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Jun 28 1994

Foreshocks is an A&M promo compilation that includes only music by Soundgarden. Of the 12 tracks, nine are straight from Louder Than Love, Badmotorfinger, and Superunknown. The other three, "Heretic," "Come Together," and "HIV Baby," have never appeared on Soundgarden's albums, instead making occasional appearances on other compilations and soundtracks. The tracks on Foreshocks are as follows:

  1. Jesus Christ Pose
  2. Spoonman
  3. Heretic
  4. Hands All Over
  5. Loud Love
  6. Come Together
  7. Black Hole Sun
  8. Fell On Black Days
  9. Outshined
  10. Superunknown
  11. Big Dumb Sex
  12. HIV Baby

"Heretic" first appeared in 1985, on C/Z Records' Deep Six compilation. Scott Sundquist was the drummer, Hiro Yamamoto the bassist for that recording. It was later rerecorded with Matt Cameron and Jason Everman and appeared on Loudest Love and the Pump Up the Volume soundtrack in 1990, as well as the "Hands All Over" 10" and a "Loud Love" promo 12". The recording that appears on Foreshocks was presumably redone with current bassist Ben Shepherd.

"Come Together," a Beatles cover, was recorded in April 1990 with producer Jack Endino singing backing vocals after Chris Cornell left the studio, disgusted after spending the whole trying to get the lead vocals right. It originally appeared on the "Hands All Over" 10", and again on Loudest Love in 1990.

"HIV Baby" [AU: 243,666] was written by Ben Shepherd and Chris Cornell and recorded in 1993, originally appearing on the Born To Choose compilation. According to Kim Thayil, "I wrote the middle and ending riff, but Chris wrote the lyrics and Ben came up with the title, which was based on me, because I don't like sharing other people's silverware, drinking out of other people's bottles or sharing cigarettes. I'm pretty uptight about that. Ben said to me, 'Wow, Kim, you're a total H.I.V baby!'" The saxophone solo is performed by Scott Granlund (who also played sax on Badmotorfinger).