Sub Pop Records


Oct 01 1996

"It'd be like being a kid and setting up a lemonade stand... and all of a sudden ten of 'em open up right next to you, in your yard, on your block, all competing for the same lemonade nickel." - Kim Thayil on "grunge" bands (see video clips below)

Hype! is a documentary -- and a tounge-in-cheek one at that -- of the "Northwest Rock Explosion," i.e., the media-invented "grunge" phenomenon (hence the name of the movie). Among the cast are Seattle scene icons Charles Peterson (the photographer who, among other things, did the cover for Soundgarden's Screaming Life EP), Jack Endino (the producer who, among other things, produced Soundgarden's Screaming Life EP), Bruce Pavitt and Jonathan Poneman (the co-founders of Sub Pop which, among other things, was the label that released Soundgarden's Screaming Life EP). There is a ton of live footage in the movie, a lot of it of Soundgarden. The CD entitled Hype! is explained by Mike Giacondino (Jack Endino) and Dave Rosencrans, Executive Producers of Production Execution:

«What we've attempted here is not a soundtrack, per se, but a companion piece to the movie...shorthand for "liberties were taken." Fuzz pedals get unplugged, microphones topple and drummers mistake 2 for 3 (the difference between rock and shtick). Sometimes it all happened at once, in which case we've improvised our way toward a better track selection. Besides, what fun is history if you can't revise it?»

The movie itself contains quite a bit of Soundgarden music and footage. Below are some video clips; the live version of "Searching With My Good Eye Closed" was recorded from the same show that produced the "My Wave" video -- August 11, 1994, at Calgary's Max Bell Arena.

Kim Thayil talks about "grunge" bands (the "lemonade" quote)
MPG, 19s, 160x120, 0.72MB
clip recorded by Geoff Kleemola
"Searching With My Good Eye Closed," live, 8/11/94, Calgary
MPG, 3m38s, 160x120, 7.83MB
clip recorded by Geoff Kleemola
Jack Endino, Kim Thayil talk about "Nothing To Say," Sub Pop
MPG, 1m03s, 160x120, 2.26MB
clip recorded by Geoff Kleemola

The track list for the disc is as follows:

  1. Fastbacks - K Street (live)
  2. Wipers - Return Of The Rat
  3. U-Men - Dig It A Hole
  4. Green River - Swallow My Pride (unreleased demo)
  5. Soundgarden - Nothing To Say
  6. Mudhoney - Touch Me I'm Sick (live)
  7. Nirvana - Negative Creep
  8. Some Velvet Sidewalk - Mousetrap (live)
  9. Dead Moon - 54/40 (live)
  10. Girl Trouble - My Hometown
  11. Tad - Giant Killer
  12. Gas Huffer - Hotcakes (7" version)
  13. Young Fresh Fellows - Low Beat
  14. Supersuckers - I Say Fuck (live)
  15. 7 Year Bitch - Knot (live)
  16. The Gits - Second Skin (live)
  17. Flop - Julie Francavilla (unreleased demo)
  18. Posies - Throwaway (live)
  19. Pearl Jam - Not For You (live on radio)
  20. Mark Lanegan - The River Rise
  21. Pigeonhed - Fire's Coming Down
  22. Fastbacks - Just Say

Soundgarden's track on the disc is "Nothing To Say," which was the b-side to their first single ever, "Hunted Down," released on Sub Pop in June 1987 on blue vinyl (limited to 500 copies). It was subsequently released in October of the same year on the Screaming Life EP.

Also of note on the disc is track 21; as you may or may not know, Pigeonhed's first album featured Kim Thayil on guitar. There is no indication of whether or not he played on "Fire's Coming Down."

One final note: there is a "hidden" track 23. After about 1:19 of silence, there are about 20 seconds of the Grunge Lite version of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit," performed by Sara DeBell.