Well... what can I say? It was nothing short of amazing. The setlist is as follows: Spoonman, Searching.., Let Me Drown, My Wave, Fell On Black Days, Mailman, Rusty Cage, Outshined, Jesus Christ Pose, Ty Cobb, Pretty Noose and Waiting For The Sun. I was DYING for them to play Waiting.. and No Attention this time around, and I got half my wish :) That was pretty cool.... Shroom could give a much better account of what happened than I did... I just flew from Albany to Houston and now I'm in Dallas and I'm a bit disoriented, so I didn't enjoy myself at the show as much as I do normally. Plus some half-wit thought it a great idea to throw water bottles everywhere, and well, that was just annoying. Some asshole wanted to throw a rock, and when I took a fall I didn't get helped up at this one. Of course Soundgarden sounded great. They were all in good spirits. Let me just finish by saying I'm DAMN glad no one got arrested :) (And no, I wasn't talking about Kim.. Well, maybe I was... nah) :)
Hey, I saw Soundgarden at Lollapalooza in Dallas and they played great. The only drawback was that the crowd was full of assholes who only wanted to destroy the place and each other, and didn't care about the music. I was wondering if there were any Soundgarden fans there. The band was openly mocking the crowd, and these morons didn't even get it. A sample: "You know, a lot of people didn't want you guys to come out here today. Now why don't you really show them by just fucking everything up." (cheers from the crowd) And there was no respect for anyone or anything in the pit. I must say that this concert experience didn't equal the when I saw them on the Superunknown tour, due not to the band (again,they were awesome) but to the crowd.
I'm not the biggest SG fan, but I know when something Kicks A$$ which SG did!!! I was there mainly for the MetallicA show and now SG makes wanna go buy their albums. MetallicA, Soundgarden, and the Shaolin monks were my 3 favorite acts!!! ROCK ON!!!!
Simply put: Soundgarden was awesome. Unfortunately, the crowd was not. I had crept my way to the front of the crowd through the Ramones and Steve Earle and made it to the second row of people on the left side of stage, perfect for viewing my favorite band. Soundgarden made their way on stage, and all hell broke loose. Idiots from the back began pushing to the front, making it virtually impossible to keep your ground and enjoy the concert. This wasn't moshing; this was war. I eventually got pushed to the third row of people, and if I could have moved my arms I would have decked a couple of people. There was a little kid up front who passed out and had to be lifted out of the crowd. But on the bright (or is that down) side, Soundgarden rocked. Opening with Spoonman, they led right into The Doors Waiting for the Sun, which was great. Cornell's take on the song rocked. I don't know if they do that song often, but they should. Possibly the best moment of the show was when Chris did a solo on Black Hole Sun and then rest of the band joined in to lead into Outshined. Chris worked the crowd to perfection, and Ben Shepard surprised me with his personality on stage. I had never seen Soundgarden in concert, but I'll make sure to see them when they go on tour later this year. Maybe there the crowd will take a chill pill and enjoy the music.
Soundgarden was defineately a true highlight of this year's tour! It surprised me to see them on the tour, but I payed good money to see them and the other bands; it was WELL worth it! I think my favorite song was "Waiting For The Sun". I didn't expext it, but I was pleased. The other high point during their set was when Chris went solo on "Blackhole Sun"......... It was COOL! I also liked them opening with "Spoonman", it's just too bad they didn't have the spoons in the background! I can't wait for them to some back on THEIR own US tour where they will be the MAIN ACT...
It was my first time to see SG live, but they definitely live up to their name. I'm not a diehard Soundgarden fan but I thought they stole the show, although many Metallica fans might disagree. When they started off with Spoonman, I knew they were going to electrify the crowd and get them pumped up.( Double rods to the assholes who chose to throw water bottles in the crowd. It's good to know that you have to spend have your time dodging shit than enjoying the show.) I had come to see of course Metallica and another of my favorite bands Sponge, but with Matt's superb drum-playing skills, Kim's mellow Jimi Hendrix pose, Ben's obnoxious comments, and Chris's just all around super cool guitar playing and lead vocals, Soundgarden has proved themselves to be a true powerhouse in the world of music.
Well, I am a very large Soundgarden fan but I have to say that I do not think that Chris Cornell seemed too excited to be performing at this concert. He sang very well as usual but he simply stood at the mike and seemed to be performing out of habit rather than to please his fans or be excited about ANYTHING!! But, I still enjoyed myself and would love to Soundgarden again when he (Chris Cornell) may be feeling better or simply he might have had the birthday blues since his birthday was so close; and I am sure the recent excitement with Kim Thayil did not help. I also had problems getting to the front to see them play with flying bottles going in every direction and people trying to see just how hard they could shove you around; I did not have that many people push me around at the White Zombie concert. Anyway, Great band, not so good show!
I may not have been the oldest SG fan in the crowd, but at 48 I'll bet I was one of the oldest. I had the same experience as another person here. I was up by the stage when the music started and the crowd got seriously out of control for a few minutes. Then there were the morons throwing water bottles. My son broke his shoulder in the crowd during the set. In spite of these bad experiences, I have to say that I'm glad I was there. The music was good, but IMO didn't match their studio work.
This was my first Soundgarden concert and i'd have to say it was incredible. what energy! what musicianship! the crowd, however, was full of fucks who knew little about good music and didn't care that i drove 2 hours and walked a mile or two in 100 degree weather JUST TO SEE SG. The crowd almost ruined it for me, but once i got away from the idiots up front, i had an awesome experience watching chris et al jam. and they're suprising good live, which is a difficult thing to accomplish. sg is the reason for which i live

I loved your performance at Lollapalooza. I was really disappointed when you did not set a concert date in Dallas/Fort Worth. I love you guys.
I loved your performance at Lollapalooza. I was really disappointed when you did not set a concert date in Dallas/Fort Worth. I love you guys.