SST Records

SST CD 231

May 1989

The Flower EP, released on SST Records (oddly enough, after Soundgarden had already signed with A&M to do Louder Than Love) contains three tracks: "Flower," "Head Injury," and "Toy Box." The first two are the album tracks from Ultramega OK. "Toy Box" is a bonus track that was actually a leftover from the Screaming Life recording sessions, and has never been available on any recording since (with the exception of bootlegs). It was recorded and mixed by Jack Endino at the now-legendary Reciprocal Recording studio in Seattle, Washington. There is a sound clip [MP3] available, though at live performances the vocals were almost always Hiro Yamamoto's responsibility -- it's only the studio version that has Chris Cornell as vocalist.

The cover photo is interesting in two ways: one, it was taken by Charles Peterson (whose black and white shots of the early Seattle music scene are stunning), but it doesn't resemble any of his other work; and two, while Kim, Chris, and Matt appear to be looking into the sunset, Hiro is seemingly distracted. The Flower EP was released on 12", CD5, CD3, and cassette. When SST began reissuing its back catalog to earn some more money, it rereleased the EP as a 10" on red and yellow vinyl.