Soundgarden kicked some ass! The whole show was great , but the best part was when they pretty noose and burden in my hand in a row. One cool thing was the way they did Black hole sun. Chris did it all himself. Soundgarden then did some of there old stuff so that by the time they got off everone within 50 feet of the stage(like me) was mashing or crowd surfing. If you can go to lolla go. It rocked! Ely
As always, they kicked ass. Chris wore black jeans and a gray t-shirt with black collar; Kim wore black shirt and blue jeans; Ben wore a white button up shirt and black leather pants; I couldn't see what Matt was wearing. Both Chris and Ben sported new haircuts. Set list went something like this: Spoonman, Searching, Let Me Drown, Pretty Noose, BIMH, My Wave, Ty Cobb, FOBD, Rusty Cage, Black Hole Sun, Outshined, Mailman, and ended with Drawing Flies. Disappoints included: Chris didn't talk at all. He managed to get this out: "It's so fucking hot out here - thanks for sitting here all day and sticking it out". Also, I got SO excited when they ended with Drawing Flies - I LOVE this song - but the mic died after the first verse! I was SICK! I don't guess Chris noticed, as he was still singing away. So that was a bit of a let down. Hilights include: the AWESOME way they ended BHS. Everyone knows by now that Chris does it solo, and it was just OK, nothing special (I prefer last tour's Mind Riot solo), but he ended it : "Hang my head, drown my fear, till you all just disappear" and right then, as the rest of the group by now is back onstage, and right as Chris sings "disappear", and you hear Matt at the drums and you think they're all going to chime in for the chorus to BHS - they lead right into Outshined, no pausing, no nothing! It was awesome. Also, Chris took off his shirt right around TY Cobb, which also was awesome. He's looking thin, but fit. Ben was on good behavior throughout; Matt was jammin; and Kim was his usual chillin self. All in all excellent show.
Well Soundgarden has a little different task at this show. To come out and perform after the Rage Against the Machine had completed a high energy power rock set. Soundgarden came out like a professional veteran rock band and let the music speek for itself. The biggest complaint on Soundgarden thru the Lollapollza tour is the lack of body movement or crowd chit chat. Tonight was no acception. Chris did mention the heat which was no different than any day in Florida this time of year. Since this is my review I must tell you I have been going to Soundgarden shows since the Untramega tour. I was dissapointed that nothing earlier than Badmoterfinger was played. I was at the Motorvision shows and would rate those as better shows. I think mentally for Chris, not having the long hair any more makes him act alot mellower on stage. Thayel can make his guitar sound very fresh and innovative yet raw, somewhat like Jimmy Page. These Soundgarden albums will stand the test of time to continue to receive air paly on FM radio long after the band has retired. Well to end my review, I would like to thank Matt Cameron for throwing his drum sticks about 20 rows deep, as I made a stunning midair catch and got the stick up my shirt sleeve before another hand was gragged on thus preventing a tug of war. The drum stick even says Soundgarden on it. Peace>PHIL

I attended Lolla96' in West Palm Bch., Fl. I have seen Soundgarden several times before and this performance was probably one of the worst. The line up of songs was not exactly what I was hoping for. I guess being a fan of their older music, I was expecting to here a little more variety from their older material. But I guess I am a minority among the 50k fans who would rather hear Spoonman, instead of Beyond the Wheel. I know the band should be appealing to those who made them what they are today, but those who were with them before their super status should be able to enjoy some of their older material at a live performance. I guess I will just have to settle for the old videos that I have collected over the years to see the live performance that I want to see. A dedicated but disappointed fan, Kelly O.
Oh to witness a live performance by the tribe of musicians known to us all as Soundgarden is an amazing experience in itself, but to see them at Lollapalooza is an enirely different story. As soundgarden took the stage, they immediately went into one of the most incredible set ever. After several songs including a shortened, slower version of Blachkhole Sun, Chris yelled to the crowd of mud covered young people, "Good evening Florida. It's hot as fuck out here!" It just ruled too much to be true. Later on BURDEN IN MY HAND produced about 300 swimmers flying toward the stage. Go see Soundgarden at LOLLAPALOOZA, they rule.
Going to see Soundgarden at lolla was going to be definately the highlight of the summer. After Rage got of the stage, Soundgarden came on and opened with what else, the first single off of superunknown, spoonman. They were right on key with every song, but i was disappointed that the earliest stuff they did was off of badmotorfinger. It's a shame that they didn't do anything off of Ultramega Ok or even Louder than Love. Even Chris said during their set, "Fuck, it's hot out there, thanks for hanging in there." Or something to that effect. Kim was his usual calm, collective self, and ben was showing all his high intense energy. Matt didn't miss a beat behind his drums. It was a thrill for me to see them do "Outshined", one of my fav. songs from them. As everyone already knows, Chris did an eerie solo performance of black hole sun as ben, matt, and kim went off stage. At the end of their set however, they ended it with "drawing flies," but chris' microphone went dead, and he must haven't of noticed. It ended up being an instrumental, which is a shame, "Drawing Flies" is a good song. Then they walked off the stage with Metallica to follow. So, all in all, it was a good performance from the guys. Seeing them live is much better than sittin on your ass listenin to it on a cd.
hell o evryone and welcome to my review. first of all i would like to say that soundgarden probably doest like having beach balls thrown at them during a set (you know who you are!). As always, chris did a great job of rousing up the drugged/drunk crowds and firing up the pit (even tho i did get kicked in the head)..head injury..ha ha. the mic did die but as i asumed they would, they manged everything and kept it quite under control. and of course as soon as the first notes of black hole sun (which by the way i thought sounded superior to all other songs or forms of music anywhere) rang out through the dusk sky more joints than i'd ever seen in my life were magically wipped out of more pockets than i'd ever seen in my life. thankyou, robbie! overall, it was one of the best soundgarden shows i'd seen in a long time. just wish they would have played flower...
Lollapalooza was the highlight of my summer. I got there just before RATM finished their set. The crowd seemed fairly pumped up, especially considering the amount of weed going around. The Soundgarden showed up... unfortunately the crowd didn't seem to notice this little detail. Chris's voice was dead-on, especially after the Saturday Night Live Show. They hit everything they played absolutely, but the crowd just wasn't doing much. I guess the heat got to them, especially with water being $5 a bottle. Even Ty Cobb failed to get the crowd going, it was as Chris said, "hot as fuck." The mike went out during Drawing Flies, but Chris kept singing. It was a good show, but a little heavy on the Superunknown songs.

I went to the Lollapalooza show at W.P.B. it was really good Rage Againts The Machine played an awsome set(it wasnt better than the soungarden one )but there is really one thing that pissed me off at that show that when they were going to play Black Hole Sun the only one playing was Chris they did this kind of stupid solo and it just didnt sound like how it shoul but the rest of the show was awsome.

I went to the Lollapalooza show at W.P.B. it was really good Rage Againts The Machine played an awsome set(it wasnt better than the soungarden one )but there is really one thing that pissed me off at that show that when they were going to play Black Hole Sun the only one playing was Chris they did this kind of stupid solo and it just didnt sound like how it should but the rest of the show was awsome.