Server support and disk space for the last 25+ years from Expedient (or Stargate Industries, back in the day).

Important disclaimer
I am in no way affiliated with the band, except that I am a fan. This site is purely unofficial. All media is the property of its original creator(s).

The reason these pages exist
This site exists because you and I dig Soundgarden; because the web has enough collections of pointers that it might be interesting to have an actual destination; and because I was challenged as a budding web developer by outstanding sites like Five Horizons.

I began work on the site in early 1994, and solicited help from the community on May 9 of that year. After hooking up with Kim Bayley, the site was launched on June 12, 1994.

Borrowing things from this site
The most likely answer you'll get is, "No, you can't borrow that for your website." Why? Because people have worked hard to make this stuff available for you to enjoy, not to take and re-distribute. Please show all of the contributors to this site your respect and do not borrow their work. If you absolutely must have something, feel free to email me.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the site. This project is as much yours as it is mine. Contributors are listed in no particular order:

Robin Selvin, Gene Candelaria, Jen Grover, Myra Haza, Jimi Connolly, Niki Freer, Vince Varkey, Eliza Polly, Martin Andér, Chris Miller, Toni Roark, Paul Faraguna, David Piniella, Alex Castino, Niels van Iperen, Dylan McInturff, James Freeman, William Romero, Deborah Baker, David Daigneault, Sabrina Knauf, Alex Crick, Andrew Dunn, Dave Nailling, Matthew Cotterell, Curtis Page, Ryan from Utah, Will Cain, Caryn Rose, Jaime G Gonzalez (Gonzo), Andrew Shepherd, Lemon Jello, Brent Ridley, Andrew John Sharp, Ben Timberlake, Hasswipee, Scott Molenkamp, Frank Kozik, Jentje Smith, OxLip, Grant Asher, Ms. Chris Lopez, URB@NO, Gregg, Ross Filipek, Aaron Beyer, Shroom Girl, Artemy Kalinovsky, Mike Kitzman, j (Chicka), Jeremy Crocker, Anthony Helms, Karen Hester, Jordan Snodgrass, J.T. Myers, Steve Peterson,, Geoff Kleemola, Vasant Ramamurthy, Sunil Soman, Matt Needham, Foreshocks, Samson Frederick M., Matthew R. Cruikshank, Andrew Northcut, MoonDruid, Daniel Ladle, Suzy Davenport, Ilfryn Carstairs, Roberta Blauensteiner, Dana Born, Vikki Anselmo, Tom Curry, Troy Dunsirn, Eric Chilton, Chris Mackenzie, Alex Huk, Lucas Standaert, Tracey Doyle, Tom Braman, Dean Mah

Special thanks
To Kim Bayley, the original co-conspirator, for all her help and support, for being the first to express interest in the project in 1994, and for her continued encouragement. Without her, this site would not exist.

To Justin Nicholls, for working like a madman for months to compile the FAQ, for contributing so much invaluable information to this project, and for continuing to amaze me with his knowledge and analytical abilities.

To Steve Russell Jr. for the immense quantity of information that he compiled that I have used on these Web pages, for marking up the discogs so I don't have to do it, and for planting the seed of the SG Web Alliance.

To Jon Rosenson of Expedient, who donated server space for the project way back in 1995, when their primary web server was a PC with 128MB RAM. Moving from a school account with a 5MB quota to (for all practical purposes) unlimited space is what allowed the site to grow into the resource that it became.

Some awards and stuff for this site
Back in the day, I used to receive email telling me that the Soundgarden site has been listed somewhere or selected to receive special recognition. The icons below are from sites that don't even exist any more. Remember when unfURLed (the award for which this site actually won) was a big deal? I didn't think so. It was 25 years ago.