transcribed by Bronwyn Kelly

Aired on Australian ABC TV on Recovery.
Interviewer: Karen Lang

[Footage of Soundgarden at the Big Day Out 1997 - 'Spoonman']

Matt Cameron speaking over footage: "We always like playing live and we haven't really used so much studio tricks if we can pull it off live."

[Matt Cameron in room with something that looks like a Christmas Tree with a stereo attached to it behind him]

"We try to get the perfect performance in the studio, you know we try to get all the elements intact where it's going to be as perfect as it possibly can. But a lot of times when we do that the songs are still new and fresh and we haven't yet tested them with an audience. So once we do that a lot of times they kinda develop into their own little monster and it becomes some what of you know a different thing."

[Footage from Burden in my hand video]

"We don't have one designated writer, although Chris writes you know the majority of the songs and lyrics.. so ah it feels more like a band because of that."

[Footage of 'Searching With My Good Eye Closed' at the Big Day Out 1997]

Down On The Upside?

Matt Cameron: "We were just stuck on... what to call it and that was part of the lyric for the song 'Dusty', we were kinda kicking that around and we tried some other titles and it didn't really work. And came back to that one. And... you know I guess if you take it literally which we hardly ever do, it might signify, like, you know, you're being successful but there might have a downside to that, you know, and which could be the loss of... of the spark of why, you know, bands get together. Um, which is all the rigours that came with becoming successful, but we really haven't got to the point where we're just so successful that it's not, not, you know, fun any more and we're losing control, um, I guess it's more of a reflection on other bands we know that just became super successful and now they can't go, like, to the corner store any more, you know."

[Some footage from Hype!]

"There's still a pretty strong scene going on in Seattle right now. It's different from when we started in the late 80's but ah... you know, just all the comments that were made about, you know, Kurt Cobain committing suicide, I guess was kinda the sense of closure that that represented. But the guy Doug Pray was filming in Seattle for about 4 years and he featured a lot of bands that weren't really around at the time that we started playing in Seattle. So it was pretty... pretty comprehensive view of what happened there."

[More footage from Hype! where 'Nothing To Say' is played]

"A lot of times if you just keep, you know, on the same track that you've been going for years and years it'll get old and stale. So we try to stretch it as much as we can and we can go a lot farther too. So... I think in the future we'll do experimenting and hopefully it'll keep rocking and it'll contain all the elements that people know us for but yeah, it's just all part of growing as a band to do that."