The automatic anagram generator on the Web gave me a list of 582 anagrams of "soundgarden"; Chris MacKenzie invented some and sent them to, and I put them here for all to see. Other people have gotten into the act...

Invented by Chris MacKenzie:
  1. Sudden Groan
  2. Dread No Guns
  3. Dung Ned's Oar
  4. Raged Dunnos
  5. Under Gonads (Chris' favorite)
  6. Nude Dogs Ran
  7. Egad! Nun's Rod!
  8. Nude Dragons

Invented by

  1. dragon's dune

Invented by

  1. No Sudden Rag!
  2. Arden, Sun God!
  3. ground nads....e....
  4. Undo Nerd Gas
  5. God Darn Dues

Invented by Robin Tessier:

  1. Gore Dad's Nun
  2. Nurse and Dog
  3. No Guns Dared
  4. Drugs and One
  5. Danger: Sound

Invented by Greg Thomson:

  1. Snog an udder

Invented by John Muratore:

  1. Rad Dungeons
  2. Rude Song, and..

Invented by Rob Pelkey:

  1. Gus Don, A Nerd
  2. Sun Done Drag
  3. D. Edgar's Noun
  4. So Grand Nude
  5. Aden Grounds
  6. Don Gund Arse
  7. Dad 'N Sore Gun
  8. Ren, Sudan Dog

Invented by

  1. Ned's on guard
  2. Don's a nudger
  3. Undo dangers
  4. Anne, do drugs
  5. Dane's ground
  6. Son, dread gnu
  7. Guns on adder
  8. Rounded snag
  9. Go under sand

Invented by

  1. Adorned Guns
  2. Nursed Gonad
  3. Round End Sag
  4. Dad's Neon Rug
  5. A Nun's red dog