Oh my... well, what can I say? You already read my review on the mailing list.. but I was amazed. Simply amazed. :) Well, the Surprise Guest was supposed to go on BEFORE Soundgarden, but.. We knew the Wu-Tang clan was the mystery guest, and not being big Wu-Tang fans, we went over by the second stage to sit down and rest before Soundgarden came on :) And I started to tie my shoe, when all of a sudden I hear Spoonman being played. Everyone's like "ummm erin why are you just sitting there" and I screamed "I'M TYING MY SHOE!" and I tied it and started to RUN for the stage. Everyone else was running too, because no one else knew Soundgarden was going on then :) I got quite close to the stage, close enough to read the back of Chris's shirt when he showed it to us (it said "Clean & Serene" on the back). And of course they sounded amazing. I was kinda saddened because they didn't play Waiting For The Sun or Never The Machine Forever.. But they did play Flower, Rusty Cage, Outshined, Jesus Christ Pose, Searching..., Drawing Flies, Let Me Drown, Fell On Black Days, Mailman, Black Hole Sun (Chris solo; during this song two girls flashed him which REALLY pissed me off), Spoonman, Pretty Noose, Rhinosaur, Ty Cobb, and Burden In My Hand. The crowd-shoving and crowdsurfing were at full throttle, which was kinda cool because of the agressive nature of some of the songs :), and you just wanna freak out, but a lot of the time it got annoying and tiresome. Lots of moshpits formed, and I got in the pit for the last song, Jesus Christ Pose. I fell down a couple of times and was helped up every one, which I found cool :) The concert was in the mountains, which Chris Cornell remarked on: he said something to the effect of on both Lollapalooza tours they've played, Pownal was the best one: "It's beautiful up here." Not much else to say but it REALLY freaked me out how they started playing out of the blue like that :) Oh well. I wanna go see em again :)
There we were. The Ramones had gotten done a little while ago and we were waiting for the "special mystery guest" to come out on stage. We were pretty sure that it was supposed to be the Wu-Tang Clan. Then we saw them setting up the stage with a drum set and guitars. "Now wait a minute," I said. "What would Wu-Tang need a drum set for?" This sparked a debate with my friends that maybe Wu-Tang wasn't the special guest, maybe one of the others were. One of my friends said he would go insane if it was Rage Against The Machine, even though they aren't scheduled until WVA. I wouldn't have minded seeing Rage myself. So we were debating whether or not to go watch the Monks on the Second Stage. We got about halfway there when we started hearing guitar. "Well, it ain't wu-tang" I said. Then Spoonman started playing. We glanced around at each other in disbelief. Yes, Soundgarden was playing early and we wouldn't have to deal with rap. Yes! We ran toward the stage and started working our way toward the front. My god they sounded amazing. Lollapalooza had to have had the best sound of any concert I've ever been to, but they were good anyway. They sounded absolutely perfect. They even made me enjoy songs like Spoonman and Black Hole Sun which I thought overplaying on the radio had absolutley destroyed with different versions. Pretty Noose, Rhinosaur, everything sounded absolutely phenominal. Until that point the day had been sucking for me, not being much of a Ramones or Rancid fan. Man, they were great though. If the people in the front weren't trying to kill you it would have been absolutely great. The crushing crowd was the only part that sucked but I got out with only a pulled muscle. It was worth it. The only thrill I got out of it was throwing some of the more idiotic crowd surfers to the ground. It was so bad up there that we had to leave for Metallica, who sounded great too. But that's another page altogether!
After hearing Rancid, followed bt rain and then the Ramones, the crowd at the Green Mtn. Race Track was curious what would happen next. The Schedule in the Lollapalooza magazine said " Mystery Act ". Many people thought Wu-Tang-Clan was going to play. However, for some reason they were not able to make it. But knowing some of the Lollapalooza staff members, I knew who the "mystery act" was going to be. We were told that the special guest was the Steve Miller Band. They were staying at the Ramada Inn in Bennington which was right around the corner from where I was staying. However, instead of the Steve Miller Band walking on to the stage, Soundgarden made a well welcomed entrance on to the main stage. Chris walked out with a guitar in the air as he greated the crowd and Matt walked out on to dtage like a robot. They opened up with Spoonman and my friends and I were renewed with energy and exploded into the mosh pits. After hearing Soundgarden on Saturday Night Live a few weeks before the show, I was a little disapointed at how Chris's on stage voice. But when he started singing, I was amazed by his overpowering voice. It sounded just as well as in the studio. SOUNDGARDEN IS A MUST SEE AT LOLLAPALOOZA 1996. Once Soundgarden ends their set, you can ditch Metallica and get a head start on the long journey home.
I've just finished perusing the other reviews submitted about this date and wanted to add my two cents. I was actually hoping that Wu-Tang Clan would play so I was well-situated for the "surprise" appearance of Soundgarden (who, if I'm not mistaken, arrived in red and green helicopters just before their set like the true rockstars they are). Anyway, I too was impressed by Spoonman, which I hadn't dug so heavily on that record, and I was also happy that they played Flower, one of my favorites from the old dayz (the last time I saw this band was in 1989). I was overwhelmed by the power this grop generated and they have some of the greatest riffs available without a perscription - Rusty Cage made this particularly apparent as did. But, in dissenting from the other reviews already posted hereabouts, I must say that the mix was unbelievably muddy and bass heavy, which was cool on tunes like Mailman (which also had some wicked bass-synth effect warping through it, but basically any guitar solo was lost in the thick wash of mindpulverizing bassilation. Now, on the one hand, I am fully in support of punk antagonism to the macho posturing of most guitar soloage, but Kim Thayil's wah-wah squeals set my mind at ease and I had to strain to extract them from the dense, low-end weave.On the one hand, I believe that the heavyiness of the mix effectively mirrored the content of the songs - which tend to evoke experiences of drowning, obliteration, and death, basically, the whole trip of ego erasure in the face of the universe's, or just life on earth's sublime immensity - and the rolling thunder unleashed by guitars and amps and the humans operating them were undeniably crushing in their blunt force, and Kim Thayil even evokes images of strange Hindu sorcerers impassively calling demons forth from the infinite depths of the hundredfold hells, calling them to the planet's surface where they fly out, filling the skies with their leathery wings and the screams of their helpless victims, or maybe he just looked like a slender, guru-like Jerry Garcia, but, my point here is that for all the ancient fury of their music, the musicians seemed somewhat lifeless and savagely bored. One only had to see Metallica to realize what sort of energy had been lacking in soundgarden's performance. That is, although the show was impressive in its way, the garage mysticism fo Soundgarden was no match for the road hardened might of the incredible Metallica. Thank you.
I recently attended Lollapalooza at the Green Mountain Race Tracks in Pownal, Vermont on Tuesday, July 9. This was an extraordinary show, one of the highlights was Chris Cornell playing a solo version of Black Hole Sun and immediately following it the glorious song Outshined. They played most of my favorites besides those including Lte Me Drown, Rusty Cage, Let Me Drown, Mailman, Jesus Christ Pose, Searching With My Good Eye Closed, and one of their latest Burden In My Hand. They also played Pretty Noose, Spoonman and Ty Cobb the vocals and guitar playing by the band were extraordinary and highly exceptional, it was one of the best days I've ever had.

Soundgarden put on a great show in Pownal. They opened up strongly by playing Spoonman. Other good songs that the band played were Ty Cobb, Jesus Christ Pose, and Pretty Noose. I was extremely excited to hear the band play one of their oldest songs, Flower, even if it was much slower than usual. And, I finally got to see my idol, Kim Thayil. All in all it was an incredible experience.
Even though the mystery band was suppose to be going on before soundgarden, me and my friends noticed an Ayote drumset being brought out so we started to move towards the stage...I didn't notice them taking the stage untill they started to play spoonman....I don't thing you can understand how good they were if you weren't there....sorry if you missed it...
I attended Lollapolooza at the old dog-racing place - Green Mountain. All the other bands sucked before Soundgarden. Someone threw a water bottle at the Screaming Trees (I wish it would have been me). I was waiting inside eating a sub, when I heard Spoonman being played. Me and my friends ran out immediately. I got as far towards the stage as I could(I could only push so far). Ben did this cool thing with his bass during the song - I can't describe it, you'll just have to see it live. They played all the songs I wanted to hear, including Outshined and Jesus Christ Pose. They were in truly awesome form.
I'm making another review 'cause my first one sucked nut. Soundgarden was fuckin' coolest thing I've ever seen in my whole life! Compared to Soundgarden, Metallica could've ate my shit! They opened their set with spoonman and their was a stoned piece of shit in front of me yelling "I want fuckin' rage against the machine..." I really enjoyed all the topless girls in the crowd showing off their tits to king Chris Cornell! The way they played Searching was incredible... but I think they didn't play Big Dumb because those fucked up Vermont farm boys would probably start fucking sheep or something, I don't know! They did play my most favorite song Rusty Cage. which sent me into a frenzy. Soundgarden fanskick Metallica fans ass any day!!! P.S. I got a cool shirt! ---The nut---

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All I can say was that this was a great show. while we were waiting for the wu Tang Clan to come on(we didn't realize it was supposed to be them until later on) I noticed Chri Cornel Standing by the drum set just looking out at the crowd while they were setting up. One guy behind me said that that was either hin or kirk Cameron. Then about ten minutes later they started rocking with spoonman. IT WAS GREAT. THE CROWD WAS GOING NUTS(THOSE WHO WERE THERE SINCE THEY CAME ON EARLY). After spoonman we had to move from the front of the stage because a crowd surfer kicked my girlfriend in the head. we saw the rest of the show from a distance, but it was still great!!The toughest part was when I pulled my girlfriend from up front and was asking her if she was ok, they started to play pretty noose. I had to try hard to pay attention to my girlfriend . It was a great show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Garden Of Sound destroyed all competition
The Garden Of Sound destroyed all competition after the Ramones we were all w aiting and hoping not to see Rage. After a half an hour delay and some lightning they lifted the tarps. Spoonman started the set and the crowd went wild. We pushed uor way up to about row three stage right. We were packed in but not as much as other concerts I've been to. Cornell was wearing a bright reddish- orange shirt. Kim was wearing the usual t-shirt and jeans attire, and I don't remember the other what Ben and Matt were wearing. After the rain there was a rainbow over the valley and Chris said to the best I can remember, "I've never benn up to this part of the country it's fucking beautiful. Then the band rampaged it's way through flower, Let me drown, outshined and Pretty Noose (with a very mangled opening but we diddn't care). The mix was very bass heavy and at one point my friend felt like he was going to barf so he went and sat by the fence during Chris's solo of Black hole sun. It's been a while so I don't remember the setlist but I do remember that they kicked ass. At one point Chris came over to us and slammed his guitar up against the huge speakers (By the red Lollapalooza Banner) which drove the crowd crazy. The only way to catch a ride was to leave at like 8:00 so we caught all the songs (thankfully) and headed out. At the end did in comparison to a noise jam and then walked off stage leaving the crowd extremely pleased with their performance. When I think about that day I am very thankful because if Wu tang had of gone on I would never have seen one of the best bands ever. Soundgarden rock and I really having NNOTHING ELSE TO SAY.
It was the greatest day of my life. After being soaked and the chance of seeing Wu-Tang killed my intrest in the show. We had to leave because of my friends brother gave us a ride and he didn't have a ticket. We hoped Wu-TANG would get over fast.Then CHRIS came out on stage and said" are you ready to fucken rock". Being so close and looking at him with the blue sky behind him. It was such a spirtal moment. Oh yea, Wu-Tang sucks hard cat dick!!!!