U.S. Tour 1996: The Fans' Report
Salem, OR, 8 Dec 1996

THe Salem Armory is a reverb pit. I was backstage and overheard Kim say it was "TOO loud", couldn't hear shit. Soundgarden was solid but seemed kinda tired. Matt was fierce but not as tight as last visit to Oregon. I'm totally glad I went. POND rocked, they'll be on tour for the next six months. Rocket I'd seen before and wasn't convinced, this time I found them amusing.

I went to the Salem show and it kicked ass. I would say the highlights for me was when they played Slaves & Bulldozers and Jesus Christ Pose at the end. Towards the beginning of JCP, four friends held me above the crowd. I was standing above the crowd in the Jesus Christ pose. Cornell thought it was cool.

The consert was the best I have ever seen,the band played to perfection and the balck hole sun solo by Chris Cornell was the awsomest and sould be sumited to a single of Soundgarden,the consert was awsome and I will never see a better consert, at least until Soundgarden comes back to town!!!

What more could you ask for? Dollar hot dogs after the show, well worn crowd surfers in a daze, and the euphoric feeling of just witnessing Soundgarden. The Salem Armory's acoustics aren't fit for music, but despite the venue's booming sound, the band performed excellently. It is a hard room to play. Even though Chris looked tired, as if he lost sleep after the Vancouver BC show, his voice was on top and true in form. Matt always rocks the world with precise and convicted drumming (oh yes), Kim just looks plain happy to be there and of course Ben lends new meaning to the term 'frowngarden'. Their video was in fact fun whether or not they were presented ala MTV or U2. A great highlight to the evening was Chris' solo of 'Black Hole Sun' . Very nice show, a definite must see for any rock fan.

(from Rose)I can die a happy woman-I got so close, I could see the dark circles under Chris Cornell's eyes. Ladies, he's beautiful up close. :) I got my butt kicked, it was by far the wildest moshpit I've ever been in in my life! Worth every bruise, lump, and bump! Some guy even fell on my head (HELLO!!) We're talkin' major chiropractic adjustment! Lost my date in the crowd early on, never did find him, had to party with sweaty nippled strangers. Was a blast, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. But only for Soundgarden, PEACE! CYA! Rosie!!

I'll just reinvent the wheel a bit- it was an astounding show. Pond are truly the pride of PDX and desevre the replace Everclear at once. Rocket were passable; Soundgarden truly fabulous. Highlights being Cornell's removal of his shirt and "Black Hole Sun"; lowlights included the bass player (lighten up, dude) and being felt up in the mosh pit.

Although the Armory has probably the worst acoustics knows to man the band was outstanding. Many times better than the Kitsap County Fairgrounds show of '94. Of course that was a month after Kurt's passing and they seemed to still be in shock. Portland's Pond was good and Rocket From The Crypt reminded me of The Jackson 5 on speed. Fucking idiots. When the lead singer resorted to the old 80's metal cliche of 'I'm gonna fuck your girlfriend' I had seen more than enough. I had actually planned on staying up in the nose bleeds for the SG set but the instant they came out to Spoonman my friend Mike and I looked at each other and made a B-Line for the pit. We were soon right in Kim's face and remained there throughout. Absolutely awesome show. I was surprised to hear of Chris' laryngitus before the next shows because he sounded great. I actually thought Ben was going to vomit a couple of times. Somehow he never missed a note while sleeping. Kim and Matt seemed to be really enjoying themselves and Chris did a great improv of a song he called 'Power of Attorney'. The highlight for me might have been getting to hear 'Hands All Over' and 'Outshined' which was not played the last time I saw them. All the tracks from the new CD sounded great live and after '94 when I was hesitant to go this time I will definitely see them a third time. Good show guys.

one fat bitch
Even though the acoustics of the armoury near that of my rectum, Soundgarden played very well. Chris busted the shirt and has the best voice since almighty Robert Plant.

At the time, this was my first show, and it was AWESOME. Pond was blantently boring, but Rocket was ok and they both got the mosh pit going. After an eternity, SG come on. They opened with Spoonman, and played the usual. (No Helter Skelter cover :( ) At one point, Chris makes up a song about people who sue that suck. Another time, when a delirious fan ran up on stage, so Chris swung his guitar and said,"shoo shoo", then warned us not try that or we'd "get the crap beaten outta [us]". Technically, it seemed great but I'm sure they get tired of playing their songs night after night acting like this is the first time they've been performed. Can't wait till the next tour!!!

This was my first show at the Armory and Iıve heard about its crappy sound but what the hell, it was Soundgarden ferchrissakes! Pond really rocked; a great opener. Rocket From the Crypt...all Iıll say is ³gimme a frigginı break.² SG opened with Spoonman, and I was close enough in the pit to see Chrisıs nose hairs (theyıre as beautiful as the rest of him, heheh) as he started screaming ³feel the rhythm with your hands...² I couldnıt believe how incredible they sounded, and the rest of the night was just one kick-ass song after another. Chris didnıt miss a note all night, and Kim was having a great time. Ben looked as if he had been lobotomized, but it didnıt seem to affect his playing. It was a long and varied set; they played all the ones I wanted to hear (too many to list); but the best, without a doubt, was Jesus Christ Pose in the encore. It kicked so much ass I thought I was going to pass out! After spending all night in the pit I felt like Mike Tyson after his Holyfield whooping, but it was SO worth it. I was completely blown away. Iıd been waiting too long to see them, and they far surpassed every expectation I had!