World Tour 1996-1997: The Fans' Report
Gold Coast, Australia, 19 Jan 1997
Man, I missed it big time!!! I was there 2 years ago, but now I'm back to Japan. What a bummer!!! Why didn't you come 2 years ago!?? I always miss SG wherever I go. Even America last year. Come to JAPAN!!! That's all I want to say.
I didn't acutually go to the BDO but I heard some critisism that the band had a go at the queen and said "the queen sucks" which is quite alright although all day everyone else had bagged Paline Hansen (THE FISH AND CHIP BITCH FROM IPSWICH) who probablly deserves it more. They just didn't do their homework about current Australian issues I suppose. B, Brisbane.
Soungarden's gig at the BIG DAY OUT(Gold Coast) was one of the highlights of my entire life ,what can I say but Soungarden ROCK!