2Way Media, Inc.

Fall 1996

Issue #8 of Launch, a CD-ROM magazine, features an "interactive" interview with Kim Thayil and Chris Cornell of Soundgarden. It also includes the "Pretty Noose" video -- the one from the EPK, not Frank Kozik's version -- and a previously unreleased audio track, "Karaoke."

The Soundgarden interview is located in the section of the magazine called "The Hang," and clicking on the Soundgarden logo takes you to the interview section, which starts out looking like the image below; note that the "Pretty Noose" video is playing in the box above Kim's head:

Above Chris' head there are seven topics listed. Clicking on one will elicit a response from both Chris and Kim. The topics are: Metallicapalooza, Heavy Metal?, Best 30 Seconds, A Natural Record, Stolen Influences, Cyberculture & Physics, and Work and School Blues. The way this is done is pretty clever: both Chris' and Kim's responses to all of the questions are saved as two large QuickTime movies on the CD; when you choose a topic, the movies are fast-forwarded at the point in the clips where the appropriate answers are given and played for the correct length of time on top of the background, which always remans the same. The "Pretty Noose" video is also a QuickTime movie that's located on the CD (see the list beneath the photos for details). Some shots from the QT movies are below:

The full text of the interview can be found at Launch Online, the Website counterpart to the CD. The individual QuickTime movies that comprise the whole thing are located in the following places (thanks to Nelson Nieves for finding them):

    Kim's interview responses: d:\launch\mediax\
    Chris' interview responses: d:\launch\mediax\
    "Pretty Noose" EPK video: d:\launch\mediax\
    "We're in the Hang" message: d:\launch\mediax\
    Launch intro movie: d:\launch\mediax\

The CD-ROM also doubles as an audio CD; placing the disc in an audio CD player and skipping to track 2 will play the previously unreleased "Karaoke," a song that was initially rumored to be included on Down On The Upside, but didn't make the final cut. Chris described "Karaoke" in the February 8 issue of Rolling Stone: "It's about how loads of bands are imitating something that already exists," he says. "Following a formula is what seems to be successful right now." The song is just over 6 minutes long. A sound clip [AU: 1,457,879] and lyrics are available.

Launch Issue #8 also features The Verve Pipe, Alicia Silverstone, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Lee Curtis, Richard Thompson, and a whole bunch of interactive sections, animations, games, and music. This issue also comes with a bonus 18-song audio-only CD that contains music by 18 different artists. Visit the Launch website for more information or to order the disc.

The minimum system requirements for running Launch:

  • MacOS System 7.1
  • 68040 25MHz processor
  • 2MB free disk space
  • 8MB RAM (5000K free)
  • 256-color display
  • 2x CD-ROM drive
  • 8-bit audio
  • PC
  • Windows 3.1 or 95
  • 486DX 33MHz processor
  • 3MB free disk space
  • 8MB RAM
  • 256-color display
  • 2x CD-ROM drive
  • 8-bit audio