U.S. Tour 1996: The Fans' Report
Detroit, MI, 12 Nov 1996

The Soundgarden concert on Nov. 12 in Detroit was excellent. Soundgarden opened their set with Spoonman. Within the first 5 songs, they had already played hit songs such as Pretty Noose and Burden in my Hand. That left a lot of the show open for older material. They played many songs from Badmotorfinger. Included were Outshined, yes they played outshined!, Rusty Cage, Searching with my good eye closed, Slaves and Bulldozers, and they ended their set with an amazing Jesus Christ Pose! Some of the nights funnier moments of the night included when a fan had one of those laser pens and was shining it on Chris Cornell. Chris got pissed and told the guy he was going to shove it up his ass! As Soundgarden left the stage for their encore, the Palace lights came on so everybody thought that the show was over. As everyone was walking out, Soundgarden came back on stage and started playing again! After that song, they asked if they could have the lights turned back off and that's when they broke into Jesus Christ Pose. I hope you enjoyed my review of the show! Soundgarden was just amazing on this Down On The Upside Tour! Try to catch them this time around if you can!

This was my first time seeing Soundgarden live, and I must say, I was impressed with the performance. When we got to the Palace, Tenderloin was already playing. They had this fat fuck lead singer up there bouncing shit off his fat belly, I got really pissed and started screaming at the fat bastard to get off the stage. I guess alot of the fans agreed, because they were cheering while I was yelling. Rocket from the Crypt also sucked ass, they sang some pretty bad songs, and their songs all sounded alike. Well, Cornell and the boys went on-stage at about 9:15. They opened with spoonman, then searching with my good eye closed. They seemed to play all their recent hits (pretty noose, burden in my hand) very early on. Chris made little comments here and there, saying he would shove a laser pen up some guy's ass if he didn't stop shining it on him. Yeah, whatever Chris! They played some weird shit I had never heard before, I think it was that Stooges cover song. I wish they had played Flower or Hands All Over. Overall, they were on for almost 2 hours. It was a very good show, and the band really put forth a good effort. Go see 'em if you have the chance.

Well the night started off slow! Tenderloin and Rocket form the Crypt just got basically booed off the stage!! People where throwning lit cigarettes, coins, toilet paper basically anything you could get your hands on at them. They where relly not what the crowd was there for. It was the same the last time I saw Soundgarden in 94 with TAD and ELEVEN opening. They got booed too!! Well, I guess us Soundgarden fans pay to see them and not some sideshow act!! Opening the Show with Spoonman! I don't know what it was but it seemed that they where playing really slow and not in a groove! It was kind of disturbing but after about 3 or 4 songs they got "in the pocket" and started giving it good. They had a video projection which they used to project peices of the videos of "Burden in My Hand", "Blow up the Outside World" and "Dusty". During the show Chris said something like "You want to hear some old stuff? How far back do you want to go? Most of the time we play this old stuff and you sit there and look at us like what the fuck are they playing some stupid cover?!?" Well they didn't play anything of "Louder the Love" or "Ultramega OK". It was cool that they took Applebite and sang HELTER SKELTER over it! Well here was the set ( in no particular order): Spoonman Let me Drown Fell on Black Days Black Hole Sun (chris alone) Outshined Pretty Noose Burden in My Hand Blow up the Outside World Dusty Nevernamed No Attention Slaves and Bulldozers Rusty Cage Jesus Christ Pose (encore) My Wave Applebite (Helter Skelter) I think that's all(?) I wrote this list off memory!

Hey there...I just saw Soundgarden last night at the Palace; they put on a really great show. I was lucky enough to be on the main floor, about 30 yards from the band, center-stage. We would've been closer, but we stayed back so we wouldn't get fucked with by the big meathead-jock-mosher types. We had a terrific view, nevertheless. I would've liked to hear "Limo Wreck" or "Face Pollution", but heck, they can't play everything. "Searching With My Good Eye Closed" was such a nice surprise, and they played it incredibly well. I must say, Chris's voice was a bit hoarse at times, but at other times he sounded great; it varied from song to song. They all played *really* well. I have no idea how Matt can play "Jesus Christ Pose" as the very last song of the night (after playing for two hours) and still have that much energy. Kim, wearing his familiar Tool t-shirt, had incredible stage presence with all the lights behind him, and all of them were quite active on the stage. Here's a setlist to the best of my knowledge (sorry if I'm missing something or have it out of order - I usually bring a pen and paper to write them down, but I forgot): Spoonman / Searching With My Good Eye Closed / Let Me Drown / Pretty Noose / Burden In My Hand / My Wave / Helter Skelter / (Stooges song?) / Ty Cobb / Never Named / Fell On Black Days / Rusty Cage / Black Hole Sun / Outshined / Blow Up the Outside World / Dusty / Slaves & Bulldozers // No Attention / Jesus Christ Pose I'm not sure about the Stooges song, but from reading other people's reviews, I *think* that's the song they played right after "Helter Skelter". I don't know the Stooges too well, unfortunately. During "Slaves & Bulldozers", Kim blew on his guitar strings a couple of times (a trademark of his). It made quite a cool sound. Chris put his guitar away to sing "Ty Cobb" and "Never Named", and he did "Black Hole Sun" solo. I thought they played an awful lot of the radio songs, "The Day I Tried To Live" being the only one I can think of that they didn't play. "Outshined" WAS nice to hear, though, if only because they didn't play it the only other time I saw them, back in '94 on the Superunknown tour. The crowd in my vicinity was decent, even if they only seemed to recognize the radio songs (and even still, "Rusty Cage" was met with some blank stares). I missed Tenderloin, but I thought Rocket From the Crypt was really good. No one else around me seemed to give two shits about them, though; people were throwing things and flipping off the band. It really was unwarranted, because the singer for Rocket was really cool to the crowd, trying to get them into it while ignoring all the shit being thrown at him. Well, that's my two cents worth. Overall, Soundgarden played a great show; I don't think it was *quite* as good as the first time I saw them a couple years ago, but still, it was a really good performance. If anyone else was at the show, feel free to write me and tell me what you thought. Later... Steve Bekkala sbekkala@umich.edu

It's been about 24 hours and my ears are still ringing! The show was absolutely awesome. I skipped the opening bands Tenderloin and caught the end of Rocket from the Crypt because I got a late start heading out from Michigan State, but mainly because I heard that they really suck. And the part that I did see of Rocket from the Crypt--well, it sucked. But I am kinda sorry I missed Tenderloin. I heard later the PHAT GUY WAS PHUNNY. Furthermore, Chris said that everyone who booed Tenderloin sucks, and that Tenderloin is one the best bands... But I was there to see Soundgarden put on a show--and boy did they put on a show! I won't go into too many details (setlist, etc...), but I would like to at least mention a few of the night's antics: Chris taking a nap in the middle of the show, Chris singing "lullabies," an invitation to join Chris on stage 4 screwdrivers, a failed attempt by Ben to light the amps using some sort of flammable (it worked for a sec), toilet paper flying in from the crowd (with a retort from Chris in the middle of a song: "Good shot!" the Palace lights coming on too early causing people to leave, then Soundgarden came back and played a couple songs with the lights on (Chris said it was like having a show "in the mall," then Chris asked the crew to "turn off the lights for this one," but they didn't cut em until the middle of JCP. AND THEN: It was hilarious. I don't know how to explain. Chris and Kim smashed their guitars and then played with them like they were little kids--totally oblivios to the crowd--the whole time trying to get that right feedback sound, or something! Finally, after what seemed like 30 mins of feedback, Chris gets up, looks at the crowd, and points to the beat up guitar (which is emitting a sweet sound that I've never heard) like a Michelangelo showing off the just completed Sistene Chapel! Sorry it was so long, but the show was sooo great. 1 mo thing, Chris sez: DETROIT IS MY SECOND HOME!

I loved the spooky cover of Helter Skelter (Beattles). It was quite frightening. (But who the hell are the Stooges?)

I forgot to mention that they played Ty Cobb and the Stooges Search and Destroy! The Stooges was Iggy Pop's first band and they are from Detroit! It just goes to show that people here know nothing about their own music!!

I've heard a lot of people tell me they can't play live. That's not true, they were great. It was the best show I have ever attended. Next time, I'm sure more people will come to there detroit date.

Hey there, My friends and I checked out Soundgarden on this cold night of November as it was worth it. They put on an amazing show with many good performances such as "Searching with my Good eye closed" and "Rusty Cage". However the crowd went nuts when "Outshined" was played. Although I was in a different state of mind (due to etc.) , I had a great time on the main floor. E-mail me SOUNDGARDEN FOLLOWERS!!!!

i saw soundgarden at the palace on nov 12th. it was awesome. it was pretty cool when chris threatened to shove a laser pen up some guys ass! there was this dipshit there though, who thougt he was a bad ass and kept grabbing people in the pit and trying to throw them down and jumping up and kicking them and shit. he's lucky i didnt kick his ass. anyway, soundgarden opened with spoonman, and it was great! it was my best friends second concert, and he was just blown away. my girlfriend was also there, and her ears rang for like two days! we were on the floor right in front of the speakers almost. the opening bands sucked, but chris stood up for tenderloin, so he must see somthing i dont. the fat lead singer reaminded me of john goodman in king ralph. but overall, the concert was great. i really liked how he made the guitar play itself at the end of the concert!

The Palace rocked on this night. The opening bands Tenderloin and Rocket from the Crypt were pretty bad, and were accordingly showered in oaths, lit cigarettes, coins, pens, toilet paper and the like. Finally The boys from Soundgarden took the stage and saved the day. They opened with a fast and grinding rendition of Spoonman and the place got jumping. Then they playe Searching with my Good eye closed to some blank stares from some of the bubble-gummers. To get the kiddies home by bed time they played Pretty Noose and Burden in my Hand back to back. Then they did a killer performance of My Wave and I think they played Helter Skelter..I'm not sure. Chris addressed the audience and said, "We're from Seattle...you may have heard of it (sarcasm). Don't ever go there, it's our home and all, but it kind of sucks. Over the years, since we've been touring, Detroit has sort of become our second home...THANKS FOR HAVING US!" Then Ty Cobb, Never Named and an excellent rendition of Fell on Black days. Whoever said that Chris Cornell's voice sucked live was dead wrong...he sang melodiclly until the screeching end. After Rusty Cage (surprise, surprise) a solo of Black Hole Sun by Chris, the band fulfilled a prophesy and played Outshined to an ecstatic audience. (Those who knew what it was, that is) After a Blow up the Outside World, highlighted by a movie screen accompnyment, the band did Dusty and (more surprise, surprise) Slaves and Bulldozers. As I was jumping to this, I saw some flashlights play over to the left side of me and looked over just in time to see two punks beating the shit out of each other. They were quickly nabbed by security and escourted up to the main level. My friend and I rushed up to see what the deal was, and saw one of the kids, being held by a big black guy, utter a racial slur (you know what it is) and elbow the black guy in the face and take off. He was caught by two more guards and brought back. The black guy had the two other guards hold the guy by his arms while he pummelled him. He punched him in the face a couple times (he was a BIG dude) then to the stomich, then he grabbed the kid's head and head-butted him, then he kicked him in the ribs when he fell to the floor. That was one of the dirtiest displays of an abuse of power I've ever seen... forget Rodney King, man...Expect the Palace to settle a massive lawsuit out of court soon. After that hubbub..we went back out and caught the rest of Slaves and Bulldozers. The band walked off stage and, to the disbelief of the hardcore fans that were still there, the house lights came up. We all waited, no one daring to breathe, until the band came back out and played No Attention with the house lights up. Chris said, "This is like a mall..you can see us and we can see you...yeah". After that, the lights went back down, all the kiddies and their parents had left and they played the most awesome version of Jesus Christ Pose I've ever heard. In the long, drawn-out ending, Chris surfed on his guitar, which he had placed on one of the monitors while the rest of the band jammed and made use of whatever feedback they could find. As the rest of the band left one by one, Kim was third to go, toasting us with his glass of beer and walked off. Chris stayed out on stage for another good 5 minutes attempting to break his guitar and it's strings...he finally settled with balancing it on the monitor in perfect harmony with the feedback it was creating. He stepped back, admired his work and waved to us before he walked off. One of the most killer shows I've ever been to...

I went to the concert ,I thought that it totally rocked.The songs were really great,I loved it.Well I'm only a kid,what can I say.I was expecting Chris to rip his shirt off so did my best friend,Lindsey.It was the best ever,like when he said he was gonna shove the lazer up that guys ass.I thought that Rocket from the Cryp sucked.BUT SONDGARDEN IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!I'M listening to SOUNDGARDEN RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heck yeah!!! It was the best friggin' concert I've ever seen and will ever see (Unless of course they come to Detroit again - they better) Chris was so funny, man. He didn't say one dumb thing except that Tenderloin was good. I think he wasn't serious though. The set list was (I'm probably a little off. 1.Spoonman - Heavier, but even cooler than the CD version 2. Searching with my Good Eye closed - Chris sang in a higher octave, it made the song even cooler. 3. Let Me Drown - Awesome, Thayil ripped up the guitar part. 4.Fell on Black Days - Better, heavier than CD. 5. Pretty Noose - like SNL version 6. Burden in my hand - A little different but cool. 7. My Wave - Awesome Even Mosh-able even though it's in 5/4. 8.Never Named - Hell of a lot better than CD. 9. Ty Cobb- Cornell went Guitarless on this. He went crazy on the stage. 10. Helter Skelter/Applebite - They played Applebite but sang the Beatles to it. 11. Black Hole Sun. Cornell did this alone - acoustic it was awesome. 12. Blow Up the Outside World - Awesome version - the backround video was cool. 13.Some Stooges Song 14. Dusty - good version 15. Bootcamp - was actually after Applebite...oh well...16. Outshined - best live version I've ever seen. 17. Rusty cage - Awesome. Chris said to think of trains during this song...only at the concert...not at home. 18. Slaves and Bulldozers. They called this an old song..very long...very loud...still awsome. ....At this point they said they were done. Ben threw his bass and it looked like they messed up their guitars. Apparently not...they came back on stage with the lights on and went right into a killer version of 19. No Attention. 20. JESUS CHRIST POSE Matt Cameron is the best drummer I've ever seen. This was the moment we'd all been waiting for. The best live concert song ever made. It changed my life man. Well, that's it. Sorry if it's too long or out of order but I think it's really close. See you later. Soundgarden will rule FOREVER.

I loved the concert Soundgarden did here in Michigan. I hope that they can get to this area soon, so I can see another awsome concert!!!

They really rocked dude. They were so loud I could not hear for about three days. To bad they broke up. It was the worst thing that could possibly happen to Seattle. Now, I think I will go home and blast Blackhoe Fun or something like that. But all you other SG fans should not worry. I'm sure 20 years down the road they will have a reunion concert like Kiss. If i Posted shit for the heck of it, I apollogize for any problems that I might create. But you know what they will probably get together again just like Alice In Chains. Oh well at least their not like Candlebox.

it kicked ass! Gregory "THE JACKASS" Klein Rahul "THAYIL" Khetrapal