Dark Load, featuring Kim Thayil, made their recorded debut with the song "Brewicide," which appeared on Guitar World's Fall 1996 compilation CD, Smell The Fuzz. The following is from an interview with Jeff Gilbert in Syzygy Alternative Music Rag from 10/95:

SYZYGY: But you DID play on the project Dark Load, correct?

JEFF: Correct! That was an idea that I came up with to form the band. There was a project that was going to be put out by Rhino Records a year and a half ago. It was all music critics forming bands, and they were going to have the bands that are in the industry review them. I thought it was an incredible idea! There were critics from Spin, Rolling Stone, Musician -- all these magazine critics submitting tapes! All these writers had side bands. As it turned out, Dark Load...well, I have some very famous friends. They all contributed to the project. There was Kim Thayil, Bill Reiflan from Ministry, and Paul Larken from Below Sound and Splinter Party.

SYZYGY: Dark Load was a three song concept.

JEFF: Dark Load started out as a one song thing. I wrote the song; Paul, Bill, and Kim arranged it. It was a one night session. It's horrible, but it's pretty funny. It's called "My Stuff."

SYZYGY: Any chance of a release?

JEFF: Oh yes! As a matter of fact, it WILL be released. We were going to do a split single with Come Dumpster, but they couldn't get it together. We had a really cool logo and everything! We had the itinerary, an album title... We came up with album titles for the project because we kept coming up with more material. One such title is "Incontinent In Ten Continents."

SYZYGY: Definitely a guy's album!

JEFF: Definitely. Then, Soundgarden sold five billion records and now it's really hard to get Kim back in the studio.

SYZYGY: He has cable t.v. now so he'll NEVER come out of the house!

JEFF: He doesn't have his priorities straight! Dark Load or Soundgarden; it's no contest!

SYZYGY: My money's on Dark Load!

JEFF: We went back in -- Guitar World are putting together a compilation album, and it was my idea to do a second one. They did one called "The Guitar That Ruled The World." It sold really well, around 100,000 copies on Metal Blade. That'spretty good business, so I suggested to Guitar World we do it again only this time, get away from doing the shredders and go right to doing the alternative guys. It's taken another 1 1/2 years to get it off the ground. It's really tough to motivate these people. Slackers!

SYZYGY: As far as these musicians?

JEFF: Yeah! Kim's the worst! He is so slack you have to lead him around by the beard! But, getting back to Dark Load, what we did, we went into the studio and we wrote this song called "Brewicide." My role in it was lead and rhythm body functions. It's pretty dumb, actually. But what's really wild is this song's really bizarre. It's very different and in a lot of ways...well, it's really bad. But it works. I don't know how or why, but it's pretty fun.

SYZYGY: Is it on the Guitar World compilation?

JEFF: We got the contracts set, so it will be on "Guitars That Ruled The World II." We are going to try to have it out by Christmas. Metal Blade, a major independent label from L.A., will be in charge of pressing and distributing. We have some big guns on there. We have Ace Frehley. Diamond Darrell from Pantera, Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins, Alex Lifeson from Rush. A lot of top names, don't you agree? And Kim Thayil of course!

SYZYGY: And you!

JEFF: And me! My function was mostly to get the project off the ground, to be the catalyst. But never again! We could've had this thing locked up a year ago, but Kim's either too busy or too slack!