April 9, 1997
To everyone at A&M:

The disbanding of Soundgarden makes all of us at A&M very sad. Upon reflection, beyond the sadness we see a symmetry, almost a perfection in the way they have chosen to part.

Over their 12-year career, Soundgarden, along with their Seattle friends and colleagues, were responsible for a cultural and musical revolution. Throughout the flash, hype and turmoil, as this scene conquered the musical world, Soundgarden handled themselves with intelligence, integrity and nobility. They were able to present their music and their world view with passion and honesty. They worked long and hard to have their music reach an audience, cresting with the release of Superunknown in 1994.

Having achieved worldwide success, it was time to take greater control. They collaborated to self-produce my personal favorite Soundgarden record, 1996's Down On The Upside, a record that maintained their multi-platinum worldwide appeal.

They have chosen this moment to end the creative chapter of Soundgarden and move on to other artistic challanges, parting with respect, grateful for their collective accomplishments. I am humbled by their courage.

Al Cafaro