World Tour 1996-1997: The Fans' Report
Brisbane, Australia, 22 Jan 1997
What a grand show it was. Cornell sure as hell proved (once again) that his voice is a gift from God (read fucking incredible!) Some lucky guy was invited up onstage to sink some buds with the band. And despite their apparent drunkeness, the guys played one hell of a set.
I don't know about this sinking some buds (a previous message) Since Chris Cornell held up a can of XXXX beer and I only saw that guy play with the dials on Bens amp. But that aside Chris Cornell is a god and that was one of the best shows I ever seen, although the first time I've seen Soundgarden. I missed them in 1994. You Am I before hand were realy good, heaps better than at Livid 95 though the set was realy short. Turtlebox were pretty good too. Bronwyn, Brisbane.
It was unreal. The best concert in Australia. Anyone who wasn't there sucked in! It sounded better than the CD's. Was well worth it. SOUNDGARDEN RULE! Matt Cameron is the best drummer in the world and he rocked at the concert.
Well, well, well. Soundgarden definately rocked. Personally, I would have preferred to see them in 1994 when they were arguably at their peak. The set-list ran very much like a-sides with the songs from down on the upside being, pretty noose, burden in my hand, blow up the outside world etc... Cornell once again proved he has an amazing voice. Sadly, the interaction between the members was near non-existant, although an incredibly smashed ben shepard provided some interesting antics. The highlight for me was the encore. Head Down & Jesus Christ Pose. These are two of my favourite soundgarden songs and brilliant showcases of Matt Cameron's exceptional talent as a drummer. I'm sorry if I'm sounding a little negative. Soundgarden were fucking good. I don't know If they could be bad. They just could have been better...?././?////soundgarden/////????