The first single from Down On The Upside, "Pretty Noose," had a video to accompany it, which premiered on MTV on Monday, May 6th. Note that the version that was seen on MTV in the US is not the original version, because MTV refused to accept the original. Director Frank Kozik says that "the original ending was too heavy (Chris kills the woman) so they are releasing an edited version. The real version exists, and it's better, so put the word out and bug A&M records to make it available." Please check out Mr. Kozik's extensive writings about the experience (this is an exclusive!). The unedited version did air in Canada and Australia. You can view short segments from the video by clicking on the images below.

"Pretty Noose," from Down On The Upside
MOV, 29s, 160x120, 2.28MB
taken from MTV's website
"Pretty Noose," uncensored ending
MPG, 39s, 160x120, 2.92MB
clip recorded by Geoff Kleemola

If you'd rather just see some screen shots from Kozik's version of the video, clicking on each of the ten icons below will retrieve a larger (320x240, between 6kB and 12kB) JPEG of the image. Thanks to Tyler Archer, Geoff Kleemola, and Shroom for these images.

The European version of the "Pretty Noose" video, which began showing on MTV in the United States shortly after Kozik's version debuted, is completely different. It is a series of excerpts from a prerelease European Promotional Kit, and Kozik had nothing to do with it. I know the icons below are hard to see, but clicking on them will retrieve larger captures (thanks to Martin Andér and Tyler Archer) from this alternate version of the video: