All in all another incredible show from Soundgarden. Where to start...well, Chris had some pretty unkind words towards the Phoenix crowd, for one thing. Chris said that he was happy to have an intelligent crowd, unlike the previous Phoenix show, where he said they argued with him about The Ramones and Devo. He also mentioned that he loved playing a show with his own car keys in his pocket. Anyway, the songs were (in no particular order):Waiting For The Sun, Rusty Cage, Outshined, Jesus Christ Pose, Searching With My Good Eye Closed, Let Me Drown, My Wave, Fell On Black Days, Mailman, Black Hole Sun (Solo), Spoonman, Pretty Noose, and Ty Cobb. One last thing, even if you aren't into Metallica, I'd check them out anyway. They put on quite a show!!
Well, it was my first Soundgarden show and I must say it rocked. The band seemed pretty happy to be there and the music they played was incredible. The crowd had its share of assholes but most people there were pretty decent. They played pretty much the same set they've played for the whole Lolla tour, and there wasn't a low point at all. Ben screwed around and lurched all over the set; he seemed to really get into screaming the chorus to Ty Cobb, which sounded great. The highlight of the night was the ending, when they played Jesus Christ Pose. The whole band really got into it and as the song winded down Chris and Matt left but Ben and Kim stuck around to play with feedback. They both knocked over the amps and Ben left his bass with a really loud hum. Kim left the stage chugging a beer balanced on his face. Each band member played great. Thanks for the show guys!

Well, after reading Caryn, Aaron and Ryland's reviews...they said it ALL about the performance and beyond...I won't even try to add. Just to say Soundgarden was excellent, I love those guys and they are awesome always!!!!!! Okay, I lied, but it just won't be a as good as theirs, so you don't have to read on. All I can add is my personal experience of it all. (It turned out to be long, sorry for the ramblings...) Initially, we got to Moses Lake Monday night, met our friends and headed for the lounge next door, Chris and Caryn arrived, hung out for a bit, planned to meet for breakfast....had breakfast and planned to meet at the Versateller... Damn, we had a few setbacks getting from Moses Lake to the Gorge. We did show up at 2:30 or so and I saw a Versateller sign and went to it (at the General Store, how stupid am I?). We had plans to meet Caryn and Chris between 2-2:30. I tried you guys, just the wrong damn place! We were in the disabled parking lot and went to will-call with our friend. That line was huge and then we looked at the two entry lines and decided it was time to hit it (they wouldn't let us ride down in the shuttle bus). Got in line through a broken down fence, YESS. Okay, it's not cool for the vandalism aspect of it, but yes, it was damn cool cuz it probably saved our waiting time by MANY minutes. That means a lot in the hot desert sun! The line was pretty cool actually. There were some younger guys behind and next to us and when people much further behind were getting antsy and screaming Metallica and shit, one guy right next to me yelled Soundgarden. I started asking him questions immediately and they were his only reason for being there too, from Bremerton. Cool. One of his buds was trying to rub it into him that he was at the Showbox so, of course, I had to best him by saying, "I was there, front row!" He was impressed, hehehe, as he should have been! And then I told them the whole story. In all of my SG conversations, the list is always brought up. I also shared sunscreen with him (and about four other guys who saw how nice I was). Anyway, the search. I had a big travel bag with shit stuffed in it. They went through it and I did have my 35mm (not a great one though, dammit) and a disposable camera, no problemo. Emptied pockets and didn't even check Tim's (my hubby) fanny pack. Coulda had a whole lot of bad shit. Couldn't wait to open the water and guz though, it was hot and parched in line! Went right down to the disabled seating where our friends hadn't shown up yet. Headed for left side of the stage on the floor and caught the rest of the Screaming Trees. They were great, of course! Wish those guys would hit it big like they deserve. I'm searching the crowd for Caryn and Chris. Nothing. Head back up to look for our friends. Finally, they are there. When Rancid came on, we left and got some food and more water for spraying and drinking. The stuff of Rancid I heard sounded ...bad. I kind of have to disagree on the Monks though. Tim thought they were pretty amazing. I was pretty impressed myself. Maybe we (he) had just inhaled too much ;-). Not me! Maybe it was the distance that did it. I hit the floor by myself for the Ramones, Devo and Soundgarden. I would go back and forth (in between sets) to "home base" and was in the left side of the stage area a million times looking for Caryn. I NEVER saw your sign. You guys were up front where I didn't think you would be. That is so unbelievably incredible that Chris, Matt and Kim saw the sign. You got the Chris smile, thumbs up from Matt and Kim laughing hard!! Yay, he kept his sense of humor and you got noticed by all of them. Caryn, babe, you are awesome! The Ramones were great. I didn't know all of their songs, but they were good and the ones I did know, I sang right along! It was fun to see through binocs, and when they owed it to SG for them being there, I screamed my approval for that one! I saw Matt and thoughtfully noticed his garb, white tee and cute little black shorts with red trim (never get to see those behind the drums). Devo, wow. I saw them in Portland about 17 years ago. They were a trip to see and fun too! Took me back all those many years! Sounded just like they used to. God, thought they must have been hot in their suits. They had their moves down and everything. Then they ripped off their suits and threw the pieces in the crowd to reveal black shorts and shirts. Fun! Then, Soundgarden. A TOTALLY FANTASTIC SHOW. They were right on and they did do a stellar performance. Prayers do get answered! I really missed out on not being with Caryn and Chris. Damn, damn double damn! I shoulda been there. I have to say, I blew it trying to get closer and see more by being in the crowd. If I had stayed where I was in total comfort with food, drink, water and lots of uninterrupted space with my binocs, I would have seen EVERYTHING CLOSE UP! But noOOoo, not me, I gotta be running through the crowd with binocs, alternately rocking out and singing and screaming, taking pictures (no clue how they'll be, but if one turns out i'll be happy) and trying to get better, closer locations and views. My mistake, I'm either gonna be in the front row or at a nice binocular viewing distance from now on when I see these guys. Did anyone else notice the sound problem they had with, I think it was, Waiting for the Sun? It reminded me of the Bremerton show in 94 with bad sound. Thank GOD it didn't continue. I loved all of Chris's comments, so cool about good to be home and his own keys in his pocket, was laughing *hard* at the Phoenix one: of COURSE WE GET IT! I was just gloating to myself cuz I nailed it when I figured that this show, for them, would be the best of all of Lolla and that they would be happy. It'd be safe to say that it probably had the most SG fans of the whole Lolla tour. They could see it, they knew it, they were happy and they played excellent for us and themselves and we all loved it! Of course, Chris was looking sooooo good!! They ALL were and just happy! Through the binocs a couple times Chris was singing right to me. Chills!!!!! My favs Ty Cobb, Rusty Cage and JCP. Hell, what am I saying? The whole damn show was GREAT. For one song, Chris also said, "This next song, which we recorded for Superunknown, is on the MOM benefit record, ." He explained what MOM was about, protecting the water and stuff and said, "And that's important, because there's a whole lot of fucking water around here to protect." Or something to that effect. Then they ripped into My Wave. He also commented at how beautiful it was there. Their set was just too short though. It seemed to go by way too fast for all the waiting and anticipation of seeing SG again. I just loved it!! Can't wait for Nov/Dec tour!!!!! I am a SG junkie!!!! I was just dancing and singing and, I must say, except for when I tried to get real close in the squashed crowd, the people seemed almost respectful of my space, except for the drunkards stumbling their way through. I could do my singing, rocking, flip-out the next song is fucking excellent routine and they didn't bother me. Other stuff. I *think* Ryland sprayed me multiple times!!! The first time I went up that walkway I got sprayed by two guys. So I decided to make it my routine path while searching the crowd for Caryn. If you remember a short female with long blond hair, sunglasses, with either a camera or binocs or both, blue jean shorts, white tank top w/a drawing of a tavern front, that was me (yeah, about five thousand of us). I was too shy (and on a mission) to look at the guys spraying, or I might have noticed the cooler. NO, I would not have showed them my tits! We did stay for Metallica (the only reason our friends were there). I had seen them in 89 or 90. Only knew a couple of their songs then and a few more now. I must say, aside from those of their asshole fans, they put on a great show as well. I did stay in place with the binocs and they did a good job. I mainly watched Kirk Hammet since, well, it may be too obvious, but he is the only member who most closely resembles CC. Yep, he's pretty damn cute and, please, don't flame me! He smiled and gestured to the crowd a lot. I think the Gorge may have been the best for all the bands involved, at least it obviously was for SG and Metallica. To show how our Gorge crowd was the best, they told us manymany times how we were the best crowd on Lolla yet. They loved us. And I only saw a few water bottles being tossed around and not ONE pizza plate. I was so glad. The pyros were cool. The played their encore. Then they came out and shook hands and high fived the crowd and told us how great we were and how they loved it and how we rocked, etc. Kirk was throwing out bunches of picks one at a time. And they said the show was really over and they had to go. I actually enjoyed the show, sorry to all those of you who had a rotten time and hate them. And the only bad place I observed for their show (and others) was the pit and maybe half the floor back. It was very crowded, but seemed very workable. We were in front of the first row of the lawn and a 14 year old kid there for Metallica and his Mom were really cool. They had big binocs that they let us share for more than half the show. Very mellow beyond the shitty area, I would say. Even on the floor the back wasn't bouncing around or anything. We waited for the disabled bus for a while and watched the workers pick up the trash in a most amazing ritual. Clean in like 40 minutes. I was astonished. Tried to get glimpses backstage, but saw no one. Much earlier I tried getting pics of the guys coming off stage. I missed Chris but I may have gotten Kim, Matt and Ben. We'll see. I saw Joey Ramone talking to someone for a long time at the bottom of the ramp leading off stage. Hell, not being Caryn, for all I know it coulda been Eddie. I took a pic of them too. Fuck, I really wish I'd had a camera with a good zoom lens. I coulda brought it in. For all that, the disabled searchers didn't even search. All they asked was, "Do you have anything you're not supposed to have?" (, I don't have anything like whiskey or weed or anything like that at all search lady.) Yeah right, they wouldn't let us ride down with them! And they drank the booze while I was watching SG, so I didn't get none. Wasn't much anyway. Whatever, but those guys are going to all concerts with me from now on, especially Soundgarden!!!!! I'm gonna by a camera with a big ass zoom! While we were getting food I saw the guy from Devo with the plastic glasses. He was in a black suit with a black shirt, very sharp. Thought he was someone, but didn't know who. Also thought he must have been so freakin hot in all that black! When I saw him onstage I'm like, *that's* who that was! I've probably got other ramblings about the show and the day. If they're worth it, I'll send em on out! I'm really sorry I didn't meet Aaron (coulda used the list hug to get to the front!) and Ryland; if that was you, thanks for the sprays! Caryn and Chris, my place was next to you guys. I shoulda rode with you!!!!! Can't wait to see your pics! Oh yeah, let's see the kid who sat behind us was in the pit for SG and when he went over the barrier his foot touched Chris, so I touched his shoe...for you Shroomy!!! Umm...right before checking out of our hotel room they played a Metallica video (remember, I never see any music videos) which was kinda cool, having just seen them....and then a little later I hear them mention Soundgarden and I stop packing and I'm hoping I heard correctly and if I did, hoping it isn't Pretty Noose, since I've seen it and wow, BIMH comes on. A most fitting of endings to our little trip across the mountains to see SG, I finally see the BIMH video and I liked it. I guess I just can't get enough of just seeing *them*, so the video suited me just fine. And I remember Dena's first post about that guy who killed his girlfriend and buried her in the sand and wow, watching that video really makes you wonder... Yuck, I'm here at work and can't get anything done, nor do I want to. I want to fly to California for the rest of Lolla!! I think that's it... Bonnie
Hands down this was the concert experience of a lifetime. Everyone at Lollapalooza rocked like it was the end of the world or something! Screaming Trees played their asses off to their hometown fans; the Melvins (take the trip to the second stage!) slayed the hordes gathered at the small second stage with a 30 minute set from hell that left everyone wanting more; Ramones rocked as usual (who needs to see the chorus of Gabba Gabba Hey on a posterboard?); Devo came out and throroughly impressed the SG/Metallica crowd to the point where I heard some fans remark how cool Devo were... But the highlight of the evening was SOUNDGARDEN! From the moment the inter-set music stopped, the crowd roared in anticipation, and then in admiration for the entire set. They opened with a ferocious version of Spoonman and the intensity never let up. The sun was beginning to set behind the stage as the band took the stage, and just after the sun dipped below the horizon, 'Garden unleashed a smoking version of Waiting for the Sun that managed to capture the sheer beauty of the moment while still underlining the fact that Soundgarden were here to rock. Maybe it was the beautiful setting, maybe it was the hometown crowd, maybe it was the fact that they could drive their own cars home after the show, but Soundgarden played like they were possessed. Ben jumped around more than usual (maybe), made faces at the crowd, dumped water on the security goons, and initiated some tomfooler
(continued from above) tomfoolery onstage with Chris. Matt layed down his typical thunderous rhythms that resonated across the vast Eastern Washington plains scaring prairie dogs and country music fans alike. I still can't believe the complexity and speed of his beats, especially the brutal pace of the set closer Jesus Christ Pose. Kim took the art of playing guitar in a rock band to another level. Sometimes it's tough to hear his subtle complexities under SG's monstrous sound, but his playing adds untold volumes of depth and texture. Chris was in stellar form as he roamed the stage delivering one of the most powerful, beautiful, intese vocal performances I've heard. The bulk of their set was made up of Batmotorfinger and Superunknown songs, with only Ty Cobb and Pretty Noose as the only new songs. While it would have been nice to hear Blow Up the Outside World, Rhinosaur, or Never the Machine Forever, Soundgarden's blazing performances of Searching With My Good Eye Closed, Rusty Cage, Mailman, and My Wave left the crowd thouroughly drained. There is really nothing in the world that matches a good Soundgarden show. Even on their off nights they put most bands to shame, but on this warm summer evening, overlooking the majestic Columbia River Gorge, Soundgarden became one with their instruments, the environment, and the fans. Their music seemed to bridge the realms between the earth and the stars, and they rocked us all like we have never been rocked befo
Soundgarden kicked ass. It was my first time seeing Soundgarden, and it was my brother's 3rd. Chris' vocals were superb. Chris chucked his guitar on the stage and kicked it a couple times, and picked it up and I thought he was going to throw it into the crowd, but he didn't. Every time I went crowd surfing, I would get over the cicurity guards and yell as loud as I possibly could and said "PLAY SLAVES & BULLDOZERS!" I'm sure Ben heard me one time, it was inbetween songs, but they ignored me of course, it would have ruined Chris' voice for the rest of the tour though, but hopefully they'll play "Slaves & Bulldozers on their next tour. Every song kicked ass, amazing performance.
As seems to be the consensus, SoundGarden did indeed rule. This was my fifth SG show and my friend and fellow SG fan's third. Seeing this show made up, I suppose, for missing the SuperUnknown tour, because most of the songs were from that album. While it was cool to hear them, and definitely great to hear songs from BadMotorFinger%
As seems to be the consensus, SoundGarden did indeed rule. This was my fifth SG show and my friend and fellow SG fan's third. Seeing this show made up, I suppose, for missing the SuperUnknown tour, because most of the songs were from that album. While it was cool to hear them, and definitely great to hear songs from BadMotorFinger%
This was my third time seeing Soundgarden and it was the best show I've ever seen them play I saw them In Bremerton Wa. in May '94 and they totally dissapointed me. Then I saw them at Memorial Stadium in Seattle in August 95 and they were ok. They played ONE song that wasn't off Badmoterfinger and Superunknown. So I went to the Gorge expecting not that great of a show and they played the best show I've ever seen them play. I was totally blown away. The highlight was "Black Hole Sun" accoustic. It was just perfect. The only thing that really sucked was I started out at the front of the stage and I really didn't expect the pit to be that bad, so what happens? The band comes on stage and EVERYONE in the back decides to push forward and every fucking girl (I'm one of them!) got squished to death (near-death) and they were screaming there heads off and security couldn't pull them out fast enough. That part really sucked. It was the worst pit I've been in since Pearl Jam @ the Gorge in 94. It was really awful. So everyone please beware and be prepaired. I spent the rest of the show behind the pit and I wish I could have been closer. Anyway I'd really like a boot of the show (please) **
In MY opinion, the Gorge Lollapalooza show was mediocre... until the sun started to set. My brother and I spent most of the day on the lawn, bullshittin' with friends; with occasional trips to the rain room. Went over to stage 2, to see Sponge... very good, they did a weird version of Molly, it was pretty cool though. Went down to the main stage to wait for Soundgarden.... OH SHIT! When they came out, started things off with Spoonman, I was fuckin lovin it!!! I was surprised they didn't play more from the new album... but it didn't bother me though,... I love the older stuff anyway! I did miss the banjo groove in Ty Cobb (definitely chosen to get the crowd into things) Bottom line, Soundgarden rocked my lame ass.
soundgarden exploded with spoonman and set the tone for the whole performance, they demolished the place. chris pured water on me, or maybe it was urine, that was the collest thing about the concert. and the band enjoyed it too, later waves,
GOOD GOD! Of coarse Soundgarden rocked, don't they always? Opened with Spoonman, Ben seemed pissed, as was I with, the stupid fucking piss drunk Metallica cocks, in the mosh pit. Hey with out them, how could we have made the average I.Q. point of the Mosh pit a nice 12.8?
GOOD GOD! Of coarse Soundgarden rocked, don't they always? Opened with Spoonman, Ben seemed pissed, as was I with, the stupid fucking piss drunk Metallica cocks, in the mosh pit. Hey with out them, how could we have made the average I.Q. point of the Mosh pit a nice 12.8?
sign I ended up bringing to the show: "FREE KIM THAYIL" (in large black letters on yellow posterboard) sign I should have written on the other side: "TEMPLE OF THE DOG (we saw you, Eddie)" Lollapalooza at the Gorge, 7/30/96 PART I: SG CONTENT 5 minutes to 8pm, and the exodus of band guests begins their way across the stage, led by Joey Ramone in a BMF t-shirt. Majorly cool. Karen Cornell and Peter Cornell appeared to be the last ones out. I think I saw Mr. Cornell Sr. but I'm not sure. The sun was just beginning its descent and luckily moved BEHIND the stage and out of our eyes. Chris and I were behind the second crowd barrier -- the hollow-t set up to divide the pit, we were not on the pit side. Directly in front of Kim. They started playing this dramatic-type music, it abruptly cut off. I could see Chris and Kim already on stage left. C'mon already!! They came out and went into "Spoonman" which I didn't expect and the pit just erupted like a fuckin' volcano. I have NEVER seen so many people bail out of a pit injured and frightened in my life. There were so many people in the security section of the "T" that it was tough to see. They couldn't move out because the pit went back and spilled over into the sides. People were just too scared to leave. It's easy to say that they didn't belong t here, but it was so benign all day, even during Rancid and the Ramones, that we were almost fooled ourselves into going down there. More later. I waited until after "Searching" to hold up the sign. Chris saw it first, looked at it, looked at us, and rewarded us with a Chris Is Amused Smirk (tm]. We were psyched!!! And that was great... but I wanted Kim to see it. So I put it down... keep in mind I was trying to 1) see, 2) take pix, 3) write setlist/take notes, 4) sing etc all at the same time. People are fleeing the pit like lemmings. Security is doing their best to move them out, and there are people who were legitimately scared, but there were also bozos who thought they could just stand in front of me and hang out for the rest of the show. *bzzzt* wrong . [assembled sommsters: "GET ON WITH IT!!!!!"] So I hold up the sign again, people behind me be dammed. And I see Matt looking at it, reading it nodding, and then he gets to the "" line, cracks up, makes eye contact with me and gives me a thumbs up! At the same time, Chris (Mansfield, my companion) at the same time was looking at Kim and said that Kim saw it, stopped playing and pointed at it, laughing really really hard. I'm still kicking myself for missing that but I did get the thumbs up as a SOMMS member from Matt and that was all I cared about. I folded the sign up and satisfied myself with activities 1-4 listed above. Chris was psyched. Kim was really into it. Ben was just soooOOooooooooo happy, he must have had cousins or something, little kids, because he kept comign over to Kim's side of the stage (and Kim would just head over to Ben's side of the stage), crouching down really low and making faces at the wings. "Let Me Drown", and Chris fails Vikki's Voice Test (tm]. But it didn't matter. They were LOUD, they were ecstatic, they were loose, and the enthusiasm generated more than made up for what notes he couldn't hold. Zillions of people sang along to "Waiting For The Sun". Afterwards, Chris mentions about this being the first show he played with his car keys in his pocket. Next was "Ty Cobb", and I didn't even make a move to get my notepad out of my pocket, hanging on for dear life. I think the showbox version was better. Not that the crowd needed to be incited to violence any more than it already was. They are even pushing BEHIND us, and some stupid fucking woo girl decided to crowd surf and land on my fucking head (crowd surf into the security pit from one row behind it. really smart, and she's lucky i didn't pull the hair out of her head.). FOBD slowed things down quite a lot... and Chris ended with this lovely little acapella scream...*sigh* We were then more or less prepared us for a really extended and amazing "Rusty Cage"... Kim getting REALLY REALLY into it, oh man, wow, a guy behind me yelling, "KIM! go KIM!" I glance over to the left and see this amazing sunset... over to the right and see this huge flock of birds flying in front of these very pink clouds... three seconds later they're flying behind the stage. Totally amazing moment... almost as amazing as Chris making them open the behind-stage scrim a few minutes later and point at the sunset. (Venue note: it's an ampitheatre with the stage on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Columbia River Gorge, facing west. Sunsets are generally amazing there...) (Comment on the audience: What was interesting about the headbangers behind me is that once they went into 'Searching' and they saw me singing along and knew I was really into the band, they were very respectful of my space and tried to keep people from crashing into me. Otherwise, though, I have to say that the crowd was very insular, not much chatting between fans, I kept accosting anyone on the left side in a SG shirt and asking if they were Aaron, but otherwise, no one talked, no one, NO ONE, asked me what my sign said/who it was for. Chris and I talked to each other all day.) Afterwards, Chris addressed the audience (at one point earlier he shed the shirt saying, 'okay, now we're equal'), saying, "You know, today was very special. You know why? Because you got to see the Ramones and Devo on the same stage!" "Awesome! You guys are cool, not like Phoenix. Phoenix was stupid. They tried to argue with me. With *me*!!" Fuckin' hysterical! Then we got "Outshined", Chris working the audience at the edge of the stage, Ben and Kim trading places back and forth, back and forth. Then "Mailman", my recognition of the song earning me more nodded respect from Mr. Headbanger behind me, and then... then... I did the JCP Dance of Joy [tm] in honor of our beloved leader (Seth I mean] and in honor of my own glee as they careened into JCP. I used up the rest of the film then.. I could see Eddie behind the soundboard the whole time, next to Johnny Ramone (nice shiny baseball helmet bobbing up and down made it easy to keep track of him), and when it was 5 to 9 and Eddie hadn't budged I knew there wouldn't be any reunions tonight so i snapped away while going nuts... while the BAND went nuts... at the end chris is pulling the strings off his guitar, going "fucking", rolling his head around in ecstasy... kim is trashing his amps... Matt wings his drumsticks into the crowd so hard they ended up in our section [and some FUCKHEAD who didn't belong in the security pit trampled a girl who had fainted in there trying to get to them]... Ben knocks his amps over... Kim headed stage right, grabbed a beer, and we saw him walk across the back of the stage, in silhouette, the last image of him tilting his head back, beer in mouth. Look ma, no hands. I didn't see the rest of the guys leave. Numb with delight, I grabbed my stuff, looked at Chris, and said, "Can we get out of here NOW please???". I wanted to be OUT of there before metallica... not wanting to ruin the SG afterglow. I gave my space to Mr. Polite Headbanger from behind.... and we walked out, gleefully yelling, "Okay, everyone can leave now, there's nothing left to see here". We imagined the worse, running into a HUGE traffic jam on the stairs, figuring everyone had the same idea we did, but once we got through that, stopped to buy two caps, and headed for the exit/entrance, we realized that nope, they were just heading to the food court. We found our car right away (helped to 1) remember what the row # was and 2) park next to a camper), changed clothes/shoes and were on our way inside of 10 minutes -- our goal was to be out of the parking lot before Metallica came onstage. (apparently they were still in LA being interviewed by KISW in Seattle at 9:30 pm... that's respect for your audience....) A fucking HUGE full moon guarded us on our way home through the mountains.... and to make things even MORE awesome, there was a parking space on the block in front of our building when we got home!!!
I was at the Soundgarden show at Lollapalooza. It was just a non-stop ass-kicking show. It was the best show I have ever been to.
It was my 4th time to see Soundgarden, and they always blow me away. The sun setting into the cliffs, and Chris singing...oh yeah! Yes, the pit was at a rapid boil, to me this means that to many guys are trying to be the show, rather than watch and appreciate the music and sites. I may be wrong but wasn't Fishbone at the first Lollapalooza in '91 AND at the one in '93?
it was my first lollapalooza show i had ever been to. I don't really remember that day but i felt i was in the presence of something great. I remember the sun setting behind the stage. I just watched soundgarden play thier set and they rocked. Their show seemed to be calm and relaxed but after they were done I thought to myself "damn that was the best proformence I've ever seen.