U.S. Tour 1996: The Fans' Report
Vancouver, BC, 7 Dec 1996

Soundgarden rocked the PNE Forum apart! Everyone was going crazy! They played all their top songs! The two opening bands weren't that great! They were a little hard to hear clearly! But once Soundgarden was on the place fell apart! It was jammed packed! At the end chris was ripping strings off his guitar! He was surfing the thing and pushing over his amp! This was the best concert I've ever been to! If you have the chance to see them, don't pass it up!

I thought Rocket From the Crypt sounded like they wanted to be the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Soundgarden put on a good show, but the stupid crowd-surfing motherfuckers that kept falling on me really pissed me off. Ben looked pissed off through the whole show, and I actually saw him spit on one of the security people. He just stood still through the whole show. What a loser. -Murray

An unbelievable concert!!! Pond was pretty good but Rocket's music was o.k., I must admit I enjoyed their energy more than their music. I was at the venue a few hours earlier, and I saw their BIG red tour bus pull in and some guy runs up to the bus and waves at the window and yells, hi Chris and Kim. But as the bus turns the corner I guess Chris and Kim had moved because I couldn't see them. Anyway, I caught the soundcheck from outside. They played (in order), Room A Thousand Years Wide, No Attention, Waiting For The Sun and An Unkind. The sound was incredible, even outside! Soundgarden came on around 9:00 and played for about 100 min. Setlist in order, Spoonman, Searching With My Good Eye Closed, Let Me Drown, Pretty Noose, Burden In My Hand(video clips), My Wave, Ty Cobb, Black Hole Sun(Chris all by himself), Outshined, Rusty Cage, Fell On Black Days, Jerry Garcia's Finger (at this point, Soundgarden were off stage at Jerry.. played on the speakers while clips of the Blow Up video played), Blow Up The Outside World, Rhinosaur, Hands All Over, Slaves and Bulldozers, and the encore was Dusty and Jesus Christ Pose. Before Chris played Black Hole Sun, he was saying something like "I'm going to play some psycadelic stuff now and then I'll suck your blood", then he starts playing some chords for a while and then stops and says "No, that's not fair, you guys paid to get in. So I'll play some of my own stuff". Funny man. Ben was defintely pissed off and was fingering and yelling at eveyone, and at the end of Spoonman, he kicked his mic off the stage. After that, he pretty much stayed still and played, (although at one point, he disappeared behind the speakers for quite a while). The show was absolutely phenomenal, and Soundgarden left me begging for more. Try and see them, you won't regret it.

Opening with Spoonman was an excellent choice, as the crowd was right into it from the beginning, and the band fed off that energy to deliver a near-flawless performance. Kim was feeling particularly energetic this evening and was constantly hammering his guitar into submission, occasionally holding it up to blow on the strings or shake it for some random feedback effect. He took particular delight in thrashing around in Searching, My Wave, Rhinosaur, Ty Cobb, Slaves and Bulldozers, Hands All Over and Jesus Christ Pose. It's not too often Kim gets into it like he did tonight, but he was on fire. It was as if that subtle guitar-hero personna was begging to get out. I mean, if you play like a god, it's difficult to thrash around a lot, especially if everyone in your band is in such a killer groove as well. Chris was excellent as usual, but he occasionally missed a note or two (kind of excusable for such a long tour) and he too jumped around a bit when he wasn't singing. On most songs, he was dead on and his voice rang throughout the arena (crappy sounding gymnasium) with unbelievable musical precision. It was chilling. Ben just kinda stood there and played. He made faces at the crowd and scowled a lot, but he played excellently, only really getting into it in My Wave, Slaves and Bulldozers and Jesus Christ Pose. Matt, of course, played a superhuman set that was flawless and heavy as hell. He established a mean groove right from the beginning, and when Cameron is on, you're guaranteed a killer show. How he can blast out JCP as the last song after a near 100 minute set is beyond me. The show was better than I expected and I can't wait until Tuesday and Wednesday nights for Seattle. The coolest moments of the show were: the transition from the interlude (Stop your tyring to bruise my mind/I can do it on my own...) in Searching to the heavy thrash/jam at the end; the haunting solo Black Hole Sun melding into Outshined; and the back-to-back Hands All Over/Slaves and Bulldozers mega jam (with S&B clocking in at over 10 minutes). Kim and Chris were absolutely going crazy on those two songs, striking the classic face-off guitar playing and heavy metal guitar hero poses (I bet they saw KISS this summer) while they played the hell out of their instruments. As usual, an incredible experience to remember...

Cornell's voice was great. Last time I saw these guys his voice crapped out. I must admit I was pretty worried after reading some of the Oakland reviews that his voice was gone. Instead he hit every note with clarity, strength and perfect pitch. Fabulous show since the sound was fairly good and all views to the stage were unobscured. Ben is one pissed off dude! He seems to hate any form of fan interaction. God save your ass if you have the balls to get up on stage near him, wear a raincoat! With such an incredible repetoire of music its probable that you'll never hear old stuff like Little Joe, Big Dumb Sex, and Loud Love again. On the other hand these guys are still pumping out incredible music and getting better with age.

I've only seen Soundgarden live twice. Lollapallooza '97 and at the IBALL in Houston in Dec. I fell in love with them when I first heard Badmotorfinger and I yearned for upcoming music from them. They will always be the greatest band to ever pick up instruments. I'm looking for the Badmotorfinger limited edition double cd. I've only heard it once and would like to know how I could aquire this precious stone. Please contact me if you could tell me where I could this could be found. Soundgarden lives through me.