U.S. Tour 1996: The Fans' Report
San Diego, CA, 30 Nov 1996

What a kick ass concert! Although I thought Pond was ok(I think the rest of the fans agreed, since shouts of Soundgarden where being yelled throughout Pond's set), Rocket from the Crypt came on and did a damn good job. Then, it was on to the main event. Soundgarden, as they had for most of the tour, opened with Spoonman, and went onto play songs from their last three albums: Pretty Noose, rhinosaur, dusty, ty cobb, blow up the outside world, burden in my hand, boot camp, let me drown, fell on black days, black hole(Chris did the little solo), my wave(dedicated to Surf Rider Foundation), Rusty cage, outshined, slaves and bulldozers, good eye closed, Jesus Christ Pose and Hands all over. I was proably most surprised by Hands all over, since I thought they didn't play anything from Louder than Love, and Boot camp, a song that doesn't exactly get a lot of air time. Highlights for me were proably during ty cobb, when Chris jumped up on a higher platform and gave the finger to the crowd for most of the song, and chris's solo for black hole sun. Ben was once again his distant self, staying in the background for most of the night. The only time Ben really got going was during Hands all over, inwhich he started going crazy with that great bass part. Proably the funnest part of the concert involved shoes. Yes, shoes!! It seemed that the crowd surfers were getting a little crazy, and several of them lost their shoes. This, in turn, caused several shoes to be thrown at the band. The first was thrown right near Chris's feet, and for a moment I thought he was actually going to leave. The next was thrown right at Kim, and right before it hit him he was able to duck under the shot. Kim looked up, gave a smile, and started to crack up. Kim kept up the usually Kim composure, and was the one who was getting involved the most with the fans. Greg Prescott

i was somewhat disappointed with the show. It was indeed the set list that i has been used at the previous concerts. some variations would be nice. walked into the show five minutes before soundgarden went on. i was about 40 feet from the stage in front of Kim. this was the 4th time i have seen soundgarden, without a doubt this was the tamest show i have seen them play. i spent the first half of the concert looking for a pit. i couldnt find one at all. although, it did look packed up against the stage. all in all, soundgarden sounded good. i would have been happier not knowing the set list, it was kind of a let down.