- giving away speakers autographed by Chris Cornell
- Kim Thayil contributes to new Steve Fisk record
- Chris Cornell to head back to studio with RATM players
- Chris Cornell to front... Rage Against The Machine? Not so much.
- Matt Cameron to be featured on Pearl Jam DVD with "Matt-cam"

Wed Apr 18 16:25:30 EDT 2001 giving away speakers autographed by Chris Cornell is giving away a pair of Paradigm Studio 100 speakers autographed by Chris Cornell. The contest ends 11:59PM Pacific Time on April 30, 2001. The second place winner gets an Anthem MCA 2 Series II amp (not autographed but still worth a cool $800).

Thu Apr 5 23:17:59 EDT 2001
Kim Thayil contributes to new Steve Fisk record
Steve Fisk's new album, 999 Levels of Undo, features musical contributions from Kim Thayil. Information is a bit scarce, so if anyone has details please let me know. This is not the first time Fisk and Thayil have collaborated: both were part of Pigeonhed, the experimental/electronic combo that released albums in 1993 and 1997. 999 Levels of Undo is available on Sub Pop records.

Sat Mar 10 00:19:19 EST 2001
Chris Cornell to head back to studio with RATM players
Every day the news seems to be different with this topic, but at least for today it looks like Chris Cornell and members of Rage Against The Machine are going back to the studio to reprise their much-publicized collaboration that began earlier this year. Sonicnet reports the following:

Rage Against the Machine and ex-Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell will re-enter the studio next week to continue making the "groundbreaking" music that they caution fans may never hear.

Rage's Epic Records spokesperson stressed that Cornell and the group, who recorded three songs together earlier this year, are "just going in to jam" and that it's too soon to speculate on what the sessions may mean for the future.

But bassist Timmy C. told San Jose, California, radio station KSJO-FM on Tuesday that he, guitarist Tom Morello and drummer Brad Wilk have formed a new group with Cornell, which will not be called Rage Against the Machine, a representative for the station said.

You can check out full coverage at or Launch.

Wed Mar 7 23:16:56 EST 2001
Chris Cornell to front... Rage Against The Machine? Not so much.
Well, Tom Morello has since denied that Chris Cornell is signing on to front RATM, though he acknowledged that they had a productive jam session. It was entertaining while it lasted:

Though this can hardly be considered fact, allstar reports that Chris Cornell is currently rehearsing with RATM. An excerpt from the article:
In what is seemingly a candidate from out of left field, ex-Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell has been in rehearsals with Rage Against the Machine to possibly replace former singer Zack De La Rocha, according to a source close to the band.

It was unclear if Cornell does indeed fill De La Rocha's shoes if the band would continue as Rage or emerge as a completely new band with a new musical direction. Calls to Epic Records for confirmation were not returned by press time.

Thanks again to Ms. Rose for the alert.

Fri Feb 16 23:52:09 EST 2001
Matt Cameron to be featured on Pearl Jam DVD with "Matt-cam"
Matt Cameron will be featured on the upcoming Pearl Jam live DVD, Pearl Jam: Touring Band 2000, to be released on April 10, 2001. An excerpt from the press release:

NEW YORK--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--Feb. 13, 2001-- DVD to contain 50 minutes of special band and crowd bonus features Epic Records will release the first Pearl Jam full length DVD featuring three hours of live and montage footage from the band's 2000 US and European tours. The DVD will be available beginning April 10 at retail outlets. It will be available via the band's website at beginning April 3 for Ten Club members. VHS format will also be available.

The main body of the DVD program is comprised of 28 full song performances filmed in various cities on the band's 2000 48-city US tour, reflecting the time and composition of an actual concert set list. The DVD was filmed by Pearl Jam crew members without directors or producers. An additional fifty minutes of special bonus features includes footage from the band's 2000 European tour, backstage footage, previously unreleased music, special consumer chosen camera angles, the previously unreleased video for "Oceans," and more.

Special bonus features

-- Stationary "Matt-cam" footage is available with a heavier percussion mix for two of the songs featured on the main body of the DVD: "Evacuation" and "Even Flow" and also for "In My Tree." (The "Matt-cam" is a special camera positioned behind drummer Matt Cameron that the consumer can switch to while viewing the DVD.)

Thanks to Caryn Rose for forwarding the press release. More information is available at Five Horizons.