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"My Wave" is a bit of an oddity among Soundgarden's singles. First, even thought it was spawned from Superunknown, there is essentially only one version of the release (compare that with ten versions of "Fell On Black Days"). Second, the single seems to have only been released in Australia.

The song also appears on the 1996 MOM compilation to benefit the Surfrider Foundation and even showed up a couple of years ago in the trailer for Endless Summer II. The video for "My Wave" was filmed live in Calgary, Canada and was put together by Henry Shepherd.


  1. My Wave
    Music: Cornell, Thayil; Lyrics: Cornell
    ©1994 You Make Me Sick I Make Music/In One Ear and Out Your Mother Music (ASCAP)


  1. My Wave

  2. Spoonman (Steve Fisk Remix)
    As the title implies, the remix by Steve Fisk, who, incidentally, is a member of Pigeonhed, which is one of Kim Thayil's side projects.

  3. Birth Ritual (Demo)
    Written by Chris Cornell, Matt Cameron, and Kim Thayil, this is a favorite "rare" Soundgarden track, the regular version having appeared on the Singles soundtrack. The demo version of the song has appeared several times as a b-side, on the "Black Hole Sun" and "Fell On Black Days" singles in 1994 and the "Burden In My Hand" single in 1996 (misprinted on the Australian version of the CD as "Birth Control").

  4. My Wave (Live)