World Tour 1996-1997: The Fans' Report
Newcastle, Australia, 29 Jan 1997
I am only a fairly newfound Soundgarden fan. I mainly went for You Am I but I knew I would enjoy Soundgarden, and I did!! At first I thought I wouldn't know most of the songs because most of the songs I knew were off BadMotorFinger and Superunknown, but those were the albums they played most of the songs off! They did the same songs as all the other gigs, of which I can name Rusty Cage (my second favourite!), Slaves And Bulldozers (My Favourite!), Black Hole Sun done by Chris by himself, Spoonman (the opening song), My Wave, Let Me Drown. The last encore song was Jesus Christ Pose which everyone knew the words to and were moshing like crazy. I don't know if it was because we caught them in the middle of the tour or what, but Chris had a huge chip on his shoulder. He kept taunting the crowd, not to hype them up but just plain put them down. He acted like we owed him something for playing for us. Ben's bass was basically unheard the whole time. Kim was the best one there, he kept flicking picks into the crowd. I enjoyed You Am I more because they just got out there, played and had fun. They treated us to 2 new songs too.
I didn't mainly go for the support bands You Am I and The Fauves. As much as I like Australian music, these are two bands that don't do much for me at all. All you teeny-bopper You Am I fans are dickheads. I went to see Soundgarden and I was not let down. The energy started pumping with the opening track "Spoonman", and the energy was maintained right throughout until the encore "Jesus Christ Pose". Chris did taunt the crowd a bit. Often it was hard to tell if he was just joking around or if he serious wanted to piss some people off. Although I cannot completely recall what he said, it was something in the realm of "Newcastle's a place full of freaky motherfuckers", and other similar taunts. They were bloody fantastic and I'm certainly glad I saw them before they broke up.