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LED ZEPPELIN 4-Compact Disc Set

Atlantic 82144-2 (U.S.) / 7567-82144-2 (U.K.)
Produced by Jimmy Page.
(Except "Travelling Riverside Blues" produced by Jeff Griffin for the BBC and
"White Summer / Black Mounatin Side" produced by Jeff Griffin for the BBC.)
Released on October 29, 1990.

Digitally Remastered By Jimmy Page and
George Marino at Sterling Sound,
New York, in May 1990.

Includes a 36-page, colour information booklet with complete track-by-track
credits, three essays, and discography.

Boxed set production: Yves Beauvais

Digital transfers and editing by Rhonda Schoen at Sterling Sound,
New York. Additional transfers by John Kubick at Sterling Sound
and John Almeleh at Atlantic Studios, New York.

Cover Images by Mission Control, Bristol, England
Design Coordination: Richard Hutchison
Imaging and Photography: Chris Wroe and Jenny Moore
Booklet Design: Larry Freemantle

Photo Credits: Bob Alford/Starfile;
Richard Creamer/Retna, Ltd.; Jim Cummins/Starfile;
Chris Dreja; Robert Ellis/Rephoto; Globe Photos;
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U.K. chart position: No. 48
U.S. chart position: No. 18

Certified Gold on December 11, 1990.
Certified Platinum on December 11, 1990.
Certified Multi Platinum 3 on August 11, 1992.
Certified Multi Platinum 4 on April 12, 1993.
Certified Multi Platinum 6 on November 25, 1997.
Certified Multi Platinum 7 on November 15, 1999.

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