Sub Pop Records,



The Fuck Me I'm Rich compilation was released in 1990 by Sub Pop together with Waterfront Records and distributed by Southern Studios in London, England. The disc is a collection of songs by five Seattle bands; it is better viewed as an LP, with one song by each band appearing on each side of the record. It was engineered by Jack Endino with photos by Charles Peterson. The track list is as follows:
  1. Mudhoney - Touch Me I'm Sick
  2. Tad - Ritual Device
  3. Blood Circus - Two Way Street
  4. Swallow - Trapped
  5. Soundgarden - Hunted Down
  6. Mudhoney - In 'N' Out of Grace
  7. Tad - Daisy
  8. Blood Circus - Six Foot Under
  9. Swallow - Guts
  10. Soundgarden - Nothing To Say
The rear cover of the disc includes text written by Jonathan Poneman and Bruce Pavitt, the cofounders of Sub Pop Records. The following are Pavitt's words:

«Once upon a time, Seattle opened its legs and fucked the world. YES! Loud powerfuzz and muff shagging hair action!

By July of 1988, "grunge" mania had taken the hold of America and TOUCH ME I'M SICK was squeezing its way up the Billboard charts, instantly recognized as the NUMBER ONE rock 'n' roll anthem of its day.

These were the early days, BEFORE Sub Pop became the large multinational entertainment conglomerate that everyone takes for granted. Now, as I gaze at the unfortunate below, I realize that my penthouse view is the result of honest work and impecable media exploitation. Cough. As a God, I have nowhere to go but down.»

And the following are the words of Jonathan Poneman:

«If anybody tells you that they play rock music for any other reason than to make millions and millions of dollars . . . they're lying. It's that simple. Having invested considerable amounts of capital into a number of winning enterprises. I know a cash cow when I see one. You see, I don't play rock music. I "play" rock bands! The same way other "play" the horses.

You can buy into all these romantic notions that rock music is:

a) An instrument for social change
b) That angry voice of youth
c) Art
But while you're buying the implied importance of rock music, I'm buying houses, cars, villas on the Costa Del Sol! Thatt's rock 'n' roll!

See you by the pool!»