C/Z Records

CZ 001

Sep 01 1985

C/Z Records,
A&M Records

6971 2400 2

Apr 06 1994

Deep Six, originally released as a limited edition of 2000 on vinyl in 1985 (the cover is shown above, left), has become the stuff of legend in the Seattle music scene. The "Deep Six Bands" -- Green River, Malfunkshun, The Melvins, Skin Yard, Soundgarden, and U-Men -- are often pointed to as what defined the so-called "Seattle sound" before it became a worldwide phenomenon. The photos were almost all taken by Charles Peterson, except the photo of Skin Yard, in his typical high-contrast black and white style. The picture of Soundgarden features a shirtless Chris Cornell flanked by Hiro Yamamoto and a beardless Kim Thayil. Thayil is even given production assistance credit for the album, sharing it with Jeff Ament (who ultimately wound up in Pearl Jam), Mark Arm (Mudhoney), Jack Endino (who claims it was quite literally his first time in the studio, and he was there only as a musician), Regan Hager, and the U-Men. The tracks on this compilation, which was reissued as joint project of C/Z and A&M in 1994 (the cover is shown above, right), are as follows:

  1. Green River - 10,000 Things
  2. Melvins - Scared
  3. Melvins - Blessing the Operation
  4. Malfunkshun - With Yo' Heart (Not Yo' Hands)
  5. Skin Yard - Throb
  6. Soundgarden - Heretic
  7. Soundgarden - Tears to Forget
  8. Malfunkshun - Stars-N-You
  9. Melvins - Grinding Process
  10. Melvins - She Waits
  11. Skin Yard - The Birds
  12. Soundgarden - All Your Lies
  13. Green River - Your Own Best Friend
  14. U-Men - They

The three Soundgarden tracks were the first time Soundgarden had been recorded for a large distribution, even if "large" only meant 2000 copies. Before Deep Six, they appeared on the Bands Who Will Make Money demo tape (1984?) and C/Z's own Pyrrhic Victory cassette (early 1985, only 250 copies made). Scott Sundquist, who took over the drumming responsibilities after Cornell decided to just be the singer, plays on the three Soundgarden tracks. Never destined to be on a full-blown Soundgarden album, "Heretic" later resurfaced on the Japanese Loudest Love CD, a "Loud Love" promo 12", the "Hands All Over" 10", the Pump Up The Volume soundtrack, and A&M's promo compilation, Foreshocks. "Tears to Forget" later appeared on the band's first EP, Screaming Life. "All Your Lies" was put away, only to reappear three years later on 1988's Ultramega OK. Matt Cameron, who joined Soundgarden in September 1986, was the drummer for the Skin Yard tracks on Deep Six.