ahh Lollapalooza...sore necks, fried shoulders, the runs from shitty food, and, well...a good time as usual. Soundgarden, let's see, well, the same set as other recent paloozas, this time though with a much harder act to follow, namely Rage Against the Machine. They put on one fucking wild show and needless to say quite a few folks were down when Soundgarden arrived. Chris complimented the other bands with a "Good show today" comment early on, but didn't have much else to say after that- no mention of his birthday or anything. Fell on Black Days was the standout for me, but Outshined sounded very good too. It was easy to make my way up to the 3rd or 4th "row" of people and well worth it when I could hear Ben talking about his ball sack or something to the crowd. Kim was a little more mobile than in the past as was Chris, while Ben did the standard lurching thing. It was a no shirt day from the start for Chris but wew were actually spared the Carolina sun for most of the day. Zack from Rage and Hetfield were looking on from side stage- they were both into "Outshined." Not much else to say that other reviewers haven't mentioned, other than I liked Rancid, I missed half of Screaming Trees to my dismay, the new Toll album will be out October 1st(they were passing out stickers), if you can count to 3 and strum a guitar you can play for the Ramones, and the Melvins were the heaviest band at the show including Metallica. Ola!
that is: the new Tool album will be out- sorry for the typo
Wow! What a cool show today. Everyone was good, but Soundgarden was fucking outrageous! The guys seemed to be in good spirits (although Kim was arrested for assault after the show). I managed to get about three rows back from the stage, right in front of Ben. Ben was in a good mood, although he kept looking at some rednecks and Marines who were "moshing" by beating people up and throwing things. It was Chris's birthday, so Ben changed his second phrase in the opener "Spoonman" to "Happy birthday, Chrissssstopher!" Being on Ben's side of the stage, I generally wound up watching him the most, although even Kim walked over to my side a couple of times (instead of his customary statuelike stance in front of his Mesa/Boogie cabinets). I can't remember the exact setlist, and I'm sure someone else has/will post it, but I do have a few comments about specific tunes. SPOONMAN: excellent opener, complete with new lyrics from Ben and a cross-stage strut from Kim. Heavier than the recorded version. TY COBB: why is the crowd so energetic for BIMH, but very still and dull during this great song? Ben dedicated TC to the large police presence, to whom "me and you: bad guys!" LET ME DROWN: Ben really was getting off on the solo, where he just slides up the neck. BLACK HOLE SUN: a nice interpretation, but actually kind of rough today. I would have enjoyed something else more. RUSTY CAGE: good to hear, especially the grinding slow part. No intro here, they just kicked it straight in... For those who are curious, there appeared to be a total of 12 guitars and 5 or 6 basses. Kim mostly played one of four S-100s, but also had the Les Paul and one Fender (I can't remember, but I think it was a Tele). Chris played Telecasters all day, and only went guitarless on Ty Cobb. Ben played a Fender for standard, D and B tunings, and a Music Man for C-tunings. He also had the Mosrite from SNL, but never played it. Matt had a beautiful Ayotte kit with A and Z custom Zildjians. GRIPES FOR THE DAY- Metallica fans (TE3: same thing here as in WV), Marines beating people up (c'mon ya dumbasses! Grow up!), not enough new stuff (I could have lived without BHS and Searching in favor of Dusty and Never Named). OK, just a couple more things and I'll shut up. Rage Against the Machine, Metallica, Satchel, and Sponge all kicked ass. Satchel played "Buttercup" from the BRAD album. To Soundgarden: I can't wait for a headlining tour. To Ben: thanks for a great show. Hater should play on the second stage. Bye.
The show was great with the exception of the rednecks who thought they were at a race or something. On the way up, it was as if people confused Lollapalooza with Woodstock. ( " Peace man. " F@#k you. ) Any way, Soundgarden was great, but Cornell's vocals sounded a little flat. The whole act flowed smoothly and I felt that they gave Rage a run for their money. I didn't stay for Metallica and I was not disappointed. Perhaps the best band there was a band from Sweden called Fireside. They put on the best show there. The Ramones were good, Psychotica bit-hard, as did the IhateMTVbutyetI'malwaysonitforthemoney band Rancid. I was disappointed that the tour lacked diversity in the style of music ( All rock??? That better not happen again Mr. Farrell. ) Other than the crowd,sunburn, and the fact that I had to pay for WATER, it was a good show.
i liver near D.C. in Virginia and i drove to Ohio to see that lolla as well as going to the one in Cahrles town near D.C., and this one was definetly the best out of all of them. During Spoonman Ben said: happy Birthday Christopher".And Chris said it was a good show about halfway through.Before Ty Cobb Ben said something about the "men in green suits" that was hard to hear and chris screaming "police pressence!". i was doing my usual dancing in the pit and wasnt bothered by all that many moshers.They ended with No Attention which was fucking awesome! this had to be the best show of rthe lolla tour besides the one at the Gorge. sean
I was just reading through these and I noticed no one had posted the setlist yet. I was fortunate enough to write it down after I got home from the show so here it is:
Searching with my good eye closed
Let me drown
Pretty Noose
Burden in my hand
Fell on Black days
Rusty Cage
My wave
Black Hole Sun
Ty Cobb
No Attention

There you have it.