U.S. Tour 1996: The Fans' Report
Atlanta, GA, 23 Nov 1996

After sitting through 2 hours of semi-decent music from Pond, and utterly intolerable screechings c/o Rocket From the Crypt (7 guys wearing purple sequin shirts, with the vocalist spouting off garbage such as "This song's about me, cause I'm so fucking cool" gave a new edge to the term "mercy killing), anticipation for Soundgarden's performance was through the roof. Par for the tour, they opened with Spoonman, and simply did not let up till 2 hours later. Highlights : Burden in my Hand, with unseen footage from the video playing on a large screen behind them, Ben spitting on a particular individual in the pit at least 4 times (other than that incident, he was pretty stationary, aside from one Frankenstomp, a few arm contortions, and acting generally pissed off at his guitar strap all evening), and the final and BEST highlight of them all, approximately 2/3 into the set, Matt leading off with a few quick snare taps, Kim picking off a few notes in rapid succession, the room erupted into an amazing, and equally surprising, *HANDS ALL OVER*! Very clean, very true to form, Chris' voice holding out to the last note, i was one happy fan. (a sense of undeserved satisfaction arose in me as all in crowd around me listened with ignorance to the song which one person behind me stated was a cover of a Roxette song, for goddsake). Indeed an overwhelming performance which i will not soon forget...

This was my second soundgarden concert, and my first concert in the omni. I must say, i can now see the reasons for tearing down the omni next summer. The speakers were not nearly loud enough, and I'm disappointed to find my hearing fine after 12 hours rest :). Pond was a great band, if they stick together and mature, im sure they'll do great.. however, when i saw Rocket from the Crypt, my first thought was "ahh.. crap.. it's Gwar wannabes!".. then they started playing.. "it's devo on crack and in tin foil!".. needless to say, no matter how fast they played, i was not impressed.. after a short cig break, i came back to my seat to find the lights beginning to dim.. the concert staff was out in force to stop smokers, illegal and not.. by the time rusty cage was started, i could very well smell the 2nd hand pot coming from the floor.. the mosh pit looked to suck, with a max of 20 members, but the crowd surfing looked complete.. 2 days rest did chris great, his voice was in full form, even through his solo of blackhole sun (lighters were lifted high in the audience).. they did vary from their previous set by playing hands all over, stopped a moment or two to comment on the clothes (yes, even underwear( being thrown on stage, and the olympic park bombing (the omni is adjacent to the park).. overall, a great show. next tour stop: fear nothing of chris's voice. he seems okay.

oh, yeah, one more thing.. if you have the alive in the superunknown CD+, they played the background music from the main page while showing a video during a short intermission.. for lack of a better name, i guess ill call it "mother father country happiness me".. really trippy, and they ended the video by going into blow up the outside world.. also, at the end of the concert (finale being jesus christ pose), cornell knocked over an amp, smushed his guitar underneath it, shepard tossed his bass aside, cameron tossed his sticks, and kim continued the feedback placing his guitar on the amp..

I'm always a little worried that Chris's voice is just not going to be able to do this. Jesus Christ, I was floored-he had amazing command of his voice- I don't think it has ever sounded better. He even appeared to be fully enjoying himself. They basically played the shit out of everything for about 2 solid hours. I haven't been that happy in a while. I think the set list was pretty much the same as always. Opened with "Spoonman", closed with "Jesus Christ Pose", covered "Helter Skelter" etc. "Hands All Over" was a plus over the show I saw this summer, and the solo version of "Black Hole Sun" was wonderful. It was odd that there were still so many tickets left, though. Anyway, to sum it up it fucking blew me away. I could kick myself for not going in Washington last week when I was up there.

I'm an old rocker from the '60s, and it's been a while since I've seen a concert live. I think I'm older than most of the parents that were there with their kids. I was impressed. The production was great, with songs sequenced beautifully. I wish their recordings were thought out so well. I agree with the rest: Pond was good, Rocket sucked.

There were low points to the night (Pond & Rocket), but when the lights went out at 9 PM, the house was really in for a treat. From the opening chord of Spoonman to the final sip of beer that Kim took, Soundgarden rocked the Omni (dump). My highlights: the solo Black Hole Sun and the transition into Outshined was great, but the best was hearing the whole audience screaming "fuck you all" during ty cobb. everyone should see the garden whenever possible. the best live band i have ever seen.

As Atlanta's number 1 Soundgarden fan, I was totally thrilled to be seeing my favorite band for the 7th time. And as always, they were incredible. But unfortunately, most of the set was the same as the Underground (worst concert setup ever thought of) set, and not much more than the Lollapalooza set I caught in Newport (Neckport)Tn. Why don't get me wrong; the guys were in prime form, as always, and seemed to be enjoying the Omni much more than the Under- ground shopping mall scene. But couldn't they change the set every night, a la the Black Crowes? I would give my left breast to hear "Beyond the Wheel" or "Uncovered"! "Hands All Over" is definitely a start. "Zero Chance" or "Rhinosaur" would've certainly been a treat. But hey, they gotta make the (ignorant) general public happy, and that they did! A brief cover of "Helter Skelter" straight into "Boot Camp" was an especially tasty morsel. And the most beautiful voice in the wor in the world didn't falter in the slightest, not to mention the accompaniment...they just get 'tighter and tighter'! But of course, you expect no less from the greatest band of the '90's! Wonderful, intense, joyful experience from me, and I wasn't even high!

after eight years of waiting to see my favorite band, I saw them at the Omni...it blew me away..Chris' voice was holding strong...everyone was together and sounding wonderful. The Helter Skelter cover was awesome...as well as the surprise of Hands All Over. There was some jerk there trying to push his poor little girlfriend to the friend, pissing everyone off on the way. I was on the floor, center and I nearly died when they came out on stage. Much to my surprise I found out after the concert that the person Chris was talking to when he said "Take your underwear home with you", was my ex boyfriend.... some girl asked him to throw them on stage for her and he did....small world...

I have to say,I saw them at Lollapalooza first, they rocked out of all the other groups there, really!I'll always remember peing up close to him after having crowd surfed all over the place! In atlanta, first of all he seemed sickly- it was the show right after they cancelled one of them recently. Stuff from Badmotorfinger was played, Fell On Black Days was awesome of course, and I cried when they did Blow up the Outside World. They had the screen in the background with the vid pics from Burden in My Hand and Blow. The first song they played at both concerts was Spoonman, it kicks ass live, and I love their stuff, and I was hoping to see them again. Maybe Eddie might let him have another Temple of the Dog reunion? The Omni wasn't packed at all, I think maybe because he was sick and noone thought it was gonna be a good show....but I still thought he was as great as he was in July. I just hope I figure out why things like this happen some- times.

FINALLY!!!!!!!!! after all the waiting got see my fav band and I waas extremely satisfied!! The solo version oh BHS was the best performance of that night!! I drank a lot of beer and had a great time! My friends and I had some shitty seats but we moved down later to get a better look at Cornell and the rest of the band. Shepherd appeared to be in his own world!! Thayil of course was drinking the brew too!! Too bad won't get to see them again! Man that blows!!!