RCD 10256

Oct 26 1993

Born To Choose was released to benefit two groups, NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) and WHAM! (Women's Health Action and Mobilization). These groups are dedicated to fighting for quality health care for everyone and for a woman's right to choose abortion. The liner notes present many pages of text and images dealing with both abortion and health care, and give advice on each. The notes also include statements from both of the groups who benefit from the album, as well as lists of facts and related groups/coalitions and phone numbers. The artists and tracks on the album are as follows:
  1. R.E.M. with Natalie Merchant - Photograph
  2. Matthew Sweet - She Said, She Said
  3. Sugar - Running Out Of Time
  4. Mekons - Born To Choose
  5. John Trudell - Rant 'n' Roll
  6. Tom Waits - Filipino Box Spring Hog
  7. Lucinda Williams - Pancakes
  8. Pavement - Greenlander
  9. NRBQ - Don't Talk About My Music
  10. Cowboy Junkies - Lost My Driving Wheel
  11. Soundgarden - HIV Baby
  12. Helmet - Distracted

Soundgarden's "HIV Baby" [AU: 243,666] was written by Ben Shepherd and Chris Cornell and recorded in 1993. According to Kim Thayil, "I wrote the middle and ending riff, but Chris wrote the lyrics and Ben came up with the title, which was based on me, because I don't like sharing other people's silverware, drinking out of other people's bottles or sharing cigarettes. I'm pretty uptight about that. Ben said to me, 'Wow, Kim, you're a total H.I.V baby!'" The saxophone solo is performed by Scott Granlund (who also played sax on Badmotorfinger). Strangely enough, Hiro Yamamoto is credited with playing the bass part in the Born To Choose liner notes...