On November 29, 1995, Chris Cornell appeared in the MTVonline area of America Online to chat with fans about the new CD+.

"MTVixen" is the MTVonline host (hostess?) and "S0UNDGRDNx" is Chris Cornell.

Here is the transcript of that event:

11/29/95 Chris Cornell of Soundgarden Live in the MTV Arena

MTVixen: Welcome to the MTV Arena for a live chat with Seattle's music icon, Chris Cornell from Soundgarden. He joins us tonight from his home in Seattle, where he and his bandmates are working the follow-up to their highly acclaimed, multi-platinum, 1994 release, "SUPERUNKNOWN." On November 21st, A&M Records released Soundgarden's "ALIVE IN THE SUPERUNKNOWN," the CD Plus companion piece to "SUPERUNKNOWN." You can play it like a regular CD in your CD player, but it turns into a CD-ROM when you pop it into your CD ROM drive. In addition to videos, still photos, and interview clips, it features a mix of live & acoustic songs, including the song "She Likes Surprises," which was previously only available internationally. Chris Cornell definitely want questions about the new CD Plus!

MTVixen:While Soundgarden cites Black Sabbath and Killing Joke, among others, as major influences, their influence upon others has been just as substantial. Kurt Cobain cited Soundgarden's first two Sub Pop's EP's as the reason Nirvana originally signed with the label.

MTVixen: Soundgarden is: Chris Cornell on vocals & guitar, Kim Thayil on guitar, Ben Shepherd on drums, and Matt Cameron on bass. Get ready to venture into the "SUPERUNKNOWN" as Chris Cornell answers your questions right now in the MTVARENA. To ask Chris Cornell of SOUNDGARDEN a question, click INTERACT and ask away. Welcome, Chris Cornell!

S0UNDGRDNx: Hello darlings

MTVixen: Let's take some questions...

VSteven14: How do you feel about Shannon's death? and seeing that you toured with Blind Melon does it seem like a flashback to Andy's death?

S0UNDGRDNx: It doesn't really. Because I guess I was a lot closer to Andy and it was a different period. Now I'm much more jaded and less likely to be surprised by that type of thing happening.

DAphrael: how much input did you have on the cdplus?

S0UNDGRDNx: Quite a bit really. From beginning to end we made content decisions.

SHROOMGRL: Ok... you want questions about the CD+... what's the point of the video game?

S0UNDGRDNx: Well when we were first asked as much as we knew about pretty much the Pong game we thought it would be funny if we. We were familiar with the Pong game, so that's why we put it in.

RUFI 1: What can we expect from your new album?

S0UNDGRDNx: I'm not sure. When we're in the middle of recording we don't really know what to expect either.


S0UNDGRDNx: Probably not until the summer and then I have not idea who we'll be touring with.

Gingal: what's the idea behind spoonman. I love that song!

S0UNDGRDNx: That song was loosely based on the guy Artis that appreared in the video.

NEL21: Where did you get the idea for a audio/cd-rom disk?

S0UNDGRDNx: We got the idea for the disc after being solicited by companies that wanted to know if we were interested in this type of technology. And so after researching it we realized it would be pretty fun

VEDDERLY: why is "she likes surprises" not available here in the states???

S0UNDGRDNx: Well it is available in the States. There's an audio version CD Plus, which costs less and it has the same, as well as an extra song that isn't available on the CD Plus version of the release.


S0UNDGRDNx: Things have progressed the way we've always wanted them to. So we feel pretty good about where we are now.

Amanda560: What is with the video Black hole sun?

S0UNDGRDNx: It is as it stands.

Ripley164: Chris has worked with both Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains, any plans for more collaborations?

S0UNDGRDNx: Not right at the moment, we're just being immersed in making our own record. Kim just worked with Sean Kinney, Chris Novoselic, and Johnny Cash on a song for a Willy Nelson tribute record.

Mmd467: Chris, what advice would you give to a record company person who will be working with artists on CD+? What makes the process fun and the most creative for the artists involved?

S0UNDGRDNx: Well I guess the more that the artists have the more fun it's going to be for them. And the more the artists are involved the more likely they're going to want to continue that type of thing. Cause it's really well outside of the normal arena of being a musician.

TrishK525: Do you plan on releasing any live music in the future?

S0UNDGRDNx: Not any time soon.

Tsolefish: Hey Chris! when is the release Date for CD plus?

S0UNDGRDNx: It came out November 21. It's already out, go buy it now!

Sailsurv: Where are you from, what state?

S0UNDGRDNx: Seattle, Washington

Taralle: What do you like to do while on tour when you are not playing?

S0UNDGRDNx: Songwriting, snowboarding, and black market baby selling.

Alex427: how long have you guys been in the studio?

S0UNDGRDNx: About 2 months now.

Angela 83: Do the other bandmembers help in writing the songs?

S0UNDGRDNx: Ya, everybody in the band writes music. And ocassionally they're they write lyrics as well.

ZWearPHUN: when did the band start?

S0UNDGRDNx: In 1984

KHammett: I am stuck in a guitar rut, I can't read music, but need to learn theory. Any good things to remember when playing?

S0UNDGRDNx: Ya, try not to remember any theory. If you know too much already, play with oven mitts on your hand.

JWard7752: Soundgarden, any plans for another Temple of the Dog albunm

S0UNDGRDNx: Chances are we'll probably never do another. It was just a one time thing.

Devilhead: Chris, I know you are not in the band, but can you tell me what is going on with HATER?

S0UNDGRDNx: I don't know what's going on with Hater. I think they're releasing a quadruple live album with an accompanying cassette on the first steps of learning taxidermy.

JUNK GUN: kd lang mentioned in addicted to noise that she turned down a spot working with you. Will you try to work with her again in the future?

S0UNDGRDNx: She doesn't know what she's talking about. I turned down a spot working with her

ABrace107: Who was your influences musicaly, when growing up?

S0UNDGRDNx: The Brady Family Singers

MyGoodEye: Hi, sorry this is a tad off the subject, but a ton of people wanted me to ask, and since this is an MTV thingwhy not, would Soundgarden ever consider doing an MTV unplugged? thank you for your time

S0UNDGRDNx: No, I don't think we'd do that. At this stage, in our career, we don't seem to have that many songs that would lend themselves to acoustic performance.

MTVixen: To ask Chris Cornell of SOUNDGARDEN a question, click INTERACT and ask away.

JLeung239: Chris, what's your favorite song on SUPERUNKNOWN?

S0UNDGRDNx: Head Down or Fourth Of July

WFlynn630: what studio(s) are you recording in?

S0UNDGRDNx: Studio Litho. It's a double secret studio in Phoenix

Wtzen: Chris, how influential was Mother Love Bone to your work? Do you still regard them as influential, or do you have some new favorites? BTW you guys kick ass!

S0UNDGRDNx: Mother Love Bone wasn't influential to us necessarilybut Andrew Wood was an influence as a songwriter.

A320Drive: what will be the release date for your upcomming album?

S0UNDGRDNx: No date, we're just looking at spring.

WOPOND: Who thought of the name SOUNDGARDEN?

S0UNDGRDNx: Kim thought of it.

MTVixen: Chris Cornell from SOUNDGARDEN is here in the MTV Arena, answering YOUR questions.

Calvin200: What kind of sound are you going for on the new album?

S0UNDGRDNx: More of a self-produced with liver recordings. Recordings that tend to be more live. with kidneys

Soungrdn: What is your favorite Sound Garden album, which one did you enjoy the most?

S0UNDGRDNx: Superunknown I guess is my favorite. The one we're working on now is probably the most fun of any record I've ever made.

SALCRAFT: What would be playing if you had a cd player with you right now?

S0UNDGRDNx: The Tubes

Taralle: On your next tour do you intend to play arenas or smaller venues

S0UNDGRDNx: A combination of the 2

KurdtDC94: Chris, You are soo cool. What are your plans for after you retire?

S0UNDGRDNx: I'm gonna start a hang gliding school and a service for rescuing abandoned dogs. As well as a part time Vegas career and diaper commercials.


S0UNDGRDNx: That's true. I realize you're right. I feel better now.

Sr1234567: once you guys said that you weren't into those group soup summer come you decided to participate in some of them last summer

S0UNDGRDNx: Cause it's more time and cost effective and we were in the middle of writing and recording out our album so we couldn't take the smaller venues

Luna roja: Did you enjoy working with the cast of "Singles"?

S0UNDGRDNx: Ya. They were super groovy

Martian83: Why did Ben and Matt switch instruments for this album?

S0UNDGRDNx: What the hell are you talking about? Someone is confused out there.


S0UNDGRDNx: Keith Richards. Nick Drake. I guess that's it

JUNK GUN: who originally recorded your b-side "touch me"

S0UNDGRDNx: In the summer of 1967 at Electric Lady Studios, and during that time period we also invented crack cocaine.

CColliton: Hey, Chris, I gotta know. What's with the dog thing in all your songs?

S0UNDGRDNx: Well really I'm into hampsters but it didn't fit as well as dogs. That and I have a very small vocabulary.

Amanda560: Hey baby!! wanna Wrestle????

S0UNDGRDNx: I'll kick your ass!!!


S0UNDGRDNx: I don't know. It's possible. It Hetfield burns his hand again I might play guitar or I might play drums if Lars decides to make the move to come up and be the lead singer.

NIN 111 X: how do you feel about all the attention seattle has been given in the past few years?

S0UNDGRDNx: Great. Great feeling

Ick2112: Chris, did Seattle except you guy right away, or did it take awhile??

S0UNDGRDNx: It took a while. In the early '80s Seattle only liked music that sounded like English new wave. They hated us.

MPezzotta: do you still play with pearl jam?

S0UNDGRDNx: We played a show with Pearl Jam when they played as Neil Young's band. And we play basketball together sometimes.

Yiiiikes: Any other acting gigs possible after "Singles"

S0UNDGRDNx: I'm not into acting. I have too much respect for people who actually can do it well. For now, I'll just continue to pretend in videos.

Probaton: Do you believe in Hell?

S0UNDGRDNx: Yes, I think it's Pittsburgh. You gotta give Cleveland a break every once in awhile.

THECROW28: Do you guys dislike MTV because they overplay "Black Hole Sun" ?

S0UNDGRDNx: No, we dislike MTV cause they don't overplay all of our other videos. But we like MTV more now that they don't play Paula Abdul.

HEAllen: I have 48 Soundgarden cd's... how do you feel about unauthorized releases? tina

S0UNDGRDNx: They're all right with me.

JBuddy7: In the song "The Day I tried to Live", do you make a refrence to Hiro, your ex-bass player?

S0UNDGRDNx: No I don't


S0UNDGRDNx: Oooh, I have many. I like a lot of different guitars for different sounds. When recording, But I prefer guitars made before the 1980s.

JUNK GUN: what do you see when you look at charles peterson's photo's of you from the early days in his new coffee table book _screaming life_?

S0UNDGRDNx: I see a younger me

JCrosier4: What kind of advice would you give to bands that are just starting in the business?

S0UNDGRDNx: Just play music that inspires you and don't move of your home town. I mean don't move out of your home town. Unless it's Pittsburgh

MiSC KoRN: Hi...How would i go about getting your album with "Come Together" on it? I heard it was limited and its not in any local stores...

S0UNDGRDNx: You could write to the fanclub. I don't think you can buy it in stores. The fanclub address is on "Superunknown"

IAWAKE: Will you ever release a solo album?

S0UNDGRDNx: Probably some day When I'm balding and I hit my Phil Collins stage.

Martian83: What was it like working with Eddie Vedder when you were doing Temple of the Dogg?

S0UNDGRDNx: Really Eddie didn't do much on that record except for singing on "Hunger Strike" and some backup vocals. So the only time I really worked with him was later on during Lollapalooza. We did a couple of acoustic sets on the second stage, and it was fun. And stuff.

Dalisair1: How long were you in studio while making Superunknown? And How long were you guys a band before exploding onto the scene?

S0UNDGRDNx: Superunknown was 3 months. And we were a band for 3 years before our first record came out on Sub Pop and our first platinum record was in '92.

MTVixen: In closing, a comment felt by many of us...

Amanda560: You are so hot Chris!!

MTVixen: Thanks Chris Cornell of Soundgarden!

S0UNDGRDNx: Okay, by darlings. bye

MTVixen: Thanks for your questions for Chris...see ya all later. For a transcript of this event, go to the MTV ARena/transcripts area of MTV Online.