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Sep 18 1996


"Burden In My Hand" was released as the second single from Down On The Upside in September 1996, between "Pretty Noose" and "Blow Up The Outside World". It appeared in the DOTU-era standard formats: two versions of the compact disc (one in a box with a poster) and one 7" in Europe, and one compact disc in Australia (which was released August 13, more than a month before the European versions). It also appeared as a promo-only disc in the United States and as a limited edition (300 copies) "Club Promo" in Europe (released January 1997).

The poster that is included with European disc #2 is an enlarged version of the band photo from which the faces that appear on the back of all versions of the single was taken. The 7" is on white vinyl and is a limited, numbered edition of 5000.

The "Burden In My Hand" video was directed by Jake Scott, son of movie director Ridley Scott. It premiered on MTV on July 14.

So far two misprints have been found on the singles. The back cover of the European 7" says that Track B was "recorded at mixed" instead of "recorded and mixed" at Studio Litho in Seattle. The Australian disc itself lists track 4 as "Birth Control (original demo)" instead of "Birth Ritual (original demo)," though the track is listed correctly on the back cover of the package.

The track lists for the releases are as follows:


  1. Burden In My Hand
    Music & Lyrics: Cornell
    ©1996 You Make Me Sick I Make Music (ASCAP)

  2. Karaoke
    [guitar tablature]
    [AU: 1,457,879]

    "Karaoke," lasting just over 6 minutes, first appeared in August 1996 as the featured audio track on the Launch CD-ROM. Chris Cornell described "Karaoke" in the February 8, 1996, issue of Rolling Stone: "It's about how loads of bands are imitating something that already exists," he says. "Following a formula is what seems to be successful right now."


  1. Burden In My Hand

  2. Bleed Together
    Music & Lyrics: Cornell
    ©1996 You Make Me Sick I Make Music (ASCAP)/MCA Music Publishing

    "Bleed Together" is another previously unreleased b-side, recorded at Studio Litho and Bad Animals in Seattle.

  3. She's A Politician
    Music & Lyrics: Cornell
    Published by You Make Me Sick I Make Music (ASCAP)
    [guitar tablature]

    "She's A Politician" first appeared on a free double-sided flexi with the December 1991 issue of Reflex magazine; the b-side was "Christmas with the Devil" by Rights of the Accused. It later appeared on SOMMS with the 1992 reissue of Badmotorfinger.

  4. Chris Cornell Interview
    The 7-minute, 40-second interview segment with Chris Cornell is conducted by Tom Russell and was recorded in April 1996. Chris talks about the canceled Superunknown tour dates in the UK ("My voice just crapped out"), the pressure to release a record that will sell well ("The pressure comes from us"), publishing companies ("We didn't need that"), and the band's sense of humor ("We don't take ourselves seriously").


  1. Burden In My Hand
  2. Karaoke
  3. Bleed Together

  4. Birth Ritual (Demo)
    Written by Cornell, Cameron, Thayil.

    The original demo version of "Birth Ritual" appeared in 1994 as a b-side to the UK "Black Hole Sun" box set CD and the Australian "My Wave" single. The completed version of the song appeared on the Singles soundtrack and as a b-side to "Fell On Black Days." As noted above, the Australian disc itself has the title misspelled as "Birth Control".


  1. Burden In My Hand

    The club promo CD is a limited edition of 300 in a clear plastic sleeve, sealed with a blue sticker that doubles as the liner notes.


  1. Burden In My Hand
  2. Burden In My Hand (Edit)

    The standard radio promo with edit version of the song....