Microsoft Corp.


Microsoft's Music Central 96 CD-ROM is a massive database of music of all types -- including Soundgarden. While the Soundgarden section is far from being a comprehensive look at the band, it includes information, reviews, and songlists for the major studio releases, as well as a short band biography and a clip of the "Fell On Black Days" video.

Clicking on the four images below will retrieve full-size screen captures from the disc:

Soundgarden bio section with "portrait" displayed. You can click on the portrait to see an enlarged version. Soundgarden bio section with the "Fell On Black Days" video playing at left.
Soundgarden discog section with "Fell On Black Days" video playing at left. Soundgarden album section: Louder Than Love album cover and review.

If you want to skip the program altogether and check out the "Fell On Black Days" video, the file itself is on the CD at d:\data\ctrl3\t419684a.avi (assuming d: is your CD-ROM drive). Music Central 96 also includes entries for such Soundgarden side projects as Temple Of The Dog, Tone Dogs, and Hater. People who subscribe to the Microsoft Network or have Web access (that means you) can get monthly updates to the CD, which presumably will include more albums, reviews, etc. Visit Music Central Online for more info.

The minimum system requirements for running Music Central 96:

  • PC with a 386DX or better processor
  • Windows 95 or Windows NT (v3.5 or better)
  • 8MB RAM (for Windows 95) or 16MB RAM (for Windows NT)
  • CD-ROM drive (2x or better recommended)
  • 256-color display
  • Mouse