On November 15, 1995, Chris Cornell and Kim Thayil appeared in the SPINonline area of America Online to chat with the fans. The transcript is as follows:

SPINonline Interview With Chris Cornell and Kim Thayil of Soundgarden
Wedensday, November 15, 1995, 9:00 pm EST
Copyright 1995 America Online, Inc.

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SPINmc: On November 21 -- just in time for Thanksgiving stocking stuffers -- A&M Records will be releasing "ALIVE IN THE SUPERUNKNOWN," an interactive multi-media project in the fabulous CD PLUS format. It'll play on your CD player AND in your computer. For no extra cost!

SPINaps: Hey. Welcome to SPINonline. We're here with Kim and Chris of Soundgarden. They've got a new CD+ out right now and are recording at Stone Gossard's Studio Litho in Seattle. Guys, what's up?

SowndGardn: Not much.

SPINaps: What are you working on at Litho?

SowndGardn: We're working on songs that will be on our next record. We're in the studio right now.

SPINaps: Can you explain to the assembled masses a bit more about your new CD+. How involved were you in its creation?

SowndGardn: We worked with the creators on the whole idea about how we wanted to approach doing a CD+. And then we recorded all the background music that wasn't already songs. And we did it for free.

GARDENA 2: What are your thoughts on bands that seem to have caught a ride on your and other Seattle bands coat tails? Do you think its the ultimate compliment or the ultimate rip off?

SowndGardn: A bit of both.

SPINmc: To all of our late-arriving guests: Glad you finally got in. And a special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. AOL for letting us use the place! Did everybody wipe their shoes on the Welcome screen?

LIBRA136: Where did you get the concept for the video "Black Hole Sun"? And was it fun making?

SowndGardn: Yeah, it was entirely the director's idea. Our take on it was that at that point in making videos, we just wanted to pretend to play and not look that excited about it.

REDHOOKRY: When are you going to play another Seattle show?

SowndGardn: Not anytime soon. If we do, it'll be an unannounced club show.

JReid3333: What media is on the enhanced CD?

SowndGardn: There's some previously unreleased videos. There's some animation, illustrations, some live footage of us playing at Jones Beach, and previously unreleased photographs..

AXLRICRAC (Here's a satisfied SPINonline infotainment consumer): Wow, I can't believe this. This is so cool. When are you going to start touring again in the NY area?

SowndGardn: Probably not until the spring when the album comes out.

SPINmc: In the CD-ROM, ALIVE IN THE SUPERUNKNOWN, there are four paths that you can explore. 1. The MUSIC VIDEO FOREST --kind of a "ghostly" forest of... um... music videos, including "Black Hole Sun," "Fell on Black Days," "The Day I Tried to Live," and "My Wave." 2. The PHOTO JAM --170 rare photos of the band with musical back-up "written specifically for this experience." 3. AUDIO PLAYER --four tracks of Soundgarden ROCK: "Superunknown," "Fell on Black Days," "She Likes Surprises," and "Like Suicide." 4. THE SUPERUNKNOWN --a way-trippy game. And it all works smashingly with the new Windows95 operating system.

Misharudy: When is your CD-ROM disk coming out?

SowndGardn: November 21st. It's actually a CD+.

JJH01: This is Jon Hilgreen, from Buffalo, Hi Guys, remember me? :) Can you update us on the status of a new studio album, including release dates? I am sure Dave and Terry say hi.

SowndGardn: Hi to John in Buffalo. We do remember him. It's released in conjunction with a audio only EP with the same 4 songs that are on the audio portion of the CD+. The EP is also being released on the 21st. There's also a special bonus track on the audio only (their publicist adds).

SPINaps: So, the CD+ is capable of being played as a regular audio CD, correct?

SowndGardn: Yes.

SPINaps: Can you talk a bit about the extra ambient tracks you recorded exclusively for the CD+?

SowndGardn: We just jammed in our rehearsal space for several hours, and then chose the best moments or moments we thought would be good.

TASHAMO: How did you guys first start detuning, and why?

SowndGardn: Our guitars were badly out of tune, and we didn't know how to fix them.

SPINmc: For just an inkling of the band's INSANE GUITAR TUNINGS, check out the much-requested tabulature. You can find it, on La Webbe, at .

Mavro: Who are you influenced by, and who do you listen to today?

SowndGardn: CC: I was influenced mostly by my parents. Today I only listen to my mom.

SPINmc: "'WHEN I FIRST MET CHRIS, says [guitarist Kim] Thayil, 'my first impression is that he was some guy who had just got OUT OF THE NAVY or something. He had real short hair and was dressed real slick. He had a great voice, but he was doing sh!tty material.'" (Kim Neely, ROLLING STONE, July 9, 1992)

TRileysg: What's going to be the style of the new studio album? Are you guys going to experiment more with new sounds like you did with "Superunknown"?

SowndGardn: It's gonna be a variety of material. We always do experiment. Sometimes with music.

MValdemar: Is there anyone you are interested in collaborating with on any musical projects?

SowndGardn: KT: This summer I had the opportunity to play with Johnny Cash on a Willie Nelson tribute album. That will be coming out on Justice Records on January 30th.

JMuNKee: Um...does Chris's vocal cords still hurt? Did I mention you guys rule?

SowndGardn: It's true that we do rule. With a lot of cigars and eating red meat, he seems to be doing just fine.

SPINmc: Phrases used to describe Chris Cornell's singing: "a hyperactive wail," "stretch[ing] from high-pitched cries to a scary growl," (Edna Gundersen, USA TODAY, May 31, 1994) "sleepy baritone, his upper-register vocals can be bloodcurdling." (Kim Neely, ROLLING STONE, July 9, 1992)

Wutch: When you tour next, will you be playing smaller venues than the Superunknown tour? You didn't seem to like the it.

SowndGardn: Probably a combination of smaller and larger.

SPINaps: Did this CD+ experience make you guys more "cyber?" Are you online much?

SowndGardn: I don't think it really did. It's kind of a fun teen thing to do.

Meand M: Do the lyrics you write come spur of the moment, or do you sit down and work on them?

SowndGardn: Both, really.

SPINmc: STRETCH THE BONES OVER MY SKIN/ Stretch the skin over my head/ I'm going to the holy land/ Stretch the marks over my eyes/ Burn the candles deep inside/ YEAH YOU KNOW WHERE I'M COMING FROM. (Chris Cornell, lyrics from "LET ME DROWN," 1994)

MojoTempl: Who made up "In one ear, out your mother?"

SowndGardn: Kim.


SowndGardn: They're varied. That song didn't take long at all; some songs take months.

Laschmook: Are you guys sick of answering these same questions?

SowndGardn: No, we enjoy this. It's an opportunity to talk to our fans.

SPINaps: What's the deal with the "Jerry Garcia's Finger" recording?

SowndGardn: (burping in the background) The days we recorded the jam versions of the CD+ were the same days that the Grateful Dead were playing in Seattle. Several GD fans sat behind our rehearsal space and made a lot of noise all day. So then we robbed Jerry Garcia's grave, and we stole his finger and put it in a mason jar. And we've been arguing ever since as to whether he's left handed.

JUNK GUN: What songs (titles) are included on the CD-plus?

SowndGardn: "She Likes Surprises," an acoustic version of "Like Suicide," the video version of "Fell On Black Days," "Superunknown," and on the audio version only is "Jerry Garcia's Finger".

SPINmc: Anagrams for SOUNDGARDEN Invented by weird fan Chris MacKenzie: 1. Sudden Groan, 2. Dread No Guns, 3. Dung Ned's Oar, 4. Raged Dunnos, 5. Under Gonads (Chris' favorite), 6. Nude Dogs Ran, 7. Egad! Nun's Rod!, 8. Nude Dragons (From the annals of the SOUNDGARDEN newsgroup)

CAC Bass: Hi, I'm Christina. Do you have any advice on writing music?

SowndGardn: Write really super good music, and try real hard.

RRohm: I heard you played a show in Canada with Nine Inch Nails. How was is it, and what do you think of Trent?

SowndGardn: The show was great, the Canadian audience was awesome, and Trent seems to look great in torn leotards.


MValdemar: What do you enjoy doing when your not playing, recording, touring?

SowndGardn: Fishing, drinking, hunting.

SPINaps: Do you guys have plans to do any more multimedia projects after the release of your CD+?

SowndGardn: We have a Web site.

SPINmc: SOUNDGARDEN fans have AN UNOFFICIAL WORLD WIDE WEB SITE. After the SPINonline Conference, and ONLY after you thoroughly EXPLORE THE SPINONLINE AREA, you are permitted to browse the following URL: . It's run by Soundgarden fan and web-man, Seth Perlman --Seth: You rock the Web, my man!--The official site is still under construction and will supposedly rock once it is finished. Tak a look at that over at

TheMoonGr: Soundgarden: Will you marry me?

SowndGardn: Why, yes. Yes. Both Soundgardens will marry them. Is it a boy or a girl?


SowndGardn: Top drawer, top shelf, top rung. Top Ramen.

SPINaps: Are you guys going to have some kind of multimedia laser light show at your live shows, like Pink Floyd?

SowndGardn: Absolutely, and our ticket prices will skyrocket.


SowndGardn: (laughter) DC, go shoot some guns or drive your jeep or something. DC, how is White Zombie doing? P.S. You're fired.

Mercancia: Chris- what do your necklaces symbolize?

SowndGardn: The end of humanity and all of mankind as we know it.

SPINaps: Has Bill Gates approached management about purchasing Soundgarden? How much would you go for?

SowndGardn: He hasn't approached us, but we took a flight from Germany with him, and I threw peanuts into his open mouth. We're already the house band for Microsoft (tm).

SPINaps: What impact has the government shutdown had on the recording of your new album?

SowndGardn: We have ceased to a grinding halt, but it has given us more time to collect guns, cash in our Medicare checks, and rewrite the grant so we can get more rock funding.

SPINaps: A SPINonline Moment (TM)

SPINmc: SOUNDGARDEN TRIVIA FACT: Contrary to popular belief, CHRIS CORNELL IS NOT THE CUTE ONE. That role is played by stand-in double and Breakfast Club superstar Anthony Michael Hall.

CathySif: Is everything going to CD+ format now???

SowndGardn: Hopefully not. We're musicians; we make records, first and foremost.

SPINaps: Can we expect to see a new breed of multimedia artist creating CD+ multimedia entirely on their own?

SowndGardn: I imagine so, in the future. Yeah, I believe the Residents do that.

Ekrus: Hey Chris -- been down to Thai on Alki lately? Charlene misses you and Susan.

SowndGardn: Yes, we were there just last night.

Brumdog: What is your favorite type of BEER? Jason, Yakima WA.

SowndGardn: Whatever someone else pays for.

SPINmc: I've heard that you guys are, like, totally sexist heavy metal pigs. Is that, like, true?

SowndGardn: Yes. Yes, go do the dishes or something.


PrttyVcan: After the CD+, what's next, a line of Soundgarden action figures?

SowndGardn: Anatomically correct action figures. And we're gonna make a female Soundgarden figure without a head, also anatomically correct.

Sa7471: KT, I saw you at an M's game next to Mrs. Diaz. Nice seat- did a diamond girl get you those?

SowndGardn: I was sitting next to Jay Buhner's wife and in front of Mrs. Sojo. Diamond girls are forever.

SPINmc: SOUNDGARDEN TRIVIA FACT: The band's first show was with a New York group named THREE TEENS KILL FOUR. Their very second show was with the musically insignificant MELVINS and HUSKER DU.

SPINaps: Hey, have you guys ever met Randy Johnson (Mariners pitcher)? Is he a goon? Is he a SG fan, or what?

SowndGardn: He is a Soundgarden fan, which would make him a goon. He's also Cy Young winner of 1995, and he's the diamond girl that got me the ticket.

Insipid6: Is this album heavier or softer than the last?

SowndGardn: It weighs about the same.

Itrium: How did Soundgarden first get signed with A&M Records?

SowndGardn: They phoned us up and came to our shows for two years with offers that we refused, until finally we had to sign with them because we had no other friends left.

Mercancia: I think that videos ruin the music. Are you planning to make videos for the new songs?

SowndGardn: We haven't got that far yet; we haven't finished the new songs. But I agree, I think video music has ruined rock-n-roll.

SPINmc: Human insurrection, in its exalted and tragic forms, is only, and can only be, a prolonged protest against death, a violent accusation against the universal death penalty. -- Albert Camus

Tickly: Lindsay in Michigan asks: When you were a teenager, what was your fav band?

SowndGardn: It depends. Being a teenager was such a long period of my life, but probably the Tubes.

Mavro: Is there any new music out there that gives you a rush or a sense of competition?

SowndGardn: The new PJ Harvey, the Presidents of the United States of America, Filter.

Kelly3514: I'm wondering what you think of this new punk rock crap era. Is it good for music?

SowndGardn: If it gets people to listen to real punk rock, then it's good. Punk rock was great for music about 18 years ago. It still is good for music.

SPINaps: We've got time for three more questions. Ask now and it'll get in.

SPINmc: I woke the same as any other day/ Except a voice was in my head/ It said seize the day/ PULL THE TRIGGER/ DROP THE BLADE/ And watch the rolling heads. (Chris Cornell, lyrics from "THE DAY I TRIED TO LIVE," 1994)

Vaness177: Are you guys going to be playing in Seattle soon?

SowndGardn: (laughter) Yes! We're playing the Kingdome 4 days from now.

TRileysg: I heard that you guys played 2 new songs at the Reading Festival ("Ty Cobb" and "Flies"). Any chance that these songs will come out as singles early?

SowndGardn: "Flies" isn't a new song; it's from Badmotorfinger.

FckFace99: Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

SowndGardn: In Seattle.

SPINaps: And one last question.....

Krzesxeku: What do you think of AOL? Nina, Detroit, Michigan.

SowndGardn: What's AOL for Christ sake? Why not just use your telephone? Dial a number randomly and talk to someone new.

SPINaps: Cuz then we wouldn't get carpal tunnel syndrome. Any last words? Parting shots? We're inviting a friend of Kim and Chris onstage. Who is this guy? Someone please explain. BG, introduce yourself dammit.

BGdowski: Gdowski HI HI. What was your favorite on Superunknown?

SowndGardn: "Half."

SPINaps: You come waltzing onstage unannounced...

BGdowski: They said I could come on.

SPINaps: Here's another Soundgarden pal. Who are you? And don't tell us Laschmook either.

Laschmook: Laschmook

SPINaps: OK La Schmook, you're onstage. The world awaits.

Laschmook: I'm listening to a concert from 10-24-89, when you guys were less famous.

SPINaps: What do you have to say for yourself?

Laschmook: Louder Than Love is your best record. What's no wrong no right about...

SowndGardn: O.K. fine...

Laschmook: What's Hiro doing these days?

SPINaps: Just to keep everyone up to date.

SowndGardn: Playing bass in a band called Truly that was on Subpop and is now signed to Capitol. And he got his master's degree in chemistry.

SPINaps: Laschmook is a friend of Soundgarden's manager woman, Erin. We've invited him onstage for some quality time with the band. OK, see ya, schmook. So, Chris, Kim, what did you think of this event?

SowndGardn: Stellar. It was cybertastic!

SPINaps: Great! We're glad you enjoyed it.

SPINmc: Thanks for coming to our show, SPINonliners! We'd like to thank SOUNDGARDEN and Alexander Graham Bell (for, like, inventing the telephone, okay?) for making this all possible. Chris and Kim will be leaving messages for their fans in the appropriate folders of the SPINonline MESSAGE BOARDS. We hope.

SPINmc: If you liked this SPINonline event, you're sure to like our upcoming ones, like: DOUG E FRESH - The Man They Call FRESH - Tues., Nov. 21 at 9 PM ET, SPONGE - Suckin' it up and Survivin' - Wed, Nov. 29 at 10 PM ET. And remember, tomorrow morning, ELASTICA TOUR JOURNALS! Check, check, check em out. G'night from SPINonline Headquarters, everybody!

SPINaps: Party in the Chat Pit immediately following.

11/15/95 10:19:25 PM Closing Log file.