It was a phenomenal performance. They opened with Spoonman, went on to (not necessarily in this order)Searching..., Let Me Drown, Pretty Noose, My Wave, Burden, Ty Cobb, Fell on Black Days,Mailman, Solo Black Hole Sun, Rusty Cage, Outshine, and closed with JCP. Mr. Thayil came on wearing TOOL shirt. Mr. Camerons drums sounded great(he's almost as good as me). Sheppard was in a good mood, he was joking around with the others on stage. Mr. Cornell is unbelievable. He got into it pretty good. I've listened to their albums millions of times and been waiting to see them for a while(It was really good). Metallica sounded good, so if you like their stuff you'll like them.
I hyrdoplaned through Bertha for the 250 mile trip between UConn and Syracuse to make my annual $42 contribution to Lolla. Soundgarden were tight, but I hope they're not getting tourveteranitus. Most of the set was very matter-of-fact for the boys, it seemed. Kim (has he dropped a few pounds?) didn't give the spotlight guy much of a workout, except once or twice when he shuffled to his right to riff under the LOLLAPALOOZA tarp draped over the scaffolding. Chris mentioned that the 'rumor' was "crowds that far outside of NYC didn't get into it, but he thought we were cool". I was up kinda close, to the left of that crowd-surfer collection rectangle in front of the stage. I had a hard time hearing Chris' vocals, but a friend of mine farther back said he heard everything great. The crowd was commiting various acts of manslaughter, mostly in the form of huge waves of pushing and shoving; but hey, this is Soundgarden, not Hootie. Plenty of room in the back for you easy-listening types. SG didn't have any smoke or inflatable kickstands, just a white sheet that the roadies pulled across the rear of the stage during Black Hole Sun, I think that was the tune. I'm really bad at remembering the order of set lists..I know they opened with Spoonman, and that Pretty Noose was followed by Upside single-two, Burden In My Hand. Ty Cobb has a jangly-bango sound to it, and it sounded pretty cool live. Somewhere in there too was My Wave, Fell on Black Days, Black Hole Sun, Outshined, and they ended with Jesus Christ Pose. Pose became this fury of feedback, with Chris raking his guitar against the mike stand and a cymbal from the drum set. Kim put his guitar on a monitor behind him and was working on it like a mechanic, with his back to the audience. I think SG are one of the best hard rock bands going. A lot of heavy guitar bands end up sounding redundant, but not SG. Lyrically, Chris blows everybody away. All you fans who are seeing them for the first time on Lolla '96 won't be disappointed 'cause they sounded great, I just wish they put out half as much energy as Girls Against Boys or Ben Folds Five on the 2nd Stage. Ben Folds Five put on the coolest set of they day, I thought. I'd had never heard of them before, but Ben or whoever was playing the piano was out of control, banging with his elbows, tongue, buttcheeks, whatever. I know none of you know me, but you owe it to yourself after buying a ticket, waiting in miles of traffic, paying $6 for soft tacos that fall apart all over your $25 t-shirt after a single bite - check out Ben Folds Five. fletch!

I'll start by saying the RAMONES were great and it was cool that SG invited them. They played the same set list as at the NYC show. A crazy mosh pit broke out during Jesue Christ Pose (which was the best I've ever heard, better than bootleg version) and Let Me Drown. It was a great show and well worth the money. Soundgarden are the best, this show proved that fact. I guess the inbreeders down there don't have computers to submit reviews(I came from New York cause I couldn't make the NYC shows)
The above is for the Charles Town, WV show. I fucked up, sorry, I'm inbreed.
Here's the setlist:
Searching With My Good Eye Closed
Let Me Drown
Pretty Noose
Burden In My Hand
My Wave
Ty Cobb
Fell On Black Days
Rusty Cage
Black Hole Sun
Jesus Christ Pose

Fashion police: Chris broke from his usual lolla habits and sported a tan button-down (open, of course) in addtion to his black pants. And he was forkless, which seems to be a permanent condition now. Kim was in black pants and a black Tool t-shirt. Ben was also all in black, he either had a light jacket or a button down shirt over a t-shirt. Matt was the only one in shorts, and he had on a white and blue jersey-type pullover.

Memorable events: -To open the show, Ben stepped up and said something like "How the fuck are you, Syracuse?". I'm not sure exactly what he said, as the mike wasn't on, but I was close enough to read his lips. -During the break between My Wave and Ty Cobb, some asshole threw a vinyl record up on stage. It shattered, and it looked like one of the pieces hit Matt right above his eye. He wiped his forehead to check for blood, then promptly started pounding out the beginning of Ty Cobb. "Hard headed fuck you all!" -Ben also go pissed somewhere along the line, and all during the concert he would play his bass with just his left hand, hammering the notes, and give the finger to everyone with his other hand. He did wait a few more songs before destroying any stage lights, though.

All in all, my favorite part of the show was the instrumental opening to Jesus Christ Pose. They stretched it out, and it had even more energy than the album version, if you can imagine. As with Seth's review of the Randall's Island show though, I have to say that the majority of the set lacked enthusiasm from both the band and the crowd. Well, actually, the crowd had plenty of enthusiasm - for trying to beat the shit out of each other. I started the set at about the fourth row, and ended up about fifty to sixty feet back because I found I could actually pay attention to some of the music from back there.
SG was the highlight of the day! I have a bunch of info on my web page if anyone wants to see it. The URL is Mike
Was pretty fucking cool... at the end of the set one of them (I was too far back to be able to tell who it was) was trying to light one of the amps on fire, it looked like.... was pretty strange. He didn't suceed and gave up. It was pretty fuckin' cool to see them, though....
It was, in fact, pretty cool. However, "pretty cool" does not usually do sufficient justice to SG. Unfortunately, the band did not seem particularly psyched (partly due to an accident described above by nate). Although SG is clearly superior to Metallica, Metallica did put up a better show. Overall, it was definitely worth the money and the time.