U.S. Tour 1996: The Fans' Report
Sacramento, CA, 4 Dec 1996


First the setlist... Spoonman Searching w/ My Good Eye Closed Let Me Drown Pretty Noose Burden In My Hand My Wave Ty Cobb Black Hole Sun (CC solo) Outshined Rusty Cage Fell On Black Days Blow Up the Outside World Rhinosaur Hands All Over Slaves & Bulldozers encore: Dusty Jesus Christ Pose This was the first time I got to see them and I was STOKED!!! I've been a fan since Louder than Love, but for reasons beyondmy power, always missed them. Chris' voice was right on all night...very emotional and powerful. I was a little disappointed that the show was only 90 minutes total, but I figure that if Chris sang like that for more than two hours every night, it would be a short tour. I would have liked to hear more stuff from DOTU, like Never the Machine, Overfloater, Tighter & Tighter, Never Named, but still it was a great show! Chris started Rusty Cage way too fast, and everyone in the band was looking around and laughing, and when they stopped for the break in the middle, Chris said, "I think we need to start that one over. We're not playing it fast enough!" Also, before Ty Cobb he said, "This would be our next video except MTV would never play it. They're too busy showing game shows and cartoons. CTV, commercial TV is what it should be called. MTV SUCKS!!! Pond was pretty good; I'm still not sure if they were supposed to sound discordant, or if they were just sloppy. Rocket from the Crypt wasn't horrible, but I didn't like them. They reminded me of Social Distortion mixed with Sha Na Na. Also, it would've been nice to hear Waiting for the Sun or Helter Skelter/Boot Camp, but perhaps another time!! JCM

I did forget to point out one thing. Right when Blow Up the Outside World started, Ben started getting pissed about something He was punching his speaker cabinet, and yelling and spitting at Chris' direction, (maybe Chris, maybe a soundman). Chris kept nervously looking over at him like "What the fuck?" I don't know what that was all about, Ben wasn't doing much of anything up to that point. I've heard stories about how he can really be a dick on stage. Just a moody fucker I guess?!?!

holy shit..... That was amazing. The best thing was when Chris played Black Hole Sun by himself. that's all

As you get to the show an hour and a half early, waiting in the rain, you know that soon will come an awesome experience. And of course it came. I got to be front row center for the opening acts and a couple of SG songs, until I decided to not put up with the being crunched shit. Anyway, Pond was okay not great, I liked Rocket from the Crypt's tightness. One guy was flipping them off, so I turned around, flipped HIM off, then turned to the band and gave them a thumbs up. The Horn players saw me and started laughing, then flipped the guy off too. Anyway when SG came on I just felt something indescribable. Spoonman rocketed from the stage and I knew tonight was going to be one of the most memorable of my life. After "Searching.." I decided to give up being in the very front, because the sound wasn't that great. I found the perfect spot about 10 feet from the stage, and just coasted in a state of constant orgasm. From here I noticed a lot of people whom were my parents' age, which is a definite testament to Soundgarden's musicality and wide range of appeal. Highlights, Definitely Chris solo on Black Hole Sun. I also enjoyed Chris' altering of the melody of Burden a bit which stripped it down to its very Bluesy core. All in all a great time, unfortunately an experience I will never encounter again.