U.S. Tour 1996: The Fans' Report
Chicago, IL, 09 Nov 1996

Well, the show ended about 50 hours ago, but my ears are still ringing. The opening bands were OK. The first band, Tenderloin, had this extremely fat singer/guitarist/harmonica player, and he would take his shirt off, insert objects into his stomach, and spit them out into the audience using his cellulite. Now that's entertainment!! The next band, Rocket from the Crypt, got booed and harrassed by the audience, but they weren't really that bad. The show started at 7:30, and at around 9:10, Soundgarden hit the stage. They played for about 2 hours, with songs like (in no particular order): Search and Destroy (Stooges), Helter Skelter (Beatles), Pretty Noose, Dusty, Ty Cobb, Blow Up the Outside World, Burden in My Hand, Never the Machine Forever, No Attention, Boot Camp, Let Me Drown, My Wave, Fell on Black Days, Black Hole Sun (Chris only), Spoonman, Outshined, Jesus Christ Pose, and maybe a few others. The show was tremendous despite the horrendous accoustics of Chicago's Aragon Ballroom. Chris was very charismatic and funny, talking about kicking Tyson & Holyfield's asses after the show. They played loud, fast, and hard, were very into the music, and really seemed to be enjoying themselves. The highlights of the show (in my eyes) were My Wave, which came off just spectacularly live, Ty Cobb, Outshined, Burden in my Hand, and No Attention. Every song was solid, though, and there wasn't a poor moment all night. The show ended with Jesus Christ Pose and an array of feedback from Kim and Chris, and the band really did leave the audience satisfied and content. The performance was everything anyone could have asked for and more, with an array of past and current hits, spectacular energy, great use of the lighting and the stage, and just an unbeatable, crisp, extremely loud performance. It's pretty tough to put the aura of the concert into words, but everyone in the audience was really into the music and loved every second of the show. Even though the acoustics of the Aragon really sucked and created an incomprehensible buzz of sound at times a veritable "cloud of noise" (as my friend Mike Siegel calls it), Soundgarden came through with everything I know I could have ever wanted out of a concert and more. If you have the chance, see them at once. It's well worth it.

The show was incredible...Right away Soundgarden opened with spoonman, the show started with a bang and never lost any momentum. The opening bands were great in the respect that they made it even more difficult to wait, and when Soundgarden finally did come out things finally got going. The pit was huge and and body surfers everywhere. Chris Cornell played a solo of Black Hole Sun that was awesome. They came out for the encore with "No Attention" and "Jesus Christ Pose", they were really hardcore. The best song of the night was either "Rusty Cage" or "Outshined", I haven't quite decided which one I like better. "Fell on Black Days", "My Wave", "Helter Skelter", "Pretty Noose", "Burden in My Hand", and "Blow up the Outside World" were among some of the songs played. I especially liked the songs of of Badmotorfinger the best. I also liked the Superunknown songs too. Despite the terrible acoustics of the Aragon (a.k.a. "The Punch Palace") even the songs off of the new album which contain higher sounding guitar settings and overall more of a trebley sound were even great. I cant wait for you guys to come back to Chicago. Soundgarden has a huge following here. We love you guys.

I went to the BEST concert I've EVER been to. Soundgarden at the Aragon Ballroom was great! It seemed like they love playing in smaller venues. BEN SHEPARD WAVED TO ME!!!!! I was right up front. Right there. Soundgarden is the best and no one can dispute that! This is Sarah Zimmerman-number 1 fan.

I waited three years to see these guys.I went to Lolla96 just because they were there.I have all their music...everything. I am proud to know every word,every beat of Soundgarden.Just to get a chance to see them once was good enough for me.I could now die I thought.But I heard they were coming to Chicago!I about did die.I wanted to be the first one there.I got to the Aragon around 5:00pm.There was a line!!!!It was so cold out side, but I would've gone to hell and back to see this concert.About did too.When the doors opened, the place was so perfect.Just what I thought it would look like. I was right up there, smashed up against the security fence.In the beginning(the opening acts),the place didn't look that crowded.I THOUGHT I was safe.You see I am not that big of a chick.I saw Chris, Ben, and Matt signing autographs, but not Kim. I wondered where he was. The THREE longest hours of my life...from the time we got in there to the time SG started to rock. And I don't use that term loosely. Spoonman was first, then just a constant mind jolting song.Chris talked alot to us.He was saying how he thought about suicide, but doesn't like pain...That's why he doesn't have his nipples pierced.Because the only truly successful way has to be painful, he informed us.So there I was, in heaven, getting smashed. Kicked in the face by surfers, and so many bodily fluids flying in the air.The concert could not be any better.They were everything I knew they would be...GREAT!!! I think the best part of it was when the stage hands were doing the sound checks and I looked up behind a speaker and there was Chris and Ben. "Now's my chance," I thought.So I waved to Ben since he was looking straight at me. He waved back and gave me the peace sign.Then being a stupid teenage girl that I am, I started to wave and scream like a fool. But I didn't care.This was my heaven.The loudest thing I've ever heard, and I have been to many a concert. All that I can say is that all the smashing I put up with, all the kicks in the head, all the beer soaking me, the next 12 hours of my ears ringing......I would do it again in a heartbeat.What was left of this concert the next day was ringing ears, bruises, and great memories of the best band to ever make music.

hey i went to this concert-it was cool! too bad i didn't get to meet the band like the rest of you...