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The 1989 New Music Awards is essentially an audio recording of the 26 October 1989 ceremony in New York city, produced for the CMJ Radio Network. There are only two tracks on the CD, the first half (30:37) of the show and the second half (29:15) of the show. Each half features three live performances mixed with the award presentations. The only performance that was added to the CD is Living Colour's, which was recorded live in Boston in 1988.

The live performances on the disc are as follows:

  1. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Subway To Venus (live)
  2. Gin Blossoms - Lost Horizons (live)
  3. Living Colour - Should I Stay Or Should I Go (live)
  4. Soundgarden - Ugly Truth (live)
  5. Lou Reed - Dirty Blvd. (live)
  6. Neville Brothers - Yellow Moon (live)

Soundgarden's contribution is a superb live performance of "Ugly Truth," from 1989's Louder Than Love. The song is introduced by the emcee in the following way: "If you guys got anything loose lying around, please take this time to secure any loose property, please give the masks to the children first, remain seated, keep your seatbelt on, the band is Soundgarden, they are louder than love, they're from Seattle, the San Andreas Fault is soon gonna run up that har...far, the song is called 'That's The Ugly Truth,' now brace yourself, yes, it is Sound...Garden!" At the end of "Ugly Truth," the band sticks in one chorus from "Big Dumb Sex."