by Niki Freer, 9 September 1996

Piercing pools of crystal azure sky
	haunting with their solemn stare
    feelings and images thrust forth
	   deep into imaginations last reaches.

Once a flowing, swirling mane of black
	with its twists and turns and tangled tresses	
    tendrils now reduced and straightened
	   standing on end in halo-like fashion.

Close your eyes and open your mind
	the eagle shriek cries out in anguish
    switching to a slow, seductive croon that penetrates
	   a driving force to break even stone hearts.

Angry words of pain and passion
	each emotion wrapped in a perfect scheme
    speaking for one who he has never met
	   found my shape and tells the world.

(last line written by Chris Cornell and taken from the Soundgarden song "Tighter & Tighter")