U.S. Tour 1996: The Fans' Report
New York, NY, 16 Nov 1996

After years of worship I finally got to see one of the only modern rock bands that sends chills up my spine. It's one thing to listen to a CD and get chills, it's another to get them at a show. I was moved a few times last night: Boot Camp, Blow Up..., Outshined, Searching..., and Let Me drown. Big problem: Chris' voice finally gave out. He said he was sick. I don't doubt it; during his solo Black Hole Sun, he could barely talk, and we all wound up singing instead of him. The New York crowd was merciless. By the time he got to Burden, it was obvious something was wrong. We knew it, and so did he. Chris got really frustrated, and tried to sidestep his humiliation with some very flat sarcasm. Although SG has a punk spirit at its core, Chris is one very emotional human being. Despite excellent versions of My Wave, Dusty, Rusty Cage, and No Attention, the crowd just wasn't into it. Lots of trendy-ass dumb white kids in the audience, even though some were about 30, they were still kids. No wonder they didn't bother with anything pre-BMF. Why should they when the majority of your crowd is their to get their rocks off to Jesus Christ Pose. Anyway, Boot Camp, Blow up..., and Outshined were incredible, because Chris was really frustrated, and those songs perfectly illustrated it. The thing about his voice is true. He could barely get out any notes during Black Hole Sun. But, amazingly enough, he didn't just bag the whole show. He could've. Instead he roared on, screaming, instead of singing, memorable versions of Fell On Black Days, Ty Cobb, Drawing Flies (too visceral for the hipper-than-thou New Yorkers), and No Attention. I hope somebody else comments on this show, and I hope I get to see Chris at full strength.

It's my birthday in a few days, and what better gift then Soundgarden playing a club show at Roseland? I can't believe I got tickets. I even saw the guy who was next to me on line at Tower Records. I saw him puking in the coat check, so I neglected saying hello. Anyway , about this amazing show... I missed the openers, and just made it to a packed Roseland moments before "Spoonman" (WOW...what a start!). A really fat guy landed on my head halfway through the show, so I don't really remember all the songs, so refer to another review. They stuck to recent stuff, and most of DOWN ON THE UPSIDE. I just wish they played "Never the Machine Forever" (maybe they did, I was delirious for a while). Kim rocks, you can't appreciate his talent enough until you see him live and up close. Ben really played the crowd, while Matt quietly went about his business. Chris was really nasally during "Pretty Noose," but the rest of the set was perfect, except the weak attempt at including us on "Black Hole Sun." Face it Chris, the only words we remember are the chorus. I wish he had told everyone to shut up and play himself. "Boot Camp" quickly became a new favorite of mine, and I surfed at the end of "Outshined." The cover of "Helter Skelter" was a great blues jam. Lots of thrashing during "Ty Cobb" and "Rusty Cage." Cool visuals during a great version of "BUTOW." The crowd was really nice, except the guy who fell on me, and the immature people who don't know when to just stand and LISTEN (interesing concept, huh?). If no one else will, I'm going to write an official guide to pit etiquette, because there was also too much kicking in the air. Oh yeah, the show. My head still hurts, I think my ear bled, and I'm still psyched. My cousin got a string from Chris' guitar. He rules. I can't wait for the next tour.

I have to preface this by saying that this was truly a great show, because I'm sure some would've beeen dissapointed, but not me. Despite the fact that Chris was sick, he and other bandmates were obviously trashed, and a sense that Soundgarden have a hard time whenever they're in NYC (the Armory show a couple of years ago was about a million degrees), they dug in and gave an extremely gutsy and emotional performance. A lot of equipment was destroyed toward the end, including two guitars and a stack of amps or two that Chris dove into at the end of Jesus Christ Pose. Musically, everything sounded great, and Matt Cameron was particularly flawless from beginning to end. As a whole, the band made up for any handicaps they had with sheer balls and they seemed to genuinely have fun a few times during the extremely long set. Ben stalked around the stage for most of the show and made a couple of comments including, "I'm so fuckin' drunk!" and a jab at the Yankees which the crowd didn't seem to mind. They played songs from the last three albums as well as some other miscellaneous goodies and jammed quite a bit on a few of the tunes. Early in the show, Chris mentioned that this was "a very special occaision" a couple of times, and also talked about someone who's name I didn't catch for quite a while--I'm not sure what if any relevance it had, but I defintely felt as if this was a very special performance, especially in light of the fact that they gave so much as to exhaust themselves completely (tonight's show was cancelled). I only hope they do what they have to stay healthy so they can continue, although I feel bad for anyone who was lucky enough to score tickets for the sold out show only to be disappointed. Soundgarden is truly a brilliant band.

this is suz. I wasn't there, but i believe the voice problem. shit happens. however, having planned to attend 11/17 show, this music has told me to fuck off. no "make up" date. no option -- nothing, just get your money back and see ya. we'll i don't want to sound like i'm preaching but that's bad business and I feel negative. ps -- maybe if you (cc) didn't smoke so gadam much you'd feel better! (smile?) ps: sorry for the post crap.

g for goofy. compared to friday's show this was an animal of another sort. what a wacky, weird show it was. chris lost his voice early on but asked the audience to sing for him. also ernie from tenderloin came out and did a rage song which was great, people next to me were screaming at him to take off his shirt. john mcenroe and patty smythe were in the vip section, john came over and high fived everybody against the wall. ben was having a good time, somebody was throwing candy at him and he was trying to catch it in his mouth. i especially love when he blows his armpit sweat at us. chris must have been pissed off at losing his voice because he smashed one guitar and threw that in the pit, then after jcp he threw his entire guitar in. all in all a good show, but after friday's showno comparison.

I've seen Soundgarden four times now, and even though Chris was obviously struggling with voice/cold problems, THEY STILL ROCKED! Obviosly, it didn't sound as great as normal - but Chris and the rest of the band were in a "playful" mood, telling lots of stories/sarcasm to the crowd. It came as no surprise that the next show would be cancelled. At the end, Chris tackled Ben while he was trying to knock some amps over, and both of them went down - it was hilarious! Also, Chris threw a BEAUTIFUL GIBSON GUITAR (intact) into the crowd People were killing each other for it! I wish I got it

Saturday's show was a whole different situation compared to Friday's show. Again, I returned to the pit -- this time I got about 6 ft. from the stage on the left side where Kim stands. (Chris and Ben both came over to that side of the stage at some point of the show.) The crowd was much more aggressive -- I have many bruises to prove it. Thank God the security took away this one guy right near me who was having some kind of fit kicking, punching, etc. and if I ever see this other guy who kept pummeling my arms, I hope to return the favor. Otherwise everything was cool, they even spritzed us with water which felt great. I'm glad I moved in closer. Chris was sick and straining his voice. I felt really bad for him because he was trying so hard and his voice just wouldn't respond -- how frustrating.... He was a trooper though, he kept going and ,as he put it, gave us 110%. I just hope he didn't over do it. I guess that's why he trashed the guitar near the end. I couldn't see because this dude in front of me had his arms wrapped around his head blocking my view --- so I missed the amplifiers going down. Then after JCP Chris just threw the whole guitar into the audience. Maybe his actions had something to do with the union people working the show and he was pissed at them too. Chris commented on him being west coast and all of us east coast and he could kick our asses. And at one point Chris insisted all the lights be turned off including the security flashlights in the pit. He yelled out to them to turn them off because no one was being bad. There was one section were the light was shinning and Chris said that looks like my family over there. Anyway, They were all smiling alot and seemed to be giving it their all and having fun. They definitely ROCKED but the overall vibe was nothing like I experienced Friday night. See Ya.....

Just wanted to post a few thoughts from SG's amazing perofrmance at Roseland on 11/15. In my view, they redeemed themselves after their very lackluster performance at Lolla -- NYC. This set was awesome, particularly the "Hands All Over" teaser before Black Hole Sun. Chris's guitar toss at the end was interesting as well. I'm glad to say that the opening bands finally got some of the respect that they deserved at this show. Tenderloin was definitely interesting -- they were what Blues Traveler could be if they cut out the crappy ballads and hippie stuff. Rocket From The Crypt is one of the best out-and-out hard rock bands in America right now, and as usual, next to no one is catching on. Seeing comments like "RFTC sucked" or "RFTC is the worst band I've ever seen" in these reviews is pretty disppointing. Many thanks to SG for having the good taste and foresight to include two of the better opening acts I've ever seen. P.S. -- As good as this show was, it doesn't measure up to the Jones Beach opening set SG did for Neil Young in '93. With lightning and thunder during JCP, it was the most surreal concert experience ever. I don't expect it ever to be topped by any band!!

How upset was I when I went to Roseland and found the club closed. At first I thought people were just hanging out outside just to look cool, but i realized the place was completely shut-down. OH my G*D!, don't tell me they canceled the show Rubi, I blurted to my fellow rock bud. Of course, she was in complete denial. Alas, I missed his performance. Where are you my love!

The 16th show at Roseland was awesome, despite Chris having some problems with his throat. I must say though, the most grossed out I had to be was at the begining with Tenderloin's lead singer. Great band, but hey. Rocket From the Crypt was really good, so I really looked forward to them comming on. When the great ones came on, they blew the house down. I loved their version of Helter Skelter. It was the best cover I have ever heard of that song, and I'm not only saying that 'cause it's Soundgarden. A really great moment was when Chris asked the crowd to sing Black Hole Sun for him. It was his solo afterall, and he probably wanted to save his voice for the remaining songs. You could really see he was "touched" that we all were singing his song for him. The show ended kinnda funny though. It seems that Chris fell on top of Ben, into Kim's amp, or somethin'. Then Chris got up, and through a beautiful Gibson Les Paul into the audience. Luckly, a secrity guard retrevied it, with only the strings missing.

At this show I was in the front of the pit by ben and throughout the show he would check to see if I was alright. Later on when they paused to change guitars I lit up a cigarette, and when Ben came out he looked at it, I offered it to him and he took it and smoked my cigarette on stage. After the show I stood by the stage door and waited to see them and Kim came out. He was nice to talk to and signed some autographs.

At this show I was in the front of the pit by ben and throughout the show he would check to see if I was alright. Later on when they paused to change guitars I lit up a cigarette, and when Ben came out he looked at it, I offered it to him and he took it and smoked my cigarette on stage. After the show I stood by the stage door and waited to see them and Kim came out. He was nice to talk to and signed some autographs.I have seen them before but no other show was like this one. I must say the croud was energized and so was the music. Yet I wanted them to play some of thir earlier songs( kingdom of come, to be exact) but they sounded amazing as usual. My only disappointment was that the Sunday show was cancelled. I can't wait to see them again!

I was really psyched to see this show even though I think Roseland is the worst venue in the entire city. The acoustics there do no do any justice for hard rock bands. Anyway, I thought the show was okay considering that Chris was ill, but I've seen them perform much better on previous occasions. I didn't particuarly care for their on-stage antics, and I also wish they did a few songs from Louder Than Love too. Also, it was difficult to take in the show with every MTV-watching drones slamming into you. Nevertheless, Soundgarden still kicks ass. On a final note, the 2 best SG performances I've ever seen were: 1) The Thursday night NY Armory show (6/17/94), and 2)as the opening act for Danzig (8/31/90) at the Beacon Theatre. Their sound and their energy were ragin'!!!! Even if it was hot as hell, they triumphed! Peace out!

damn.. damn... damn... Thats all I could possibly say. This was one of the most powerful shows I have ever been to (besides Pantera). Despite the fact that Chris's voice was shreddedto bits, they rocked. I had gotten to Roseland early and staked my territory. I forgot the name of the first band but they sucked anyway, Rocket From the Crypt put on a very good show. They sort of had that whoile Bosstones thing going. I liked them a lot. The opening riffs of "Spoonman" break out and here I am leaning on the bar in front of Ben Shepherd, absolutely loving life. I could have touched his feet if I tried. People were flying over my head as the security pulled them off the top of the crowd. Sweatin my ass off, I didnt miss one beat. I got chills as Matt Cameron broke into the opening drum solo of Jesus Christ Pose. Finally after all the destruction on stage (Chris decided to dive into his amps and samsh his black telecaster). I was turned facing the crowd and I feel a smack on my head like somebody cracked me with a bat. It turned out that Chris decided to throw his Gibson Les Paul(completly unharmed and unsmashed) in my diection. I could kill myself for not paying attention. Damn... Damn... Damn...!!!!