / Royal Orleans (1976) [Spain] CANDY STORE ROCK /
Released as a single on June 18, 1976.
Swan Song SS 70110
Album: Presence
Cover shown: Spain

Fool In The Rain / Hot Dog (1979) [Germany] FOOL IN THE RAIN /
Released as a single on December 7, 1979
Swan Song SS 71003
U.S. chart position: No. 21 - 8 weeks on chart.
Album: In Through The Out Door
Cover shown: Germany

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