U.S. Tour 1996: The Fans' Report
Toronto, ONT, 13 Nov 1996

Hello again Soundgarden fans! It's Pat Gregory back for my second soundgarden review, the first being lolla in Barry. Anyhow I'll start of by saying that it obviously was an amazing show, (Come on it's soundgarden!) They opened with spoonman and continued with a mix of songs off Badmotorfinger and Superunknown. Chris didn't talk to the audience that much only a few occasions but (he managed to complain about border cops, very funny), it left room for a long set list. Soundgarden got on about 9:20 and stayed on till about 11:30 or so. They closed with the amazing Jesus Christ Pose, This was the only song where I actually got on top of the crowd, My two friends held my legs while I stood a top the crowd in front of Kim, striking a Jesus Christ Pose with my arms held wide. Kim got a kick out of it. Chris' voice was right on! I was concerned for him because they are doing a lot of dates and I hope his voice doesn't conk out on him like it did a while back. I was only disapointed in the fact that they didn't play anything pre BadMotorFinger. One cool point was where Chris came down from the stage and let people grab at him. I am proud to say I rifled his hair. I feel like the two pot heads in the movie S.F.W,(oh my god I Touched CLIFF SPAB!!!!!!!) oh well it made for some stories back home. The two opening bands were Tenderloin and Rocket From the Crypt, Matt and Ben Joined Tenderloin for a song and the drummer for tenderloin played Ty Cobb instead of Matt WoW! he was really good on drums. After about 45 minutes of Soundgarden Ben suddenly smashed his Bass. What a fun evening! cept! I think I have permanent hearing damage from the 10 minutes of feedback at the end of the show! See ya next time!

Well its been almost 24 hours since the performance and yet my ears are still ringing. This was and will probably be the best concert that I have ever seen unless Soundgarden can do a better show next time they come. The set list was quite cool, since they played stuff from Badmotorfinger, Superunknown and Down on the Upside. I was actually quite surprised that they played the number of songs they did from Down on the upside. I can't remember the setlist but I do remember that they played Spoonman, Searching With my Good Eye Closed, Let me Drown, Boop Camp, Pretty Noose, Burden in my Hand, Blow up the outside world, outshined, blackhole sun (chris solo), slaves and bulldozers, and a whole bunch of other stuff. It was an excellent show. Chris' voice held up for the whole thing and at many times I felt that he sounded just as he did on the studio recordings. The encore was excellent too. They played never the machine forever and an amazing Jesus Christ Pose, the JCP was the best version I have ever heard and I've heard many different live versions. The show lasted for 2+ hours and was full of energy. I remember at one point Ben smashed his bass guitar up, I'm not sure why but it was cool. IT was like in 10 pieces.. Hopefully some bootlegs of this come around. I want one to remember the show forever. If you can see Soundgarden, GO SEE THEM.

Right fuckin' on! A real kickass show! Ya gotta see em.

The Soundgarden show in Toronto was undoubtedly the best show I have ever been to. It took place in a small hockey arena that only seats a couple of thousand of people and that only magnified the incredible sounds from Kim's guitar. The band was very into the show. They opened with Spoonman followed by Searching With My Good Eye Closed. The crowd went wild. Soundgarden also had video that accompanied some of their newer stuff like Burden In My Hand and Blow Up The Outside World. It enhanced the show but what really made it a great show was Chris. For the better part of the show he continued to energize the crowd, telling the crowd to scream "Fuck You!" at the top of their lungs. Half way through the concert Chris even jumped down into the crowd. Standing in the 2nd row myself it was a rush being part of a swarm of people lunging to moche a little with Chris. Soundgarden played a host of songs from Badmotorfinger, Superunknown and Down On The Upside. It was a sweet show and the boys rocked. Lipper

Heya, Well I was one of the very fortunate people who got see SOUNDGARDEN live in toronto at varsety arena. Before wednesday nov 13 I was a virgin to the live sounds of SOUNDGARDEN, and the concert didnt disapoint me at all. I heard that Soundgarden was shitty live, but in toronto they were AMAZING. They opened with spoonman and play about 20 songs, the ones i can remember are :(not in this order) Pretty noose, Ty Cobb, Blow up the outside world, Burden in my hand, Never the machine forever, Bootcamp, Let me drown, My wave, Fell on balck days, Black Hole Sun (chris solo) Spoonman, Rusty Cage, Outshined, Slaves & Bulldozers, JESUS CHRIST POSE, Searching with my good eve closed and a couple others. THey also play an instrumental song and at the end of the show there was about 10 minutes of chris and kim's feedback. At that point everyone was in complete awe.........If you have a chance to see soundgarden GO!!! Its worth anything to see them!!!!!!!!!

Well, suffice to say, my third Soundgarden concert was probably the best. They played songs off of everything except Louder Than Love, Ultramega O.K. and Fopp/Screaming Life. They did a wicked cover of Seach and Destroy (originally done by Iggy Pop), and had a spaced out 10 minute jam in the middle of the show. Chris also pulled out a slide for a little solo instrumental right before he used it on "Dusty". All in all a good show, except it was painfully obvious Chris was smashed out of his skull, and was having trouble singing in the right key. All in all a wicked show, and well worth the $25 bucks for tickets. (By the way, why did the lead singer of Tenderloin, a John Popper clone, take of his shirt and jiggle his gut for the crowd..................that was pretty fucking sick.......) Dave

I went to the soundgarden concert and they ruled!!! I was right at the front, and they played all my favourite songs. Ben Shepard is kinda rude, but Chris was a babe! It was the best day of my life!!

I was at the Soundgarden show on November 13 in Toronto, Ontario, and I thought that that concert was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Despite all of the rumors that I heard about how they sound horrible live, I thought that this show was awesome. Chris Cornell put on his classic rock and roll voice, opening with Spoonman. In between songs, every other word out of his mouth was "FUCK." The band played some of their classic tunes, such as Outshined, Searching With My Good Eye Closed, Black Hole Sun (which sounded amazing in a solo), and others. Ben Shepherd was in the mood to break things, and that's just what he did with his bass guitar. He smashed it into bits, along with some speakers. Matt Cameron looked the same as usual with his hair short and slicked back. He was amazing on the drums. Kim Thayil was awesome on his guitar, while smoking a cigarette. Overall, I thought that this show was great, and I hope they'll be back very soon. The next time they come, I'll definitely be there.

Having never been to varsity arena I was shocked at how small the venue was. I loved, it was deliciously intimate. The opening acts, well, lets face I was waiting for Soundgarden so nothing would really compare. Unfortunalty, the lead singer for tenderloin decided to take his shirt off and I prayed that that would not be the only glimpse of a chest i got that night, (chris left his shirt on, so it was) Anyway, the highlight for me was Slaves and Bulldozers, it blew me out of the fucking arena but before that Chris doing Black Hole Sun solo, my eyes and ears were od'ing on pleasure (i am still recovering) Ben Shepeherd delighted (?) the audience with his usual on stage antics destroying his bass half way in the set for no apparent reason. I don't care what anyone says I think Ben is misunderstood and I love his theatrics. Other higlights: Chris introduced "My WAve" by telling the audience "This song basically says Fuck you, but I'm not telling you to fuck off, but if I wanted to I would" Then he told the audience that we "paid for our fucking ticket" and now was our chance to tell him or the band to fuck off. Did we ever...all out of love of course. Chris' voice was amazing, no sign of trouble of a few years ago. Kim as usual, kicked ass and Matt,though barely visible was very much heard. I could have watched Matt drum all night and leave the show totally fulfilled. "Rusty Cage" was introduced as "the song everyone is talking about" sarcastically referring to Johnny Cash's recent cover of the song. During the show Chirs made the remark that Matt was his "big man" , "everyone needs a big man, " he continued and then looked at the audience and asked "do you like a big man?" At that point I realized Chris was not quite all there but who cares, no one in audience was really either as a pot cloud hovered around the ceiling of the arena. Chris realized that and insisted he was gonna drive everyone of us home , "You think I don't know?" he said sensing the level of sober people in the crowd. This was my first soundgarden concet and after reading how weak they were live I was pleasenlty surprised. I would have loved to hear some Ultamega ok stuff, especially "Beyond the wheel" Consdidering how Chris' vocals blew the roof off the joint in "Slaves and Bulldozers", Beyond the wheel would have probably have blown up Varsity Arena all together along with half the city. It was the best concert of my life and all the expectations I had about my gods were fulfilled. The concert was so Awesome that it threw me into a depression after it was over because... well, because it was over and I could have stayed there for hours, days, years, more. Hell I could spend the rest of my life watching these boys perform. I look forward to their next trip to Toronto. LONG LIVE SOUNDGARDEN!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew I would forget something, the above review was written by me RITA

This show was the first time I have ever seen the band. I've heard them on the radio and thought they were good but they did a very good job live I mean they sounded like studio quality. I had an excellent time there they fuckin blew the ear drums in most of us, I was deaf in one ear for a week! I wish they would come back to the area again soon!

One word to describe it all. AMAZING! One of the best concerts I ever went to. Soundgarden played really good. They new how to entertain the crowd. Best part of the concert was when Chris Cornell came down and walked through the front of the crowd and touched the audience, I was one of them. Way to go Soundgarden :)