New Orleans Lollapalooza was awesome. Soundgarden stole the show. Opening with Spoonman and jamming throughout. My personal highlight was when Chris sang "Waiting for the Sun". Yes, the Doors cover was beautifully sang with all the eerie effects. The concert ended climactically when Chris shredded his guitar and the band walked off.
What can I say? It was HOT, Humid, and Chris sounded great. "Outshined" was fantastic. "Waiting for the Sun" was great! Chris was feeding off of the crowd and moving around much like he did during the tours for Louder than Love. Of course, just as everyone on this page will tell you SG was the highlight of the day for me. The only disappointing part of the day was having to deal with all the bare-chested, mega-testosterone, "I am a nazi prick" dudes who were at the show just to kick around everyone and surf until Metallica came on. Thumbs down to those losers. Overall this was my seventh SG concert, and I would say it wasn't the best but it was pretty damn good.
Hello I like Soundgarden pretty much .... The best Cd is the Foop and Screaming Live and the Bad motor fingers and Superunknown They Rock They Rule They Sound good They look Bad I love them In Peace Love and Nois Martin B.