Throughout the show, Chris tried to connect with everyone in the crowd, even the fans who had just come to see metallica. Only the some SG fans seemed to be into the set from where I was standing. Otherwise, there would be those retarded metallica idiots standing around. I got so pissed off by this!! But when Ben stepped up to the mic after Ty Cobb and yelled something like...."White trash motherfuckers!! You fuckin' buttcheek motherfuckers!!" to all the metallica fags. It definitely made the set for me. Here's a song by song review: SPOONMAN-a more funkier and heavier than the original version was superb SEARCHING-never sounded better DROWN-really angry and loud NOOSE-everyone in the crowd knew this one (even the a-hole metallica fans) BURDEN-Chris began this one beautifully and it came as he said at the end, "beautiful" MY WAVE-"This is a song about anyone doing whatever the fuck they want as long they leave me fuckin' alone!" TY COBB-Ben's tirade at the beginning of the song made the chorus "Hard-headed fuck you all..." that much more meaningful FOBD-"You've come to see Metallica, don't yah white fuck.."-Ben, great! RUSTY CAGE-they held the last note of the song which made a cool extending ending BHS-"Alright start your campfires..."-chris did a nice job by doing this one solo OUTSHINED-very heavy and upbeat, the only time Kim really got into the show MAILMAN-"This song's about sleepy society messing with the wrong guy!" JESUS CHRIST-was a bit afraid that they wouldn't do this one, Matt's strobe like drumming was excellent! Other random notes: Chris went shirtless during Ty Cobb Matt was wearing a sleeveless black t shirt, Kim was wearing a TOOL shirt, and Ben had on a white shirt. The audio mix was kind of muffled and seemed to shift out once and a while during the set. Overall, a good show. Can't wait for a headlining tour!!!
Okay I'm in the right spot now. The RAMONES were great. The set was the same as in Syracuse and incredible. Prettynoose was the only song that didn't go great(but was still good) Jesus Christ Pose w/ which they ended was the best I have ever heard on any bootleg or otherwise. Soundgarden is the best and this show proved it for me. The rednecks were into it (I figured every one of the 30,000? were there for Metallica) I'm from NY but could not make those shows so I made the trip to the inbreeding hills of WV and it was well worth the trip. I met the Shaolin Monks at Union Station in Wash. D.C. in a pizza place. Does anyone give a shit?
Well, I read the first review on the page and was a little more than disappointed with the review. About the only thing I can agree on with whoever posted it is that Soundgarden rocked. I was about 20 feet from the stage, so I had a great view. People were pushing and you spent almost as much time pushing back and ducking as crowd surfers zoomed over your head as you did trying to see all four of the guys at once. Ben was pretty funny. People were throwing stuff (like they did for every band) and I guess some of it hit him. He kicked over a mic stand and screamed at everyone...something to the effect of, "You're here to see Metal-licka, aren't you?" The vox were incredible, unlike Pretty Noose when they were on Letterman. Chris seemed pretty comfortable, although really intense. Pretty typical. From what I've heard, Ben being the way he was (pissed off) was typical for him as well. Kim was really funny. He got hit with one of the plastic bottles, looked around a little bit, then moved up on the stage. Matt was superb, as always. The guys really put on one heck of a show. I went to see them specifically, and they didn't disappoint. I had heard that they were pretty bad live, and to go see them put on the best show I've ever seen sent me through the roof. It was amazing. On the other side, I thought Metallica was absolutely incredible on their end as well. Combining the two of them, Lollapolooza had to be the best concert ever (as if Soundgarden wasn't enough.). Metallica and Soundgarden made me forget that Rancid had even played. That was cool. Anyhow, great show. Soundgarden rules. Great job, guys. -Chris Wright
I didn't get to make the Charles Town show, but being from WV, I need to address something. To TE3: The "inbreeding hills of WV?" Fuck you. You don't know shit about WV. Sure, there are some stupid people here. But there are stupid people everywhere. You, my friend, are proof of this. Keep thinking what you want, though, and I will keep on enjoying the beauty and refuge that this extrordinary place gives. I've heard shit about Metallica fans at EVERY stop of the tour. I'll talk more about this after I see the show in NC Saturday.
First off, I'd like to say to hey man everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so don't fuck with that okay?! Lolla was cool this year but I would've prefered it to be closer to D.C. instead of driving all the way up to West Virginia. SG had a great set playing stuff from DOTU, BMF, and Superunknown. They opened with Spoonman and closed with Jesus Christ Pose. Chris was in fine form in every song and Matt was flawless. On the second stage, Girls Against Boys rocked hard and You Am I were also pretty good. I stayed for a little bit of Metallica's set, "One" was particularly amazing with full pyrotechnics and lighting effects. Also managed to pick up the FOBD single at a CD stand which also had $20 colored vinyl reissue of Ultramega OK. I decided to keep the twenty bucks and spend some of it on a $3 bottled water and $6 hamburger instead :)
well, everyone else seems to have covered it all, except for chris's hoarse voice during the first 15 or so minutes. We tried to decide what drug he was on and couldn't reach a consensus... (any help? hehe)
And i can't stress enough how great jesus christ pose was! it gave me chills... and that hasn't happened since sonic youth a year ago. But if lollapoluza pulls a %*&%$@#%#%! hick lineup like this next year i'm skipping- the crowd was just too hick-a$$hole :-( Sadly enuf, i had to bail from the main pit after two songs to the 'catwalk' crowd fence cos the crowd had no clue how to mosh/crowd surf. damn hicks... they ruined an otherwise terrific show...
Okay, I want to address the main reason that Ben was so pissed off at the show, since I was standing next to the guy responsible for it. Ben was playing, and someone threw a water bottle up at the stage. Ben got pissed off, and glared at the audience. Because of this, more people threw water bottles up. Ben gave us the finger, and people in the crowd threw more up. THe guy next to me spat at Ben. Ben spat back, and started mouthing words to the asshole next to me (We were near the speakers, so there was no way in hell you could actually hear him). The two exchanged words, and Ben spat more. This was during the song which was right before Ty Cobb. (I think). After the end of the song, Ben went over to the microphone and starting saying something along the lines of "White trash motherfucker! Fuckin' white boy!" is what I seem to recall hearing him say. They went into Ty Cobb, and at the end Ben went back and said, "You like that huh white motherfucker!", or something along those lines. I want to point out that people can actually like both Soundgarden and Metallica. I know, because I am one of them.
Soundgarden was great as always at this show. Ben also said something about the bottle throwers doing something useful and sticking the bottles up their asses. Whoever said that they weren't good live obviously hasn't seen them before. Being a new yorker transplanted to wv, i've seen them all over and they're great everywhere. As for our inbred hills in beautiful wv, my sister's got something to say about that right after she finishes suckin' my dick.
I had never seen Soundgarden before and I must say they were very impressive. I had always liked them but now I love them. I want to go out and buy all of their CDs now. It pisses me off when you go to a show and idiots throw stuff on the stage. It gives everyone a bad rap. But what can you do? There are always idiots at concerts. One last thing. I love Chris Cornell's voice not to mention everything else about him.