Sub Pop

Jun 1987

"Hunted Down"/"Nothing To Say" was the very first single that Soundgarden released, issued as a limited edition (500 copies) blue vinyl 7" packaged in a plain blue sleeve in 1987. It has since become one of the most valued Soundgarden treasures (along with the Screaming Life EP on orange vinyl, etc.). Both tracks did appear on Screaming Life and also appear on Sub Pop's 1990 reissue CD Screaming Life/Fopp.
    Music: Kim Thayil; Lyrics: Chris Cornell
    ©1987 Loud Love (ASCAP)

    "That song wasn't supposed to be as heavy sounding as it turned out. We just started jamming on the riff and it took on the 'noise rock' dimensions, kind of a rhythmic thing. And that solo is a noise solo. It's very dissonant. That song was also the first song on the Sub Pop "hold" music tape. You would call them up, and when they put you on hold you heard 'Hunted Down.'" --Kim Thayil

    Music: Kim Thayil; Lyrics: Chris Cornell
    ©1987 Loud Love (ASCAP)

    Kim Thayil: "This song was originally from an unsigned-band compilation tape made by a KCMU disc jockey. It was called Bands That Will Make Money -- it had a little piggy bank on the cover and was distributed to all the record companies. Labels started calling us when they heard the song. I was working at Seattle Filmworks along with Mark Arm from Mudhoney, Bruce Fairweather from Mother Love Bone, and Owen Wright from My Sister's Machine. I got this phone call while I was doing some splicing and it was Chris. He said, 'You're not going to believe this -- A&M called!.' The rest is history." "Nothing To Say" was a song of the month in April 1997.