U.S. Tour 1996: The Fans' Report
Los Angeles, CA, 2 Dec 1996

This was my second Soundgarden concert, the first was Lollapalooza 8/2 in San Jose. They sounded good the first time, but this performance blew away Lollapalooza. The sound was much better and Chris sounded unreal. His voice was great all night long. Ben, Kim, and Matt gave their usual perfect performance. Kim pretty much stayed in front of his amps all night (as usual). Ben was unusually quiet though, nothing like Lollapalooza. Here's the setlist, in no particular order: Spoonman, Helter Skelter, Hands All Over, Pretty Noose, Fell On Black Days, Black Hole Sun (Chris solo), Outshined, Room A Thousand Years Wide, Burden in My Hand, Searching..., Rusty Cage, Let Me Drown, My Wave, Slaves and Bulldozers, Ty Cobb ("Our next big radio single."), Blow Up the Outside World, Boot Camp, and an encore with Dusty, and Jesus Christ Pose. Jerry Garcia's Finger was played over the speakers while footage from the Blow Up.. video was shown. Boot camp was a surprise for me. I only wish they had played Rhinosaur, and maybe a few older tunes like Loud Love or Hunted Down. This is the first concert I have been to where there wasn't any moshing. If you have a chance to see Soundgarden on this tour, do so, you won't be dissappointed.

I don't see as many concerts as I used to, so this was an EVENT that left me tingling all over. A fan since the "Louder than Live" days, this was my first encounter with the sonic assault know as Soundgarden. Hands All Over, Slaves & Bulldozers, Rusty Cage were a stomping good time. I missed the cool intro to Searching... (the devil says). And all the 'radio hit' songs sounded fresh and full of energy. Speaking of energy, in the boonies where I was, there were a few pockets of wildly gyrating seat dancers (including myself and my wife) but most people seemed a little confused about the twists and turns of their music that makes it so appealing to me. By the time we hit JCP (god, i just can't hold still when I hear this tune), there were a lot of drained, glazed faces. Maybe it was the post-holiday weekend syndrome, or maybe some of the fine herb wafting around the Ampitheater. Chris's parting comment was "Don't be so far away next time." I chalk it up to wide range of styles they present: metal, grunge, prettier stuff like Black Hole Sun. But, don't let that dissuade you from going. Carve out your own little niche, just as the band has.

This listing is for the Oakland show 12/5/96:::: Loaded...... We drove to oakload....... Found a spot to spark..... I mean park...loaded..... the show wasn't sold out $18.00......... We missed about 2 songs.... maybe.... Loaded..........The show drew us closer to the front. Anyway lou s big up front....... Jesus christ pose..... Chris's voice was sort of hangin' at first, but he worked it out.....Schnapps kept us alive in.... In the crowd...... Sweaty...... Body surfin''''.....Half way through.... Movie sets you up for failure.!! Still alive..... grab the front rail....drop your shoulders and breathe..,..Finally.... Look in the bouncers in the eyes and scream...!!!! Still alive in the very SUPERunknown........

I'm not going to flap my lips too much, but I want to say that the blending of Helter Skelter into Bootcamp was probably the most beautiful musical events I've ever witnessed. If I can find this on CD, I'll pay anything for it. Great show.

The dec,2 show was so cool man i was right in the front, it was packed soundgarden rules.